HCS Turkey Trot Prediction Run 10K
Columbia, MD
Thursday, November 27, 2008
Conducted by Howard County Striders

by Jim Carbary
One of the tightest prediction races ever in Howard County took place on Thanksgiving morning at Jeffers Hill. David Tarkow edged Brian Nist by one hundredth of a second to win the 2008 Turkey Trot 10k. Together with Theresa Sachs, they came within a second of finishing the prediction run at exactly the appointed hour of 11:00 AM. These top three won gift certificates to the Macaroni Grill. For his extremely accurate running, Mr. Nist also received Barack Obama's book The Audacity of Hope, while Mr. Tarkow received a dining guide to Washington, DC, and the coveted Brass Turkey Trophy. Actually, it's only plastic dressed up to look like brass.

Clear, cool fall weather brought a field of 267 to the Turkey Trot, where precise pacing trumped speed. The runners were all trying to finish as close to 11 AM as possible. Most seemed to be in a hurry: 171 finished before 11 AM, while only 86 came in after the hour. Maybe they wanted to get the Dunkin Donuts and orange juice that waited at the finish. None of them were in a hurry to see Tennessee clobber Detroit, that's for sure.

The Striders stage the prediction event every Thanksgiving. The Trot benefits the David Tripp Scholarship Fund. Past Scholarship awardees such as Craig Lebro, J.P. Allera, Kyle Andrews, and Amanda Strawitch participated.

Len Guralnick directed the event. Unknown to the participants, a timing machine malfunctioned at the finish line. Fortunately, results from the backup machine manned by Dwight Mikulis saved the day.

Even though it was only fund run type of thing, the Turkey Trot offered some special performances. Jim DiScuillo ran only his second Turkey Trot ever. He usually handles the results, but this year turned the computer over to Brian Fleming. And 11-year-old Clark Demaree ran his first 10k ever. According to his mother, Marsha, he had never run farther than 2 miles and he didn.t stop once.
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2M Finishers
Pl    Name                      HomeTown             XAge  Time
    1.Graham, Ahren             Ellicott City, MD    M26       10:39:27.00
    2.Berge, Kathi (Mary)       Columbia, MD         F52       10:40:04.75
    3.Berge, Patrick            Columbia, MD         M0        10:40:05.03
    4.Lake, Justin              Clarksville, MD      M20       10:42:28.27
    5.Berge, Steven             Columbia, MD         M54       10:44:50.54
    6.Tachman, Jackie           Unknown, NA          F25       10:45:23.73
    7.Lutein, Lauryn            Unknown, NA          F28       10:45:24.07
    8.Howe, Tim                 Ellicott City, MD    M46       10:47:32.68
    9.Kaplan, Amy               Ellicott City, MD    F0        10:49:54.19
   10.Kaplan, Steven            Ellicott City, MD    M57       10:49:54.58
   11.Martinez, Yuraldi         Columbia, MD         M35       10:50:33.03
   12.Bogan, Shane              Savage, MD           M49       10:50:38.44
   13.Kaplan, Donna             Ellicott City, MD    F55       10:51:13.95
   14.Demaree, Clark            Marriottsville, MD   M11       10:51:32.24
   15.Hankin, Stephanie         Arlington, VA        F27       10:52:19.80
   16.Sare, Wendy A             Baltimore, MD        F28       10:52:19.99
   17.Celano, Marie             Clarksville, MD      F45       10:52:59.85
   18.wilson, alison            Columbia, MD         F37       10:53:05.46
   19.Manney, Edie              Jessup, MD           F37       10:53:14.01
   20.Kunimoto, Daniel          Unknown, NA          M23       10:53:20.70
   21.Vess, Melissa             Severn, MD           F29       10:53:53.89
