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Sun 01/28 - PVTC Indoor Track Meet #2
Sun 02/11 - PVTC Indoor Track Meet #3
Sun 02/11 - Sweethearts 4ever 4 Mile
Sun 02/18 - George Washington's Birthday Marathon and Relay
Sat 02/24 - Dahlgren Trail Half-Marathon
Sat 03/03 - Thaw 5K
Sat 03/10 - Rock 'N Roll Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K - DC
Sun 03/11 - Lucky Leprechaun 5K

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2014 Spring Rankings

Record Set with 476 Women Qualifiers

(March 8, 2014 – May 18, 2014)
By James Moreland

Women inched up participation to 57% of the 4652 ranked times reached for the second year in a row. And 476 of the 846 ranked runners are women. The elite women’s division, running faster than a 41:15 for a 10K equivalent, continues to grow with 93 women qualifying.

There were loads of major races (500 runners or more) though the 69 times was fewer than the big winter with 72, fielding 413 races. Credit Union Cherry Blossom had five and Pike's Peek 10K had four of the 24 division champions. The 10K was 17th in size it had more than 7.6% of its finishers having a ranked time, 180 runners for the fourth best total of ranked runners. The open division consisted of 163 ranked runners. Thirty-one came from other division with grandmaster Cindy Conant returning again at age 53.

Thirty-eighty races had more than 1,000 finishers. Of the top ten races increased 15% to just short of 120,000 racers. The two biggest races, Credit Union Cherry Blossom and Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K, combined for 43,000 finishers, and 696 qualified racers. At the 8K, Townebank was largest with 1.05% of its 8310 finishers ranked, not as competitive as the St. Patrick’s Day 8K. That race had half as many finishers and four fewer ranked runners.

Nine 10Ks had more than five hundred finishers. Of the 30 10Ks raced in the spring, 64% ran at the monster Ukrops. Pike’s Peek had the second largest amount of ranked runners (180) with 1/11 as many finishers. Clyde’s and Apple Blossom also had more the 40 ranked runners, but the Piece of Cake 10K run on a hilly Seneca Park course had more than 12% of its runners ranked.

There were around 275 5Ks, fifteen with more than 1,000 finishers and thirty-four with more than 500 finishers, including three of the four Crystal City Fridays 5Ks. Kelly’s Shamrock 5K dominated with 53 runners. The Lucky Leprechaun 5K had 42 runners and the Run for the D. O. G. 5K was next with 38 runners and ten more races had more than twenty ranked runners. Twenty-four of the races had more than 10% qualifiers.

There were only eleven 10 mile races and Credit Union Cherry Blossom dominated again in size with 392 ranked times. Cherry Pit was the leader in per cent with 8.53 of their 516 finishers. But Charlottesville had 76 ranked times with only 1952 finishers, while the GW Parkway’s excelled with 98 of 5161 runners.

There were eight marathons with Rock ‘n’ Roll and Yeungling Shamrock Festival Marathon both finishing with just over 2700 runners. The classic in Virginia Beach had more than five times as many ranked runners with 112.

At the half marathon, production was again more than 60,000 with the Rock ‘n’ Roll again leading the way with 16,724. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon brought nearly 15,000 new runners to the score, close to twice as many as the most competitive race, the Anthem Shamrock Festival. It moved to third in ranked runners with 219. Rock ‘n’ Roll stayed at fifth with 127 ranked runners. Thirteen of the 19 halves were major races.

Runners who win the race or win their division in a race earn an asterisk beside their name. Open runners only get an asterisk for an overall win. The Speed Alone is the fastest qualifying time run for each division. In red, it means the division champion ran it. (MRF) is for the Moreland Racing Factor. Races Bolded are major races with either 500 finishers or more than 20% Ranked Runners.

Now let's see who made the top.

Men and Women

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Rankings Explained: What It Is, Who Does It, How We Do It, and Where We Are Going

The goal of the runner rankings is to rank the best runners of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia in five-year age groups for the purpose of stimulating competition in the Washington region. Runners are ranked only according to performances in included races. To be included, a race must meet the following criteria:

To be included, a race must meet all of the above criteria. If you place well in a race and want it included in the rankings, be sure to ask the race director to e-mail the complete results to the RacePacket at so the race can be posted on the RacePacket Web site and counted in the runner rankings.

Runners will be ranked by age divisions for both men and women, with the divisions being open, 19 & younger, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 and 80 & older.

The rankings are established using a nearly completely objective rating procedure. A preliminary sort, followed by an intensive analysis of competitive results, forms the rankings. The preliminary sort is based on the number of qualifying marks and best times. The final ranking is based on head-to-head competitive results against the other top placers (50%), with time playing a major but secondary role (40%). Our general philosophy is that competition is about beating other runners, and we intend to place an increased emphasis on competitive results.

To qualify for the end-of-year rankings, top priority will go to runners who qualify in two ranking periods. A preliminary sort, followed by a more involved analysis of competitive results, also forms these rankings. The preliminary sort is based on seasonal rankings and best times. The final ranking is again based on head-to-head competitive results, with time playing a secondary role, though at times a deciding role. One special race can at times put a runner over the top, though consistency is a valued asset.

