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Open Men

Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K 28:16

Last year's fourth place finisher eschewed Army instead running the Virginia 10 miler in 50:24 more than a minute slower than last year. Still it was the fastest among qualifiers and the fourth fastest race. What earned Tariku Bokan the title in 2012 was a nearly minute improvement to 28:48 at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K. Runner-up Will Christian went long with three half marathons and an excellent Baltimore Marathon in 2:20:59. Still vying for another title at thirty-three Gurmess Megressa had 15 overall wins and was tops in his age group in all but one of his 24 events. His best race was the fastest 5K of the year at the Holy Child Tiger Trot 5K in 14:36.

Fourth place Christopher Mills lost a photo finish in the darkened streets of Rockville at the Twilight 8K in 24:12. Then he ended the season with an impressive 2:22:42 at the Anthem Richmond Marathon. Sam Luff started the year winning an indoor 5K in 14:56 and rose through the ranks to fifth place with his Army 10 Miler in 50:51. Sixth place went to another former champ Demesse Tefera. He won the BCC 5K in 14:43.

The next seven runners had times all within ten seconds. Guy Alton takes seventh running the HCA 8K in 24:20. Jordan Zwick is next ahead of 10th place Christopher Sloan by two seconds at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K in 30:54. David Burnham slips in between with the fastest Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M among qualifiers at 51:23.

Ryan Carroll gets the next spot with his American Family Fitness Half Marathon in 1:08:28 to end the year. He also had by far the most overall wins at 21. Teressa Bayisse won the Leesburg 20K in 1:05:04 and 13th is Jon Molz with his fine Anthem Richmond Marathon in 2:24:43, also the last race weekend.

Five of the 52 qualifiers came from other divisions.
1Bokan, Tariku31Herndon, VA28:48
2Christian, Will*****29Norfolk, VA30:15
3Megerssa, Gurmessa*1533Washington, DC30:27
4Mills, Christopher22Falls Church, VA30:37
5Luff, Sam**25Washington, DC30:36
6Tefera, Demesse**30Washington, DC30:42
7Alton, Guy*28Richmond, VA30:53
8Zwick, Jordan26Arlington, VA30:54
9Burnham, David*28Arlington, VA30:55
10Sloane, Christopher29Rockville, MD30:56
11Carroll, Ryan*2130Portsmouth, VA31:04
12Bayisse, Teressa*24Washington, DC31:03
13Molz, Jon**26Richmond, VA31:03
14Renjifo, Carlos*29Columbia, MD31:07
15Wardian, Michael***38Arlington, VA31:13
16McDougal, Jordan**25Warrenton, VA31:14
17Thomas, Tristram*25Baltimore, MD31:15
18Meeker, Dustin31Baltimore, MD31:13
19Ilanso, Temesgen*26Washington, DC31:17
20Klim, Jake*32North Bethesda, MD31:16
21Geletu, Seife**30Washington, DC31:22
22Barresi, Matthew***29Falls Church, VA31:28
23Livingston, Bryce**25Williamsburg, VA31:29
24Angell, David***36Blue Ridge, VA31:33
25Peck, Graham*****23Lutherville, MD31:36
26Witters, Ryan**24Washington, DC31:40
27Laskowski, Conrad**26Bethesda, MD31:40
28Hopely, Mark24Lynchburg, VA31:37
29Ban, Charlie**30Washington, DC31:46
30Schroer, Adam**23Harrisonburg, VA31:45
31Wertz, David*36Arlington, VA31:48
32Guevara, Paul26Alexandria, VA31:50
33Rolly, Philippe39McLean, VA31:59
34Clement, Tony*****25Williamsport, MD32:01
35Bitew, Chalie*24Washington, DC32:06
36Pugsley, Ray*43Potomac Falls, VA32:05
37O'Reilly, Blaine**24Williamsburg, VA32:09
38Buschman, Mark28Columbia, MD32:11
39Mariano, Gregory*27Alexandria, VA32:14
40Stackhouse, Bennett28Arlington, VA32:19
41Saunders, Rich24Alexandria, VA32:20
42Hryuniak, David**27Charlottesville, VA32:23
43Murphy, Ryan*26Richmond , VA32:21
44Jacoby, Bert*629Charlottesville, VA32:24
45Turner, Justin33Virginia Beach, VA32:26
46Berdan, David **31Owings Mills, MD32:32
47Whitlow, Dustin***26Arlington, VA32:39
48Carrier, Chris*28Richmond, VA32:38
49Linman, Matthew29Washington, DC32:40
50Martucci, Garrett*24Arlington, VA32:49
51Pruitt, Christopher30Arlington, VA32:55
52Toland, Hugh*631Fairfax, VA33:02

19 & Younger Men

Way Station's Thanksgiving Day 5K 15:22, 10K = 32:03

Peter Mitchell did all his damage in the final month. His All American Beach Ford 5K in 17:11 was the 14th best time. Then on the final weekend he topped the field at the Boo-yah 5K in 16:07. Second place Tyler Muse had four of the top eight times. His best race was the Bel Air Town Run in 34:08 which was only good enough to be eighth in the summer. There were nearly 1400 runners with ranked times but only 13 who qualified for the year end rankings.