   22.Kincius, CJ               Unknown, NA          M24       10:54:17.61
   23.Baker, Harold A           Hanover, MD          M50       10:54:33.47
   24.Whyte, Joanna L           Newbury Park, CA     F46       10:54:35.17
   25.Dignan, Stephanie         Unknown, NA          F36       10:54:38.44
   26.rachoba, dawn             Unknown, NA          F44       10:54:42.58
   27.Duffy, Michael            Ellicott City, MD    M35       10:55:07.28
   28.Rau, Samantha             Ellicott City, MD    f18       10:55:10.73
   29.Bloom, Holly              Unknown, NA          F20       10:55:26.13
   30.Bloom, Leon               Annapolis, MD        M49       10:55:28.13
   31.Bernard, Paul             Unknown, NA          M48       10:55:39.23
   32.Ciroman, Carrie           Unknown, NA          F17       10:55:39.90
   33.Aquino, Kaitlin           Ellicott City, MD    F18       10:55:40.29
   34.Friss, Evan               Unknown, NA          M28       10:55:42.94
   35.Sachs, Adam G             Columbia, MD         M45       10:55:44.57
   36.McCarthy, Jillian         Columbia, MD         F12       10:55:46.05
   37.Vess, David               Severn, MD           M30       10:55:49.79
   38.McCarthy, Alexandra       Columbia, MD         F16       10:55:53.04
   39.McCarthy, Tom             Columbia, MD         M55       10:56:05.30
   40.Burns, Brad               Columbia, MD         M47       10:56:11.46
   41.Lebro, Sarah              Columbia, MD         F20       10:56:13.00
   42.Mueller, Kurt             Unknown, NA          M0        10:56:26.43
   43.Kunimoto, Hiroko          Unknown, NA          F49       10:56:37.77
   44.Altemus, Ashley           Unknown, NA          F0        10:56:43.41
   45.Bernstein, Richard        Columbia, MD         M50       10:56:50.46
   46.Koertge, Enn              Unknown, NA          F26       10:56:59.69
   47.Lano, Matt                Unknown, NA          M26       10:57:00.03
   48.Thomas, Evan              Crofton, MD          M67       10:57:03.34
   49.Allen, Brian              Laurel, MD           m19       10:57:04.20
   50.Littleton, Emily          Unknown, NA          F37       10:57:05.15
   51.Crandell, Ken             Unknown, NA          M58       10:57:08.25
   52.Kreft, Michael            Ellicott City, MD    M48       10:57:09.48
   53.Shaikh, Hafiz             Columbia, MD         M29       10:57:10.87
   54.Olszewski, Emily          Ellicott City, MD    f15       10:57:13.15
   55.Wang, Alex                Ellicott City, MD    F17       10:57:13.93
   56.Lamana, Alison            Unknown, NA          F17       10:57:14.39
   57.Stern, Jessica            Columbia, MD         f26       10:57:15.38
   58.Bjoro, Michael            Sykesville, MD       M44       10:57:21.82
   59.Scott, Janeth             Columbia, MD         F46       10:57:22.53
   60.Loeb, Martin              Columbia, MD         M60       10:57:23.57
   61.Smith, Michelle           Columbia, MD         F28       10:57:28.45
   62.Reynolds, Edward L        Columbia, MD         M46       10:57:30.68
   63.Nowak, Alex               Unknown, NA          M25       10:57:32.18
   64.Flynn, Kevin              Sykesville, MD       M41       10:57:33.67
   65.Draminski, Michael        Columbia, MD         M32       10:57:35.56
   66.Kimble, Elizabeth         Columbia, MD         F17       10:57:47.97
   67.Carney, Teddy             Columbia, MD         M18       10:57:48.57
   68.Ringold, Terry            Unknown, NA          F56       10:57:51.93
   69.Schnieder, Jane           Unknown, NA          F61       10:57:53.51
   70.Six, Anne                 Unknown, NA          F27       10:57:54.50
