New Year's Day Resolution Run - Prediction Run - 8K
Columbia, MD
Thursday, January 1, 2009
Conducted by Howard County Striders

Everyone picked their own start time with the understanding that the person who finished closest to 11 a.m. won the race. Runners ran without watches.
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Male Finishers
Pl    Name                      HomeTown               XAge   Club   Time
    1.Joyce, Michael            Ellicott City, MD      M56           10:37:57.17
    2.Pascale, Nathan           Columbia, MD           M15           10:40:59.53
    3.Burnett, Mackenzie        Unknown, NA            F15           10:41:00.85
    4.Henderson, Clint          Columbia, MD           M52           10:41:05.80
    5.Pascale, Maria            Unknown, NA            F13           10:41:55.87
    6.Fregeau, Jean             Ellicott City, MD      F47           10:42:16.70
    7.Patel, Parul R            Ellicott City, MD      F48           10:42:59.99
    8.Schofield, Danny          Ellicott City, MD      M14           10:44:33.44
    9.Johnson, Tegest           Ellicott City, MD      F38           10:45:25.76
   10.Riesz, Charlie            Ellicott City, MD      M48    HCS    10:46:17.10
   11.Jang, Meang               Columbia, MD           F45    HCS    10:48:06.85
   12.Lancos, Steve             Columbia, MD           M57           10:48:52.04
   13.Kaplan, Steven            Ellicott City, MD      M57           10:48:52.43
   14.Kaplan, Donna             Ellicott City, MD      F55           10:48:52.72
   15.Casem, Catherine          Sykesville, MD         F14           10:51:26.45
   16.Costello, Shannon         Columbia, MD           F32           10:52:21.47
   17.Carbary, James            Clarksville, MD        M57    HCS    10:54:22.59
   18.Kim, David                Unknown, NA            M41           10:56:15.35
   19.Ray, Mohan                Columbia, MD           M61    HCS    10:56:31.89
   20.Song, Danny               Unknown, NA            M38           10:56:38.05
   21.Bogan, Shane              Columbia, MD           M49    HCS    10:56:40.49
   22.Myrtue, Marianne          Woodstock, MD          F47    HCS    10:56:41.76
   23.Smith, Darryl             Columbia, MD           M46    HCS    10:56:52.66
   24.Howe, Emily F             Ellicott City, MD      F34    HCS    10:56:54.34
   25.Soverns, Mary Beth        Ellicott City, MD      F49           10:57:08.55
   26.Hartman, Mary             Unknown, NA            F15           10:57:20.07
   27.King, John                Dayton, MD             M43           10:57:35.24
   28.McCarthy, Tom             Columbia, MD           M55           10:57:36.67
   29.Jacobson, Cary            Ellicott City, MD      F28    HCS    10:57:42.17
   30.Keiso, Jordan D           Columbia, MD           M35           10:57:48.05
   31.Bauer, Sargent            Columbia, MD           M41           10:58:07.68
   32.Gidlund, Mark             Unknown, NA            M28           10:58:12.55
   33.Brunner, Joshua           Laurel, MD             M33           10:58:15.35
   34.Sciannella, Bill          Columbia, MD           M51    HCS    10:58:18.26
   35.Spedden, Janet            Clarksville, MD        F50    HCS    10:58:18.46
   36.Sevik, Kenneth            Ellicott City, MD      M44           10:58:24.10
   37.Sevik, Phyllis            Ellicott City, MD      F44    HCS    10:58:26.04
   38.Lee, Mindy                Unknown, NA            F29           10:58:43.15
   39.Carter, Jennifer L        Clarksville, MD        F48    HCS    10:58:44.13
   40.MacCormack, Bill          Ellicott City, MD      M66    HCS    10:58:46.46
   41.Wasserman, Nadia          Columbia, MD           F62    HCS    10:58:48.79
   42.Brooks, Patricia E        Ellicott City, MD      F58    HCS    10:58:50.00
   43.Arbelaez, Bill            Columbia, MD           M52    HCS    10:58:50.97
   44.Thompson, Nancy           Columbia, MD           F49           10:58:51.99
   45.Karlheim, David           Clarksville, MD        M50           10:58:53.12
   46.Griffiths, Richard        Columbia, MD           M43           10:58:59.59
   47.Woods, Dick               Ellicott City, MD      M62    HCS    10:59:03.24
   48.Andrews, Sam              Columbia, MD           M13    HCS    10:59:08.70
   49.McGovern, Stephen         Ellicott City, MD      M52           10:59:12.12
   50.Spedden, Rick             Clarksville, MD        M54    HCS    10:59:13.41