Third place Heath Anderson had four of the top 13 times. His best race was the Run for the Future Lucy Corr Village 5K in 16:33. Thomas Selishev ran two of only four half marathons in the division. At Baltimore he ran a very solid 1:16:39. Andrew Smith takes the fifth spot at the Drumstick Dash 5K in 16:59.
1Mitchell, Peter*619Virginia Beach, VA33:37
2Muse, Tyler***18Bel Air, MD34:08
3Anderson, Heath*618Chesterfield, VA34:27
4Selishev, Thomas***16Silver Spring, MD34:47
5Smith, Andrew***19Roanoke, VA35:26
6Herzog, Trent*615Lusby, MD36:05
7Hall, Jay***12Waldorf, MD36:18
8Smolyak, Gary****17Clarksville, MD36:49
9Steck, Konrad**13Williamsburg, VA36:55
10Vitek, David***19Perry Hall, MD37:31
11Fenton, Ryan**19Sykesville, MD38:04
12Lieb II, David**19Middletown, MD38:14
13McMahon, Mason***17Fredericksburg, VA39:03

35-39 Men

GW Birthday Classic 10K 31:13

The division has as many top racers as ever before. As usual Michael Wardian gets the crown. He started brilliantly finishing fourth overall at the Alexandria Turkey Trot 5M in 25:14 and missing an overall win by three seconds at the GW Birthday 10K in 31:13. Then he captured his sixth crown at the National Marathon in 2:26:35.

After that runners started closing in on him as if he might be beatable. David Wertz earned the third place ahead of Philippe Rolly at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K 31:48 to 31:59. Rolly would take the masters title in the fall at Army but by then he was a master. However in the summer he earned the top spot at the Georgetown Running Company Father's Day 8K in 25:44 and Wardian moved back to third that period.

Runner-up David Angell started the summer winning it all at the Appalachian Power Festival 5K in 15:43. Then on the final weekend of the year he leapfrogged his way to the runner-up spot racing the American Family Fitness Half Marathon in 1:09:32. Matthew Thomas takes the fifth spot racing the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 54:27 behind third place Wertz who ran 53:24.
1Wardian, Michael*838Arlington, VA31:13
2Angell, David***36Blue Ridge, VA31:33
3Wertz, David*1036Arlington, VA31:48
4Rolly, Philippe*****39McLean, VA31:59
5Thomas, Matthew****38Alexandria, VA32:46
6O'Hara, David****36Alexandria, VA32:59
7Sharp, John****37Richmond, VA32:56
8Turco, Edi*2539Arlington, VA33:15
9Brown, Karsten*4138Front Royal, VA34:08
10Prinzivalli, Steve*1436Catonsville, MD33:54
11Freeburn, Keith*1438Centreville, VA35:20
12Hottle, Nathan****36Lynchburg, VA35:28
13Farley, Chris37Arlington, VA35:30
14Rapine, Richard*39Alexandria, VA35:36
15Tripp, Jason39Ellicott City, MD35:35
16Beary, Brian***36Washington, DC35:36
17Stemberger, Gregory**35Chantilly, VA35:43

40-44 Men

Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K 30:46

The fast runners who battle at Army did not have enough races this year to qualify. They include Philippe Rolly who was masters champion in 53:01, last year's ranking's champion Edmund Burke, and Keith Matiskella. Also Chris Juarez, who had three of top times of the year, only qualified in one division.

After all that Ray Pugsley found time to race the six fastest official qualifiers. After being the two-time defending masters champion at Cherry Blossom he decided to race Army this year, winning his age group in 53:20. He was the overall winner again at the Cascades Firechase 10K and had his best 5K of the year winning it all at the Leesburg 5K in 15:53.