   71.Anderson, Heather         Dayton, MD           F15       10:57:55.98
   72.May, William              Columbia, MD         M54       10:57:58.26
   73.Burger, Chad              Columbia, MD         M30       10:57:59.72
   74.Wegner, Michael           Columbia, MD         M12       10:58:03.14
   75.West, Royce               Columbia, MD         M38       10:58:04.04
   76.Monheit, Leslie           Fulton, MD           f18       10:58:08.05
   77.Monheya, Susana           Unknown, NA          F38       10:58:08.57
   78.McDonaugh, Robert         Columbia, MD         M64       10:58:09.34
   79.Shankar, Kevin            Dayton, MD           M16       10:58:10.15
   80.Thumel, Julie             Unknown, NA          F16       10:58:11.91
   81.Calvert, Roger L          Ellicott City, MD    M58       10:58:20.90
   82.Carbary, James            Clarksville, MD      M57       10:58:23.78
   83.Bartolo, Sadj             Columbia, MD         F66       10:58:24.74
   84.Orlik, Dave               Columbia, MD         M46       10:58:26.54
   85.Pettit, Brian             Laurel, MD           M20       10:58:27.98
   86.Kuvelker, Jay             Columbia, MD         M16       10:58:28.76
   87.Scimonelli, Glenn         Columbia, MD         M57       10:58:29.84
   88.Bartolo, Bob              Columbia, MD         M67       10:58:30.54
   89.Lang, Philip              Columbia, MD         M41       10:58:31.08
   90.Howe, Emily F             Ellicott City, MD    F34       10:58:31.81
   91.Paszkiewicz, Michael      Beltsville, MD       M31       10:58:33.08
   92.Weber, Ron                Ellicott City, MD    M56       10:58:33.73
   93.Lee, Mindy                Unknown, NA          F29       10:58:34.44
   94.Salmon-Cox, Peter         Millersville, MD     M69       10:58:36.54
   95.Scharding, Eric           Unknown, NA          M42       10:58:36.90
   96.Thomas, Ben               Laurel, MD           m20       10:58:37.39
   97.Allera, J.P.              Unknown, NA          M19       10:58:37.71
   98.Raw, Svinivas             Unknown, NA          M41       10:58:38.18
   99.Andrews, Sam              Columbia, MD         M13       10:58:38.54
  100.Schuler, Eric             Laurel, MD           M15       10:58:38.81
  101.Schuler, Greg             Laurel, MD           M48       10:58:39.09
  102.Peng, Diane               Columbia, MD         F18       10:58:39.55
  103.Demaree, Marsha           Marriottsville, MD   F44       10:58:40.92
  104.Wegner, Kathleen          Columbia, MD         F43       10:58:41.97
  105.Andrews, Kyle             Columbia, MD         M18       10:58:42.52
  106.Raymond, Les              Columbia, MD         M31       10:58:43.20
  107.Gessler, Bobby            Ellicott City, MD    M51       10:58:43.98
  108.Antico, Russel V          Columbia, MD         M36       10:58:45.20
  109.Strohmeyer, Robert        Unknown, NA          M36       10:58:46.13
  110.Stenholm, Pekka           Columbia, MD         M35       10:58:46.68
  111.Tripp, Jason I            Ellicott City, MD    M36       10:58:47.32
  112.Manas, Caroline G         Ellicott City, MD    F45       10:58:47.99
  113.DiSciullo, Emma M         Columbia, MD         F21       10:58:49.07
  114.Johnston, Eric            Ellicott City, MD    M44       10:58:49.91
  115.Oaksmith, Scott           Ellicott City, MD    M37       10:58:51.02
  116.DiSciullo, Jim            Columbia, MD         M55       10:58:53.84
  117.Kerr, Lauretta A          Ellicott City, MD    F46       10:58:55.34
  118.LaMonte, Vincent          Columbia, MD         M65       10:58:58.24
  119.Sivaraman, Angeli         Ellicott City, MD    F19       10:59:00.51
  120.Strawitch, Amanda         Ellicott City, MD    F18       10:59:01.53