   51.Murthy, Carrie            Laramie, WY            F24           10:59:17.18
   52.Wheeler, Bill M           Ellicott City, MD      M43           10:59:22.17
   53.Schuler, Eric             Laurel, MD             M15    HCS    10:59:23.30
   54.Murthy, Siddhartha        Baltimore, MD          M27           10:59:24.48
   55.Garroway, Loren           Unknown, NA            M50           10:59:27.96
   56.Brown, Charles            Columbia, MD           M62    HCS    10:59:29.78
   57.Baker, Petra M            Hanover, MD            F42           10:59:30.53
   58.Tash, Ron                 Columbia, MD           M39           10:59:31.15
   59.Thumel, Julie             Ellicott City, MD      F16           10:59:31.58
   60.Kimpka, Amy               Unknown, NA            F34           10:59:32.41
   61.raymond, sara             Columbia, MD           F28           10:59:32.94
   62.Raymond, Les              Columbia, MD           M31    HCS    10:59:33.49
   63.Calvert, Roger L          Ellicott City, MD      M58    HCS    10:59:34.06
   64.Walker, Kenny             Columbia, MD           M40    HCS    10:59:34.68
   65.Rao, Srinivas             Columbia, MD           M41    HCS    10:59:35.47
   66.Shaikh, Hafiz             Columbia, MD           M30           10:59:36.07
   67.Bostick, Rob              Clarksville, MD        M44           10:59:37.24
   68.Sachs, Theresa            Columbia, MD           F45    HCS    10:59:38.02
   69.George, Lissa             Columbia, MD           F60    HCS    10:59:38.93
   70.Heiliger, Phil            Columbia, MD           M56    HCS    10:59:39.62
   71.Kim, Susan                Laurel, MD             F40           10:59:40.26
   72.Murphy-Morris, Jeanine    Ellicott City, MD      F48    HCS    10:59:40.70
   73.Kirk-Davidoff, Daniel     Columbia, MD           M40    HCS    10:59:41.15
   74.Miller, David             Ellicott City, MD      M44    HCS    10:59:41.64
   75.Gessler, Bobby            Ellicott City, MD      M51    HCS    10:59:42.12
   76.Thumel, Carroll           Ellicott City, MD      M48           10:59:43.20
   77.Esker, Brian              Unknown, NA            M40           10:59:44.22
   78.Harvey, Karen             Ellicott City, MD      F52    HCS    10:59:45.32
   79.Grufferman, Steven        Ellicott City, MD      M55    HCS    10:59:45.74
   80.Gessler, Amy              Ellicott City, MD      F13    HCS    10:59:46.22
   81.Lombardo, Pat             Columbia, MD           M26    HCS    10:59:50.91
   82.Alpern, Stephen E         Columbia, MD           M61    HCS    10:59:52.06
   83.Steinecke, John           Laurel, MD             M49    HCS    10:59:54.58
   84.Barouch, Lili             Ellicott City, MD      F37           10:59:55.39
   85.Gessler, Katie            Ellicott City, MD      F17    HCS    10:59:56.08
   86.Schofield, Ann            Unknown, NA            F48           10:59:56.53
   87.lowe, bromley             Unknown, NA            M38           10:59:57.39
   88.Warfield, Jerry N         Columbia, MD           M64    HCS    10:59:58.41
** 89.Stein, Ben                Columbia, MD           M40    HCS    11:00:01.29 **
   90.Johnston, Eric            Ellicott City, MD      M45    HCS    11:00:02.27
   91.Wilkerson, Pat            Columbia, MD           F49    HCS    11:00:02.92
   92.Feliciano, Tacy L         Columbia, MD           F40    HCS    11:00:03.59
   93.Grover, Jim               Columbia, MD           M57    HCS    11:00:04.19
   94.Riss, Susan M             Columbia, MD           F43    HCS    11:00:04.90
   95.Harrison, Barbie          Elkridge, MD           F43           11:00:05.52
   96.Gordon, Stacey            Columbia, MD           F35           11:00:06.17
   97.Rogers, Philip            Baltimore, MD          M28           11:00:06.41
   98.Gessler, Julie            Ellicott City, MD      F15    HCS    11:00:06.65
   99.Tripp, Jason I            Ellicott City, MD      M36           11:00:07.09
  100.Vecera, Heidi             Columbia, MD           F30    HCS    11:00:07.70
  101.Holtz, Rebecca            Jessup, MD             F38           11:00:08.69
  102.George, Dickie            Columbia, MD           M60    HCS    11:00:09.42
  103.DiSciullo, Jim            Columbia, MD           M55    HCS    11:00:09.98
  104.Dyer, Stephen             Columbia, MD           M54    HCS    11:00:10.87
  105.Waheed, Majid             Columbia, MD           M17    HCS    11:00:11.53