Jeff Harrington had one of the fastest times of the winter winning at the Frostbite 15K in 52:35. Then he settled into the runner-up spot by finishing second at the Heritage Half marathon in 1:14:21. Many of the masters may have been intimidated by Chris Juarez who finished 14th overall in at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 51:10. That left the door open for Kevin Yates to waltz in a take a age group win in 56:53 for third place. The same story applies at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K where Juarez filed a 30:46 entry. Douglas Woods was next in 34:19 to take fourth place.

Patrick O'Rourke had the second fastest half Marathon winning in Baltimore with 1:17:32 to take sixth place. He was followed by Jason Tripp who raced the Baltimore 10 Miler in 59:04.
1Pugsley, Ray*743Potomac Falls, VA32:05
2Harrington, Jeff*1242Lynchburg, VA33:44
3Yates, Kevin*640Olney, MD34:14
4Woods, Douglas*943Gaithersburg, MD34:19
5O'Rourke, Patrick****44Timonium, MD35:11
6Tripp, Jason*****40Ellicott City, MD35:32
7Shaye, Daniel*1043Williamsburg, VA35:44
8Neeson, Tommy*****43Virginia Beach, VA35:57
9Mason, Andy*740Hagerstown, MD36:05
10Chasse, Craig*1643Reston, VA36:07
11Falyar, Christian****44Richmond, VA36:01
12Weisel, Evan**41Alexandria, VA36:14
13Koonce, Scott*40Gaithersburg, MD36:14
14Lovett, Jack*1742Newport News, VA36:11
15Crago, Stephen*****44Vienna, VA36:19
16Moore, Ignacio*****41Blacksburg, VA36:26
17Koehler, Chris*741Locust Grove, VA36:25
18Hirsch, Brandon*42Rockville, MD36:32
19Pugh, Andrew**42Washington, DC36:35
20Lang, Phil**44Columbia, MD36:34
21Bell, Kevin***43Reston, VA36:34
22Burcham, Kevin*641Petersburg, VA36:35
23Lockard, David*943Hampton, VA36:52
24Cahill, Dave**41Arlington, VA37:00
25Hultquist, Daryl*42Gaithersburg, MD36:59

45-49 Men

Army 10 Mile 55:42, 10K = 33:31

There could be little doubt once John Zimmerman got underway. He started the spring with a marvelous Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 55:57 and kept winning everything in front of him for the next six months. At the Army 10 Miler he ran even faster with 55:42. His blitzed an impressive 16:11 at the Chick Fil-A 5K. At the inaugural Navy-Air Force Half Marathon he was faster at 1:15:20 than all but one of the eight half marathons run by last year's champion John Piggott. Piggott captured the title last year with his Hidden Treasures HM. This year he was the overall winner in 1:14:25. Piggott had 23 age group wins including his Dismal Swamp Stomp HM in 1:15:25.

Third place Derik Thomas had a special claim to fan. He ran down Zimmerman at the Veterans Day 10K winning 34:25 to 34:59. He also was second master at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 27:16 and tops at the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Mile in 57:33.

The next three spots were extra close and the deciding factor was quantity as the quality was nearly identical. Fourth place is Peter Keating who ran the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 57:26. He followed that up with a win at the Clyde's 10K in 34:51. Next in line is Steve Speirs who ran the odd distance Virginia is for Lovers 14K in 49:48. He added the fastest 25K of the year in 1:35:18. Sixth place Dennis Mickey raced down from Mount Savage at the Great Allegany 15K in 53:20.