Qualifying times are set in each age division for the 10K, and then adjusted for other distances. We believe in a constant time so that, while a runner may not make the top ten, he or she may consider himself or herself a ranked runner. Our primary concern is that of believability. There should be few surprises. Competitiveness will always find a few disputes. Most runners know whom they can best and who remains unbeatable. The rankings should fairly reflect that. If you have comments and questions or would like to get a more complete explanation of individual rankings, contact the author at The current qualifying standards for the 10K are:

Age Group       Men      Women
Open              34:20    41:15
19 & younger      38:20    46:05
35-39             36:40    44:10
40-44             38:20    46:05
45-49             39:45    48:45
50-54             42:00    51:45
55-59             43:55    54:30
60-64             49:45    62:05
65-69             52:50    75:00
70-74             56:20    89:40
75-79            1:32:30 1:39:00
80 & older       1:45:00 1:50:00

The ranking periods for the 2014 ranking year: 

Joe & Sue Moore Memorial Scholarship 5K                                     Hampton, VA                8-Mar-14
Treasure Hunt 5K                                                            Berryville, VA             8-Mar-14
Benedictine/Saint Gertrude 5K Challenge                                     Richmond, VA               8-Mar-14
Cox Falcon 5K                                                               Virginia Beach, VA         8-Mar-14
St. Anne School 5K                                                          Bristol, VA                8-Mar-14
Lucky Clover 5K                                                             Midlothian, VA             8-Mar-14
Jamestown High School Swamp Run 5K                                          Williamsburg, VA           8-Mar-14
Break Away 5K                                                               Frederick, MD              8-Mar-14
Georgetown 10 Miler                                                         Washington, DC             8-Mar-14
Georgetown 10 Miler                                                         Washington, DC             9-Mar-14
DCRRC Fort Hunt 10K                                                         Alexandria, VA             9-Mar-14
St. Patrick's Day 8K                                                        Washington, DC             9-Mar-14
John Robbins Organ Donor 8K                                                 Fredericksburg, VA         9-Mar-14
Get Pumped for Pets 10K                                                     Chester, MD                9-Mar-14
Get Pumped for Pets 5K                                                      Chester, MD                9-Mar-14
Kiwanis Chester 5K                                                          Chester, VA                9-Mar-14
Lower Potomac River Marathon                                                Piney Point, MD            9-Mar-14
Shamrock 4 Mile                                                             Abingdon, VA               14-Mar-14
St. Patrick's Day 5K                                                        Norfolk, VA                14-Mar-14
McDaniel 5K                                                                 Westminster, MD            15-Mar-14
St. Paddy's Day 5K                                                          Ocean City, MD             15-Mar-14
Feet for Seats 5K                                                           Spotsylvania, VA           15-Mar-14
Lucky Leprechaun 5K                                                         Reston, VA                 15-Mar-14
Shamrock Hill 10K                                                           Roanoke, VA                15-Mar-14
Shamrock Hill 5K                                                            Roanoke, VA                15-Mar-14
High Bridge 5K Run for Education                                            Farmville, VA              15-Mar-14
Westchester Shamrock 5K                                                     Midlothian, VA             15-Mar-14
Danville Shamrock 5K                                                        Danville, VA               15-Mar-14
Four Courts 4M                                                              Arlington, VA              15-Mar-14
SPCA 5K                                                                     Richmond, VA               15-Mar-14
Shamrock Shuffle 5K                                                         Locust Hill, VA            15-Mar-14
St. Patrick's 5K                                                            Hagerstown, MD             15-Mar-14
Shamrock 'n' Roll 5K                                                        Bel Air, MD                15-Mar-14
Shamrock?n Run, Walk & Roll 5K                                              Perry Hall, MD             15-Mar-14
Rock 'n' Roll 5K                                                            Washington, DC             15-Mar-14
Celtic Canter 5K                                                            Westminster, MD            15-Mar-14
St. Patrick's 5K                                                            Denton, MD                 15-Mar-14
Rock 'n' Roll Marathon                                                      Washington, DC             15-Mar-14
Forest of Needwood 5M                                                       Petersville, MD            15-Mar-14
Martha Jefferson 8K                                                         Charlottesville, VA        15-Mar-14
Powerhouse Gym 5K                                                           Cambridge, MD              15-Mar-14
TowneBank Shamrock Festival 8K                                              Virginia Beach, VA         15-Mar-14
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon                                                 Washington, DC             15-Mar-14
Yeungling Shamrock Festival Marathon                                        Virginia Beach, VA         16-Mar-14
Anthem Shamrock Festival Half Marathon                                      Virginia Beach, VA         16-Mar-14
HCS Clarksville 5M                                                          Columbia, MD               16-Mar-14
Kelly's Shamrock 5K                                                         Baltimore, MD              16-Mar-14
Tidal Basin Runs 5K                                                         Washington, DC             19-Mar-14
Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Center 10K                                      Leesburg, VA               22-Mar-14
Martinsville 5K                                                             Martinsville, VA           22-Mar-14
