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James Moreland

Wednesday, December 31, 1969,

Wednesday, December 31, 1969,
Fri 09/29 - Run for Betty Dolphin Dash 5K
Sat 09/30 - Freedom's Run
Sun 10/01 - Autumn Georgetown 5K & Half
Sun 10/01 - Taste of Sposato Wine 5k
Sat 10/07 - Norfolk Beach 5K & 5-Miler
Sun 10/08 - Army Ten-Miler
Sun 10/08 - Lower Potomac River Ten-Mile Run
Sun 10/08 - Three Fox Vineyard 5K

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There will be four seasonal rankings and a Best of the Year which will decide the top runners in the open as well as 12 age groups. Traditionally the summer season is the longest, going from Memorial Day through Labor Day. With that in mind we have provided interim standings showing the top ten open and the top six age group runners with the best times through July 22, 2012. The runners are all listed in alphabetical order, not ranking as yet. This will give runners a chance to see who is leading the way for the Summer Rankings that will be posted in the October RacePacket as well as on our web site. For reference, we listed the 2012 spring champion and the 10K equivalent time they won with as well as last summer's best time run.


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