Forty-four runners qualified for the division.
1Zimmerman, John*1346McLean, VA33:31
2Piggott, John*2347Williamsburg, VA33:46
3Thomas, Derik*1046Alexandria, VA34:25
4Keating, Peter***46Columbia , MD34:33
5Speirs, Steve*1546Virginia Beach, VA34:35
6Mickey, Dennis*747Ridgeley, WV34:34
7Neff, Mark*****49Derwood, MD35:02
8Perna, Frank*749Bethesda, MD35:02
9Nielsen, Jim*****46Broadlands, VA35:30
10Schuler, Tim****49Chambersburg, PA35:38
11Dawson, Greg*1647Williamsburg, VA35:49
12Purcell, Tom****46Virginia Beach, VA35:55
13Henderson, Jerry*947Bel Air, MD35:53
14Clements, Ian***48Alexandria, VA36:07
15Jacobson, Paul*****49Gaithersburg, MD36:09
16Mersiowsky, Scott*746Fredericksburg, VA36:03
17Phillips, David*****49Severna Park, MD36:31
18Menzies, Steven***48Williamsburg, VA36:30
19Rotunno, Christopher*49Washington, DC36:43
20Munsey, Colin*747Pearisburg, VA36:45
21Rapp, Perry*1047Lexington Park, MD36:47
22Jensen, Thomas***49Oakton, VA36:51
23Powell, Charles*1146Baltimore, MD36:53
24Hamley, Christopher****47Hyattsville, MD37:00
25Williamson, Duane****48Warrenton, VA37:03
26Kelleher, Brian***46Lynchburg, VA37:07
27Rippey, Brad*946Bunker Hill, WV37:19
28Cutright, Mike*846Fredericksburg, VA37:28
29Pelletier, Paul*647Williamsburg, VA37:34
30Murray, Jeffrey*****46Richmond, VA37:33
31D'Amanda, Kevin**49Bethesda, MD37:33
32Lane, George****46Ashburn, VA37:34
33Oxford, Glenn*****48Fredericksburg, VA37:38
34Hymes, Craig***49Reston, VA37:41
35Fox, R.J.*****47Hyattsville, MD37:50
36Leiding, Jon*849Virginia Beach, VA37:58
37Scott, John*749Newport News, VA37:56
38Firestone, Lee47North Potomac, MD38:14
39Morakinyo, Akintunde**48Ellicott City, MD38:13
40Djuric, Warren49Springfield, VA38:26
41Killeen, Sean****47Richmond, VA38:27
42Feinberg, Michael***48Bel Air, MD38:27
43Poulos, Ted***49McLean, VA38:40
44Anderson, Matt*646Fairfax, VA38:48

50-54 Men

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M 57:28, 10K = 34:35

Four different champions during the year and five runners with sub 35:00 equivalents make for another tight battle like 2011. Sixth place Greg Cauller got things underway winning it all at the Santa's Sleigh 5K in 17:02. Fourth place Dog Fernandez was right behind him racing the Sentara Colonial Half Marathon in 1:18:31. He would later improve to 1:17:25 at the Patrick Henry HM.

However, April helped decide much more. The last day in March Fernandez uncorked a 34:58 at the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K. He needed that as late in April Cauller had improved to 35:07 at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K. Mark Neff finished seven seconds ahead of Cauller and at that point Fernandez would have been the leader.

Problem for him was that Neff had capped the title winning at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 57:28. David Haaga was next there in 58:07 to match Fernandez to the second. Haaga would add a Veteran's Day 10K in 35:28 to settle securely in the fifth spot. Jean Christophe Arcaz ran the 10 miler in 58:32 as well as Veterans Day in 35:40 to take sixth place.

Meanwhile last year's champion was keeping his head above water winning the Fair Chance 5K out right in 16:54 and winning again at the Lawyers Have Heart 10K, this time in 35:39. Then in October he ran the second WPI Race to Representation 5K. The first year he had won it all in a staid 17:53. This year he settled for second on the tough course in a fabulous 16:39 to take the runner-up spot.

James Anderson would finish the Jug Bay 5K in 16:38 a month later but his second best race, albeit an overall win, was in 17:27 thus he earns third place in the division.

Forty-nine men qualified for the division.
1Neff, Mark*1350Derwood, MD34:35
2Wigglesworth, Henry*654Washington, DC34:44
3Anderson, James*1052Annapolis, MD34:42
4Fernandez, Doug*652Richmond, VA34:58
5Haaga, David*1251Rockville, MD34:58
6Cauller, Greg*1253York, PA35:07
7Arcaz, Jean Christophe*1251Rockville, MD35:13
8Anderson, Neville*2450Baltimore, MD35:36
9D'Amanda, Kevin****50Bethesda, MD35:45
10Garbini, Hernan*1350Waynesboro, VA36:02
11Buley, Michael*851Chester, VA36:12
12Poulos, Ted*4750McLean, VA36:14
13Page, H T*1152Wirtz, VA36:26
14McLaughlin, Terry*1052Spotsylvania, VA36:26
15Malander, Mark*****54Oak Hill, VA\36:47
16Daugherty, Brian*852Edgewater, MD37:02
17Burke, Tom*653California, MD37:37
18Chall, John*1054Crownsville, MD37:39
19Stiegmann, Marty****51Glen Allen, VA37:39
20Cover, Karl*852Montpelier, VA37:39
21Bradford, Jim**50Vienna, VA37:42
22Djuric, Warren***50Springfield, VA38:05
23Mace, Matthew*652Arnold, MD38:06
24Castro, Albino**52Brookville, MD38:23
25Meadows, Mike*854Martinsburg, WV38:23
26Coleman, Denins*754Montgomery Village, MD38:23
27Bobosky, David****52Henrico, VA38:21
28Creutzer, Christian***51Baltimore, MD38:50
29Fiscella, George*750Newport News, VA38:50
30Cutler, Andrew****54Yorktown, VA39:04
31Clem, William*52Bethesda, MD39:05
32Wills, Stephen*1051College Park, MD39:17
33Uzel, Jim*53Quinton, VA39:30
34Anaya, Robert*953Yorktown, VA39:28
35Linde, Harry*52Sterling, VA39:42
36McManus, Terry*851Williamsburg, VA39:53
37Collins, Tim**51Williamsburg, VA39:59
38Ortiz, Vincent****51Chesapeake, VA40:01
39Dix, Kevin53Manassas, VA40:01
40Horan, Marty*52Gaithersburg, MD40:03
41Gerard, Prasad*54Washington, DC40:04
42Rosasco, Mark**53Arnold, MD40:09
43Carter, RB*654Lynchburg, VA40:06
44Kammerer, Jack****50Washington, DC40:19
45Imberry, Terry****54Yorktown, VA40:25
46Oatmeyer, Sean*50Williamsburg, VA40:34
47Davis, Curtis**54Gaithersburg, MD40:41
48Schuler, Greg*51Laurel, VA40:48
49Basham, Terry***53Dumfries, VA40:46