  106.Anderson, Steven          Columbia, MD           M43           11:00:12.25
  107.McFadden, Weems           Columbia, MD           M51    HCS    11:00:13.04
  108.Scott, Janeth             Columbia, MD           F46    HCS    11:00:14.34
  109.Fleming, Mike             Columbia, MD           M63    HCS    11:00:14.76
  110.Andrews, Kyle             Columbia, MD           M18           11:00:15.90
  111.Weber, Ron                Ellicott City, MD      M56    HCS    11:00:16.97
  112.Weber, Judith             Ellicott City, MD      F49           11:00:18.83
  113.Mcdonough, Bob            Unknown, NA            M64           11:00:19.22
  114.Stenholm, Pekka           Columbia, MD           M36    HCS    11:00:20.36
  115.Stenholm, Sari            Columbia, MD           F30    HCS    11:00:21.58
  116.Dusenbery, Michael H      Columbia, MD           M30    HCS    11:00:22.06
  117.Orlik, Dave               Columbia, MD           M46    HCS    11:00:22.53
  118.Tarkow, David             Columbia, MD           M42           11:00:35.28
  119.Orlofsky, Greg            Columbia, MD           M35    HCS    11:00:36.04
  120.Thompson, Elizabeth       Laurel, MD             F38    HCS    11:00:36.75
  121.Steffen, Scott E          Laurel, MD             M36    HCS    11:00:37.83
  122.Frankewich, Raymond P     Columbia, MD           M47    HCS    11:00:38.22
  123.Warren, Dale              Columbia, MD           M34           11:00:39.33
  124.Garstecki, Jeffrey        Columbia, MD           M39    HCS    11:00:40.33
  125.Farmer, Chris             Columbia, MD           M29    HCS    11:00:41.54
  126.Smolyak, Michael          Clarksville, MD        M40    HCS    11:00:43.37
  127.Smolyak, Natalie          Clarksville, MD        F39    HCS    11:00:43.61
  128.andrews, mike             Columbia, MD           M40           11:00:54.77
  129.Tominack, Alan            Savage, MD             M36    HCS    11:00:56.85
  130.Hessler, Jim              Laurel, MD             M40           11:01:04.95
  131.Schuler, Greg             Laurel, MD             M48    HCS    11:01:06.43
  132.Green, Ken M              Columbia, MD           M47    HCS    11:01:11.39
  133.Lopez, Susan              Unknown, NA            F16           11:01:14.00
  134.Wood, Debbie              Unknown, NA            F48           11:01:15.56
  135.Beckett, Dorothy          Columbia, MD           F51    HCS    11:01:21.14
  136.Miles, Daniel             Unknown, NA            M45           11:01:28.96
  137.Hogue, David              Laurel, MD             M30    HCS    11:01:33.06
  138.Chall, John W             Jessup, MD             M51    HCS    11:01:38.06
  139.Byron, Beverly L          Ellicott City, MD      F55    HCS    11:01:42.42
  140.Grover, Debbie            Columbia, MD           F53    HCS    11:01:42.59
  141.Burger, Marc J            Columbia, MD           M36    HCS    11:02:00.64
  142.Fugate, Collin            Ellicott City, MD      M17    HCS    11:02:02.98
  143.Saltz, Debra              Ellicott City, MD      F41           11:02:27.68
  144.Clark, Robin              Unknown, NA            F40           11:02:35.55
  145.Casem, Kim                Unknown, NA            F40           11:02:40.09
  146.Fairly, Darryl            Unknown, NA            M42           11:02:42.05
  147.Miller, Janet M           Baltimore, MD          F59           11:02:51.76
  148.Rowley, Ginger A          Clarksville, MD        F47    HCS    11:02:56.54
  149.Orlofsky, Gary            Unknown, NA            M69           11:03:03.10
  150.Schofield, Rick           Ellicott City, MD      M48           11:03:06.11
  151.Franklin, Alison          Ellicott City, MD      F48           11:03:28.36
  152.Burger, Melissa L         Columbia, MD           F36    HCS    11:03:37.58
  153.Habibi, Khushal           Unknown, NA            M62           11:03:39.91
  154.Ro, Kevin                 Columbia, MD           M39           11:04:06.15
  155.Orlik, Janice             Columbia, MD           F54           11:05:13.86
  156.Evers-Southhard, Donna    Baltimore, MD          F52           11:05:24.96
  157.Fugate, Dennis            Ellicott City, MD      M57    HCS    11:05:25.94
  158.Fugate, Jan               Ellicott City, MD      F59    HCS    11:06:20.00
  159.Jun, David W              Ellicott City, MD      M24    HCS    11:13:51.46


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