  121.Lepore, Greg              Columbia, MD         M38       10:59:01.87
  122.Fleming, Mike             Columbia, MD         M63       10:59:02.77
  123.Burger, Marc J            Columbia, MD         M36       10:59:05.91
  124.Regan, Nancy              Unknown, NA          F54       10:59:06.33
  125.Regan, Paul               Unknown, NA          M54       10:59:06.98
  126.Six, Charles              Unknown, NA          F57       10:59:07.70
  127.Saltman, Steven           Unknown, NA          M43       10:59:08.57
  128.Wood, Noah                Catonsville, MD      M25       10:59:10.51
  129.Fitzgerald, Michael A     Clarksville, MD      M43       10:59:11.30
  130.Gessler, Julie            Ellicott City, MD    F15       10:59:11.72
  131.Carlsen, Rob              Columbia, MD         M34       10:59:12.72
  132.Klein, Don                Columbia, MD         M50       10:59:15.72
  133.Geoghegan, Seth           Ellicott City, MD    M29       10:59:16.16
  134.Anderson, Megan           Unknown, NA          F18       10:59:16.65
  135.Williams, Jake            Laurel, MD           M18       10:59:17.23
  136.Smith, Darryl             Columbia, MD         M46       10:59:17.54
  137.Smith, Jason J            Columbia, MD         M46       10:59:18.13
  138.Smith, Katie              Columbia, MD         F13       10:59:18.66
  139.Lang, Tiffany             Columbia, MD         F14       10:59:19.45
  140.Waheed, Majid             Columbia, MD         M17       10:59:20.29
  141.Meyer, Tom                Las Vegas, NV        M19       10:59:21.34
  142.Chall, John W             Jessup, MD           M51       10:59:22.26
  143.Oda, Yasuo                Ellicott City, MD    M46       10:59:23.43
  144.Wegner, Kevin             Columbia, MD         M10       10:59:24.02
  145.Fairh, Darryl             Unknown, NA          M41       10:59:24.66
  146.Perraud, Art              Columbia, MD         M50       10:59:27.57
  147.Wegner, Paul              Columbia, MD         M44       10:59:28.47
  148.Diaz, Luis                Jessup, MD           M31       10:59:29.45
  149.Brown, Tom D              Glenelg, MD          M58       10:59:30.40
  150.Dyer, Stephen             Columbia, MD         M54       10:59:31.45
  151.Warfield, Jerry N         Columbia, MD         M64       10:59:32.39
  152.Merritt, Barry            Gaithersburg, MD     M57       10:59:33.46
  153.Witstrom, Sarah           Unknown, NA          M18       10:59:36.14
  154.Dusenbery, Michael H      Columbia, MD         M30       10:59:36.89
  155.Lebro, Craig              Columbia, MD         M22       10:59:38.15
  156.Lang, Vicki               Columbia, MD         F40       10:59:38.98
  157.Heiliger, Phil            Columbia, MD         M56       10:59:39.73
  158.nieporent, Vanessa        Unknown, NA          F28       10:59:41.39
  159.Laukzemis, Dan            APO AE, MD           M47       10:59:45.67
  160.Hanngain, Al              Unknown, NA          F46       10:59:47.09
  161.Nier, Ryan                San Francisco, CA     M28       10:59:47.87
  162.Zaron, Mike               Ellicott City, MD    M28       10:59:48.80
  163.Alber, Tod                Columbia, MD         M39       10:59:49.65
  164.Mainey, Mike              Unknown, NA          M41       10:59:51.83
  165.McCormick, Bill           Unknown, NA          M66       10:59:52.76
  166.Skaggs, Matt              Catonsville, MD      M28       10:59:53.49
  167.Grover, Jim               Columbia, MD         M56       10:59:54.35
  168.Flach, Lori               Unknown, NA          F35       10:59:55.99
  169.Barela, Mark              Washington, DC       M29       10:59:58.56