55-59 Men

Anthem Shamrock Festival Half Marathon 1:17:09, 10K = 35:00

Stephen Chantry returned to take on the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K again slowing slightly from his 34:23 win in 2007. He finished third grandmaster in 35:26 for the second fastest time of the year. Pete Gibson holds on to take the title with his superb Anthem Shamrock Festival Half Marathon in 1:17:09.

After that there was a blitzkrieg of 5Ks with Chantry leading the way at the Crapolfest in 17:03. Third place Maurice Pointer found his way at the GPS 5K in 17:04. Gibson showed he has speed wheels too at the Autism Awareness 5K in 17:07. Pointer is by far a more prolific racer going at it nearly every week. His second best race was fine Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 59:22.

Gibson went back to longer runs for most of the year while Pointer and Chantry peppered the year with low to mid 17:00 5Ks. Fifth place Dave Shafer came back for the minimum four races to qualify, finally rounding into shape at the Mother Seton School 5K in 17:30. Fourth place Dan Lawson had his best race at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K in 36:34. Thomas Offenbacher powered his way to sixth place with a solid Candy Cane City 5K in 17:44. Forty-one men qualified for the division.
1Gibson, Pete*1055Murfreesboro, NC35:00
2Chantry, Stephen*1257Williamsburg, VA35:26
3Pointer, Maurice*3257Baltimore, MD35:36
4Lawson, Dan***56Gaithersburg, MD36:34
5Shafer, David****56Middletown, MD36:30
6Offenbacher, Thomas*756Gaithersburg, MD37:00
7Pemberton, Alan***59Silver Spring, MD37:33
8Ruckert, Tom*****59Grantsville, MD37:31
9Gleisburg, Henry*756Yorktown, VA37:47
10Thornton, Jim*958Seaford, VA37:50
11Meadows, Mike*855Martinsburg, WV37:52
12Rust, Roland*59Bethesda, MD38:36
13Chall, John*755Crownsville, MD38:27
14Darmody, Peter56Gaithersburg, MD38:27
15Pena, Carlos*****57Virginia Beach, VA38:46
16Dudley, Robert*656Hopewell, VA38:57
17Lovegrove, David*1356Fredericksburg, VA39:33
18Gessler, Bobby****55Ellicott City, MD39:42
19Murray, Will*756Williamsburg, VA40:07
20Sweren, Bennett****57Lutherville, MD40:10
21Evans, Preston*956Madison Heights, D40:41
22Bousel, Paul*759Alexandria, VA40:41
23Burns, Bob*59Columbia, MD40:45
24Robinson, Steve*757Herndon, VA40:53
25Stone, Jeffrey*****57Salem, VA40:57
26Cunningham, P Michael***58Annapolis, MD41:07
27Pinnick, David*1655Manassas, VA41:06
28Gitney, Pete****56Chesapeake City, MD41:36
29Lerner, Steve*****57Glen Allen, VA41:31
30Peterson, Jeff**56Fredericksburg, VA41:37
31Morgan, Richard59Silver Spring, MD41:36
32Carter, Lennie59Washington, DC41:51
33Grimsley, Gary58Springfield, VA41:47
34Koehler, Roger****58Lexington, VA41:58
35DeKornfeld, Tom*59Annapolis, MD42:07
36Ferrens, Larry***58Barton, MD42:10
37Perez, Allan55Silver Spring, MD42:18
38Mason, Michael55Spencerville, MD42:38
39Krehbiel, Ken58Washington, DC43:00
40Goggin, Jim*58Williamsburg, VA43:04
41Black, Ron56Boonsboro, MD43:06
60-64 Men

