40th Marine Corps Marathon in Review

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By Chris Leyen

RacePacket was founded to connect runners to races in the DC area, and there is no race in town more iconic than the Marine Corps Marathon. Our connection to the MCM runs deep: the 40th Marine Corps Marathon marks RacePacket Chief Running Officer Bob Platt's 31st completed MCM and 31 years since he had the honor of participating in timing the 1984 MCM with 8 Apple II computers. The marathon has undergone major changes from that point, evolving into an experience that captivates the nation's capital for a week. This year we bring you a little something different. From the Press Conference and expo on Friday to the finish line Sunday this is the story of the 40th MCM viewed by a first-time marathoner, yours truly. Check out the features below to catch up on our weekend covering 'The People's Marathon'.

"Legends, Laurels and the MCM move" - Marc Goldman drops a major PCS bombshell at the MCM Press Conference. - Oct 23 "One is lonely, two's company, and 30,000 is a crowd" - Meeting fellow marathoners and the MCM Health and Fitness Expo. - Oct 23 "Starting 'em Young" - The MCM Kids Run
"Naked Ambitions" - Bart Yasso inspires with appropriate runners bRUNch conversation. "A Monumental Achievement" - A first encounter with 'the wall' and the people who pull you over it. - Chris Leyen "The 40 people you meet at the 40th MCM...or at least the 40 I ran into" - Chris Leyen
"Finishing Strong" - Leaders put up strong finishes despite a rainy start and notable local runners put in 26.2 at the People's Marathon "The Men behind the MCM" - Rick Nealis and Col. Joseph M. Murray Profiles - Official MCM Press Release "2016 MCM Weekend to be Held in National Harbor" -Official MCM Press Release