  170.Nist, Brian               Columbia, MD         M34       10:59:59.53
**171.Tarkow, David             Columbia, MD         m41       10:59:59.54** winner
  172.Sachs, Theresa            Columbia, MD         F45       11:00:00.61
  173.Otazo, Marcos             Ellicott City, MD    M37       11:00:01.60
  174.LaMonte, Joe A            Arlington, VA        M28       11:00:03.55
  175.Gloar, Philip             Unknown, NA          M47       11:00:04.95
  176.Feeney, Scott             Elkridge, MD         M49       11:00:08.64
  177.Byron, Henry              Laurel, MD           m44       11:00:09.11
  178.Orlofsky, Greg            Columbia, MD         M35       11:00:09.67
  179.Siegel, Sam               Ellicott City, MD    M15       11:00:10.70
  180.Schwartz, Rebecca         Ellicott City, MD    F24       11:00:14.97
  181.Forgione, Adam            Ellicott City, MD    M25       11:00:17.73
  182.Broussau, Chuck           Unknown, NA          M33       11:00:22.93
  183.Brooks, Patricia E        Ellicott City, MD    F58       11:00:25.26
  184.Barkam, Angela            Unknown, NA          F29       11:00:26.38
  185.Massella, Ralph           Catonsville, MD      M58       11:00:27.04
  186.Rowley, Ginger A          Clarksville, MD      F47       11:00:27.84
  187.Serrao, Gloria J          Ellicott City, MD    F49       11:00:28.83
  188.Barnhouse, Amy            Unknown, NA          F17       11:00:29.49
  189.Rau, Marie                Ellicott City, MD    F17       11:00:29.84
  190.Grover, Debbie            Columbia, MD         F53       11:00:32.32
  191.Esposito, Jessica         Elkridge, MD         F14       11:00:33.57
  192.Vecera, Heidi             Columbia, MD         f30       11:00:38.89
  193.Lazaz, Dave               Unknown, NA          M47       11:00:39.29
  194.McManuels, Ellie          Ellicott City, MD    F34       11:00:39.86
  195.Dooley, Bill              Ellicott City, MD    M51       11:00:40.98
  196.Baker, Petra M            Hanover, MD          F42       11:00:41.77
  197.Spedden, Rick             Clarksville, MD      M54       11:00:42.15
  198.Romiti, Mark              Ellicott City, MD    M42       11:00:44.55
  199.Forgione, Don             Ellicott City, MD    M57       11:00:45.59
  200.Rubin, Jonathan           Unknown, NA          M38       11:00:47.36
  201.Alexander, Boris          Unknown, NA          M31       11:00:47.80
  202.Krasnopoler, Mitchell     Ellicott City, MD    M51       11:00:51.56
  203.Schofield, Kelly          Ellicott City, MD    F15       11:00:57.14
  204.Fox, Richard C            Ellicott City, MD    M61       11:00:57.74
  205.Katkow, Eric A            Columbia, MD         M64       11:00:58.88
  206.Lin, Pattie               Ellicott City, MD    F17       11:00:59.42
  207.Bernard, Micah            Unknown, NA          F16       11:01:01.05
  208.Vale, Arnat               Elkridge, MD         M38       11:01:04.01
  209.Jordens, Eric             Unknown, NA          M19       11:01:09.60
  210.Celano, Pete              Clarksville, MD      M47       11:01:16.23
  211.Summers, Amy              Crownsville, MD      F36       11:01:24.18
  212.Kelso, Jordan D           Columbia, MD         M35       11:01:27.67
  213.Soverns, Mary Beth        Ellicott City, MD    F49       11:01:32.09
  214.Sciannella, Bill          Columbia, MD         M51       11:01:34.04
  215.Spedden, Janet            Clarksville, MD      F50       11:01:34.25
  216.Mitchell, Dylan           Unknown, NA          M10       11:01:37.63
  217.Mitchell, Rick M          Clarksville, MD      M42       11:01:39.06
  218.Gessler, Amy              Ellicott City, MD    F13       11:01:40.77