Great Allegany 15K 58:31, 10K = 37:55

The Great Allegany 15K race is a powerful race with a huge and steady drop. Another race that runner's praise for fast times is the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K which is also point to point and has a net drop though not nearly as much. The 15K is ultra fast in the opening 5K but by the final 5K the race is close to flat and at times runners are actually faster on other courses. The 10K has a roll in the middle which slows you down a tad but the final quarter mile is as steep as any place on the 15K and makes for some reckless flying finishes.

With that in mind Roland Rust took down the winter champ Rick Platt at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K with an excellent 38:07 to take the lead. Platt was next there in 39:02. He also ran the monster Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K in 39:40 which gave him enough juice to hold fourth place. It was close as Bob Becker had run another over achieving race course, the Candy Cane City 5K in 18:46, to take fifth place.

Spider Rossiter who bolted out in 2011 to win a season had a solid Crystal City Fridays 5K in 18:46 in April but got it together in the fall to bang home a 18:27 on the distinctly hilly WPI Race to Representation 5K. That was enough to fall in right behind Rust. Rust had an excellent Baltimore Half Marathon to cement his place.

Meanwhile Tom Ruckert aged up mid year and three fast 5Ks, led by the Strides for Health & Fitness 5K in 18:31. Racing the Moonshine Classic 10K in 39:29 gave him some caché as well. Then while Spider had been down for forty minutes in his 5K in DC, Ruckert crossed the Great Allegany 15K finish line in a record 58:31 to take the title.

Fifty-six runners were ranked in this huge division.
1Ruckert, Tom*****60Grantsville, MD37:55
2Rust, Roland*1160Bethesda, MD38:07
3Rossiter, Spider*961Washington, DC38:29
4Platt, Rick*2562Williamsburg, VA39:02
5Becker, Bob*661White Hall, MD39:09
6Morgan, Timothy*1661Damascus, MD39:36
7Hart, Bill*763Virginia Beach, VA40:02
8Albritton, Bob*761Vienna, VA40:00
9Wright, Jim**63Gaithersburg, MD40:19
10Trueheart, Wilson*1764Baltimore, MD40:16
11Eddy, Dan*861Alexandria, VA40:43
12Morgan, Richard*860Silver Spring, MD40:54
13Senior, Malcolm*1362New Market, MD41:05
14Washington, Larry*661Rockville, MD41:33
15Umbarger, Ken****61Gaithersburg, MD41:31
16Parsons, Roland*****61Petersburg, VA41:43
17Wentworth, Bruce*1262Finksburg, MD42:23
18Rogers, Ron*2260Riner, VA42:31
19Wind, Jay*3163Arlington, VA42:32
20Shelton, Langston*64Grafton, VA42:31
21Gary, Patrick*1061Manchester, MD42:46
22Adkins, Gary**62Salem, VA42:45
23Kroeker, George**60Columbia, MD42:44
24Wolfson, Marc****62Olney, MD42:48
25Abrahamson, Dale*****63Yorktown, VA42:55
26Bly, John*****61Owings, MD43:13
27David, Norbert*****63Mechanicsville, VA43:34
28Wesbecher, Michael**64Oakton, VA43:45
29Carrigan, George****64Williamsburg, VA43:38
30Day, Joseph*62Yorktown, VA43:50
31Vaughan, Allen*962Stafford, VA44:00
32Borzellino, Paul***61Broad Run, VA43:56
33Hess, Jim****63Harrisonburg, VA44:11
34Stevens, Bobby*****63Stafford, VA44:26
35Gill, Jack***63Pulaski, VA44:29
36Spicer, Frank*960Clifton, VA44:28
37McLearen, Allan*761Rochelle, VA44:28
38Jennings, Von64Clarksville, MD44:38
39Carbary, James*61Columbia, MD44:45
40Moore, LC*64Danville, VA44:47
41Attavian, Bruce***63Hagerstown, MD44:53
42Preston, Doug*663Baltimore, MD45:10
43Astrop, Rob*660Richmond, VA45:11
44Finn, Frank*62Richmond, VA45:06
45DiCarlo, John*****63Virginia Beach, VA45:20
46Raley, George*64Rising Sun, MD45:18
47Gallogy, Michael*64Richmond, VA45:13
48Archibald, Jim63Cockeysville, MD45:31
49Deviese, James**61Yorktown, VA46:16
50Basta, Milan*60Potomac, MD46:29
51Gricher, Terry**64Burke, VA46:37
52Taylor, Robert**62Alexandria, VA46:53
53Davenport, Jim*****61Petersburg, VA46:50
54Rantanen, Robert60Virginia Beach, VA47:20
55Baker, John*63Alexandria, VA47:46
56Verdirame, Joseph*663Suffolk, VA48:05