  219.Gessler, Katie            Ellicott City, MD    F17       11:01:42.71
  220.Griffiths, Richard        Columbia, MD         M43       11:01:46.10
  221.Catie, Jennifer           Unknown, NA          F48       11:01:49.35
  222.Kaufman, Diana            Columbia, MD         F26       11:01:54.13
  223.Fedarko, Neal S           Columbia, MD         M50       11:01:59.18
  224.Nandi, Shyamal            Ellicott City, MD    M70       11:02:10.80
  225.Everd, Steve              Unknown, NA          M38       11:02:17.05
  226.Whitlock, Albert          Millersville, MD     M37       11:02:17.45
  227.Green, Ken M              Columbia, MD         M47       11:02:21.84
  228.obah, Gerald              Unknown, NA          M18       11:02:22.42
  229.Wilson, Colleen           Ellicott City, MD    F15       11:02:35.66
  230.Weber, Judith             Ellicott City, MD    F49       11:02:49.71
  231.Hanngain, Denise          Unknown, NA          F46       11:03:40.75
  232.LW, N                     Unknown, NA          M0        11:03:41.29
  233.Lauver, Kristen           Columbia, MD         F50       11:04:25.47
  234.Rodgers, Mary             Columbia, MD         F54       11:04:27.66
  235.Gordon, Kirk D            Mitchellville, MD    M52       11:05:04.67
  236.Mitchell, Agneta          Unknown, NA          F53       11:05:11.10
  237.Franklin, Alison          Ellicott City, MD    F47       11:05:11.36
  238.Mitchell, Andreas         Ellicott City, MD    M17       11:05:11.91
  239.Kulansky, Dave            Columbia, MD         M28       11:05:35.38
  240.Marshall, Kathleen J      Ellicott City, MD    F59       11:05:41.34
  241.Marshall, Thomas          Ellicott City, MD    M59       11:05:41.77
  242.McGuire, Tom              Columbia, MD         M27       11:06:07.43
  243.Lazas, Laura              Clarksville, MD      F16       11:06:16.83
  244.Celano, Emma              Clarksville, MD      F0        11:06:17.57
  245.Nowak, Kristine J         Clarksville, MD      F51       11:06:53.68
  246.Peery, Talia              Columbia, MD         F33       11:06:54.90
  247.Whitehead, Matthew        Unknown, NA          m40       11:06:55.13
  248.Root, Daniel              Baltimore, MD        M33       11:07:13.00
  249.Six, Jeff                 Elkridge, MD         M30       11:07:13.45
  250.Ordaz, Sarah J            Ellicott City, MD    F28       11:07:54.90
  251.Bor, Eyal                 Columbia, MD         M51       11:07:57.35
  252.Lake, Danielle            Clarksville, MD      F19       11:09:36.45
  253.Lake, Jeff r              Clarksville, MD      M47       11:09:36.95
  254.Gordon, Sharyn            Mitchellville, MD    F50       11:11:17.60
  255.Cassels, Fred             Laurel, MD           M52       11:12:02.38
  256.Mahjouri, Mani            Unknown, NA          M30       11:12:05.23
  257.Jackson, Sonya            Laurel, MD           F34       11:12:09.33
  258.O'Donnell, Maureen        Elkridge, MD         F26       11:12:46.16
  259.Six, Cindy                Elkridge, MD         F26       11:13:02.93
  260.Sherrod, Angela           Unknown, NA          F0        11:15:40.95
  261.Lake, Wendy b             Clarksville, MD      F47       11:16:58.00
  262.Platt, Heidi H            Columbia, MD         F40       11:18:29.00
  263.Gaines, Lisa              Unknown, NA          F36       11:18:30.00
  264.Troncoso, Juan            Ellicott City, MD    M59       11:20:30.00
  265.Moran, Shelly             Unknown, NA          F41       11:20:31.00
  266.Hsu, Thomas               Baltimore, MD        M47       11:25:23.00
  267.Zhang, Amy                College Park, MD     F21       11:32:00.00


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