65-69 Men

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M 1:08:59, 10K = 41:30

It is again a real dogfight at the top. Both Bill Joyce and Jason Page had been injured and are now coming back to full strength. For the first half of the year Jim Noone had his way racing the St. Patrick's Day 8K in 33:48 for a great start. Then at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M on April 1st he was nobody's fool running away from the field to win in 1:08:59. Runner-up Bill Joyce ran 1:12:08 just ahead of fourth place Ronnie Wong's 1:12:14.

By fall the racing was reversed and Joyce bested Noone at the Army 10 miler 1:11:15 to 1:12:07 to tighten the race. Joyce also ran an excellent Leesburg 20K in 1:29:35. Not forgetting speed demon Jason Page who is the master at the 5K; he ran Sadie's Run in May at 20:26 to make the decision for the runner-up spot ultra close. He also had two more sub 21:00 5Ks.

Ronnie Wong had 32 age groups wins in his 44 qualifiers and finished the year with 13 marathons. Bob Chase had a nifty Veterans Day 10K win in 44:45 to take the fifth spot.
1Noone, Jim*2568Fairfax, VA41:30
2Joyce, Bill*768Herndon, VA42:46
3Page, Jason*1268Hamilton, VA42:37
4Wong, Ronnie*3266Catonsville, MD43:28
5Chase, Bob*667Falls Church, VA44:45
6Lamountain, Dennis*767Richmond, VA45:09
7Kirkpatrick, John*669Annapolis, MD45:21
8Mitchell, Kenneth*1167Williamsburg, VA45:56
9Hensel, Donald*667Gaithersburg, MD45:50
10Dyer, Ben**69Hayes, VA45:54
11Bell, Jim*****67Charlottesville, VA46:26
12Ingram, Harold*769Henry, VA46:41
13Chaconas, Greg*****67Washington, DC47:21
14Spencer, Bobby*669Daleville, VA47:50
15Bullock, Jim****69Eldersburg, MD47:59
16Mayhew, Ed*1467Winchester, VA48:11
17Sharer, William*965Williamsburg, VA48:09
18Brown, Walter*****68Montgomery Village, MD48:24
19Fleming, Mike*767Columbia, MD48:31
20Cannon, Jonathan***67Earlysville, VA49:26
21Clorety, Joe**69Crownsville, MD49:57
22Trost, Robert66Falls Church, VA50:22
23Arata, Larry***68Williamsburg, VA50:52

70-74 Men

Run for your Life 5K 19:57, 10K = 41:37

When Richard Stotlar started the year racing 19:57 at the Run for your Life 5K it seemed too good to be true. Gerry Ives ran a credible Jingle All the Way 8K in 36:25 to win the winter over Robert Wright's Run with the Son 5K in 22:47. Ives had a couple more good races before injuries ended his racing for the year. Wright missed much of the middle part of the year but came back into the fall, though it was his first race that earned him the number four spot.

John Elliott ran one of the iterations of the Northfield 5K course in 22:48 to take the spring. The course is hilly regardless. He added the PVTC Easter Classic 10K in 47:57 to edge past Wright. Then came the summer and Lou Shapiro was on the mend starting with the Leesburg 20K in 1:42:21 to take sixth place just behind Sammy Merrill's J Brian's Tap Room 15K in 1:14:33 and just ahead of Horace Ellis' Greenway Memory 10M in 1:21:21.

Now Richard Stotlar is back and just as fast. He closed the door on a just-turned-70 Jim Becker with an excellent Run for Justice 10K in 43:10. Becker's best 10K was his Run Through History 10K in 48:01 though he had five faster races, all 5Ks, led by the Volvo Powertrain 5K in 22:14 to get the runner-up spot. Stotlar piled on in November winning the Louie Fields YMCA 5K in 20:05.
1Stotlar, Richard****70South Boston VA41:37
2Becker, Jim*970Greencastle, PA46:23
3Elliott, John*973Columbia, ,D47:34
4Wright, Robert*****71Hampton, VA47:32
5Merrill, Sammy*670Fredericksburg, VA48:19
6Shapiro, Lou*1871Silver Spring, MD48:51
7Ellis, Horace*770Huddleston, VA48:57
8Gallagher, Bernie*871Fairfax, VA49:18
9Robbins, Chan*1974Arlington, VA50:08
10Prunella, Warren*770Rockville, MD50:38
11O'Hagan, Malcolm**72Chevy Chase, MD51:09
12Gluck, John*674Alexandria, VA51:25
13Pitarra, Jack*771Baltimore, MD51:47
14Neumann, Stan*673Timonium, MD51:29
15Fitzgerald, Preston**72Virginia Beach, VA53:29
16Skelton, Lowell****72Moneta, VA53:30
17Quincy, Ken**74Vienna, VA55:39

75-79 Men

Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K 48:47

Skip Grant came out strong again in the spring just missing his event record at the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K in 48:47. Fifth place Alan Rider was next there in a solid 54:30. Grant had preceded that with an excellent St. Patrick's Day 8K in 39:40 to win the spring.

Nobody really wanted to race much in the winter but third place Chris Catoe was out training on the Tidewater Series circuit. It paid off as he ran the Anthem Shamrock Festival Half Marathon in 1:55:49. He was the only runner to race longer than ten miles until Rider came out for the Leesburg 20K in August.

In the summer Grant had only one race, racing the Autism Speaks 5K in 25:17. Fourth place Maynard Weyers got burned when he raced the Bright Beginnings 5K in May on a short course but in October on a full 5K course he raced 25:27 and was thinking maybe he could move up.

Then in late summer Chan Robbins aged up. Robbins started a flurry off fast races in the fall, twice breaking 25:00 in the 5K. Grant had the fastest race in that season running the Veterans Day 10K in 50:52 but Robbins was not far behind at the Clarendon Day 5K in 24:26.
1Grant, Skip*****76Chevy Chase, MD48:47
2Robbins, Chan*1275Arlington, VA50:58
3Catoe, Chris***77Virginia Beach, VA52:33
4Weyers, Maynard*976Alexandria, VA53:05
5Rider, Alan*876Reston, VA54:30
6Essery, John*976Williamsburg, VA54:52
7Gurtler, Robert*6077The Plains, VA59:58
8Marhoefer, Joe*76Reston, VA1:01:22
9Archibald, Bob**79Fayetteville, PA1:01:13
10Wickham, Jack**76Glen Arm, MD1:01:41
11Kenney, Tom*79Glen Echo, MD1:02:39
12McCarthy, Terry*****77Leesburg, VA1:03:37
13Viragh, Bendy*78McLean, VA1:03:52
14Humphrey, Thomas*1077Midlothian, VA1:06:10
15Rosenthal, Gilbert**78Arnold, MD1:07:46
16Henry, Ron***79Midlothian, VA1:08:29
17Masser, Lee*876Edgewater, MD1:08:40
18Hufford, Jim*79Woodbridge, VA1:13:24
19Fleck, Bill**78Baltimore, MD1:15:16
20Coogan, Dick*79McLean, VA1:18:55
21Smith, Robert*1178Comus, MD1:24:00

80 & Older Men

PVTC Easter Classic 5K 26:07, 10K = 54:29

The three amigos were all together again in the same age group. Last year's champion was the first to join the division. This year he had the fastest time besting Larry Dickerson 26:07 to 2615 at the PVTC Easter Classic. McMahon would need that win along with his other 22 age group wins to take the runner-up as Dickerson had earlier bested him on the same course at the PVTC By George 5K 27:25 to 27:37.

George Yannakakis had his best race early in the year at the Celtic Solstice 5M in 43:17. Yannakakis had the third fastest race at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M in 1:30:54. Then he had the next five times after the other two's best races, including a victory over Jack McMahon at the St. Patrick's Day 8K. These three racers had all of the top 56 times in the division among them.
1Yannakakis, George*1481Sparks, MD54:35
2McMahon, Jack*1881Silver Spring, MD54:29
3Dickerson, Larry*681Burke, VA54:45
4Xie, Nianxiang**85Rockville, MD1:16:42
5Coogan, Dick****80McLean, VA1:17:17
6Stanfield, Wheeler*****83Richmond, VA1:25:12
7Atkins, Bob*****87Winchester, VA1:31:22
8Hemphill, Dixon*88Fairfax Station, VA1:37:12
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