Martinsville Half Marathon                                                  Martinsville, VA           22-Mar-14
Spring 5K                                                                   Arlington, VA              22-Mar-14
Spring Fling 5K                                                             Waynesboro, VA             22-Mar-14
Running 4 a Reason 5K                                                       Danville, VA               22-Mar-14
Mind, Body, & Soul 5K                                                       Woodstock, MD              22-Mar-14
5K for PKU                                                                  Catonsville, MD            22-Mar-14
Stop Drop N Roll 5K                                                         Farmville, VA              22-Mar-14
Great Escape Law Enforcement 5K                                             Cumberland, MD             22-Mar-14
Go For The Goal 5K                                                          Clintwood, VA              22-Mar-14
Cerebral Palsy of Virginia 5K                                               Virginia Beach, VA         22-Mar-14
White Bank Classic 5 Miler                                                  Colonial Heights, VA       22-Mar-14
Run for Robius 5K                                                           Midlothian, VA             22-Mar-14
Montvale 10M                                                                Montvale, VA               22-Mar-14
Run for Haiti 5K                                                            Reston, VA                 22-Mar-14
Roberts Mill 10K                                                            Taneytown, MD              22-Mar-14
Douglas Freeman 5K Rebel Run                                                Richmond, VA               22-Mar-14
Lucky Shamrock 5K                                                           Bealton, VA                22-Mar-14
Trooper Manion Memorial 5K                                                  Winchester, VA             22-Mar-14
Spirit Stride 5K                                                            Montpelier, VA             22-Mar-14
Kilmarnock 5K                                                               Kilmarnock, VA             22-Mar-14
Yorktown Victory Run 8 Miler                                                Yorktown, VA               22-Mar-14
Scope it Out 5K                                                             Washington, DC             23-Mar-14
Stafford Airport 5K                                                         Fredericksburg, VA         23-Mar-14
BRRC White Hall 15K                                                         White Hall, MD             23-Mar-14
Run Rogue 5K                                                                Fairfax, VA                23-Mar-14
Bright Beginnings 5K                                                        Washington, DC             23-Mar-14
Hill Topper 5K                                                              Church Hill, VA            23-Mar-14
BG 5K Run/Walk                                                              Bel Air, MD                23-Mar-14
Kick Into Spring 5K                                                         Leesburg, VA               23-Mar-14
Anchors Aweigh 5K                                                           North East, MD             29-Mar-14
Bowie Spring 5K                                                             Bowie, MD                  29-Mar-14
Bulldog Bolt 5K                                                             Rockville, MD              29-Mar-14
Charlottesville 10 Mile                                                     Charlottesville, VA        29-Mar-14
Don't Sit on Colon Cancer 5K                                                Virginia Beach, VA         29-Mar-14
Emmanuel Lutheran 5K                                                        Halethorpe, MD             29-Mar-14
Get your Cert on 5K                                                         Virginia Beach, VA         29-Mar-14
Goodyear Education 5K                                                       Danville, VA               29-Mar-14
Great Goose Chase 5K                                                        Chestertown, MD            29-Mar-14
Hero for the Arts 5K                                                        Frederick, MD              29-Mar-14
Keep Your Colon Rollin 5K                                                   Saint Leonard, MD          29-Mar-14
Run for Wakefield 5K                                                        Arlington, VA              29-Mar-14
Tail Chaser 5K                                                              Roanoke, VA                29-Mar-14
Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K                                                  Richmond, VA               29-Mar-14
Van Metre 5M                                                                Ashburn, VA                29-Mar-14
Kisses for Colby 5K                                                         Ocean Pines, MD            29-Mar-14
Run for Rights 5K                                                           Arlington, VA              30-Mar-14
W&OD Trail 5K                                                               Falls Church, VA           30-Mar-14
Molly's Irish Pub Wearin' of the Green 5K                                   Warrenton, VA              30-Mar-14
B&A Trail Half Marathon                                                     Severna Park, MD           30-Mar-14
B&A Trail Marathon                                                          Severna Park, MD           30-Mar-14
Dundalk Challange 5K                                                        Dundalk, MD                30-Mar-14
MCRRC Piece of Cake 10K                                                     Gaithersburg, MD           30-Mar-14
MCRRC Piece of Cake 5K                                                      Gaithersburg, MD           30-Mar-14
Race for Respect 5K                                                         Washington, DC             30-Mar-14
Red Shoe 5K                                                                 Herndon, VA                30-Mar-14
Runners Marathon of Reston                                                  Reston, VA                 30-Mar-14
Runners Half Marathon of Reston                                             Reston, VA                 30-Mar-14
Creeper Marathon                                                            Abingdon, VA               30-Mar-14
Crystal City Fridays 5K #1                                                  Crystal City, VA           4-Apr-14
GMU Victims' Rights Run/Walk 5K                                             Fairfax, VA                4-Apr-14
Knights of Columbus 10M                                                     Yorktown, VA               5-Apr-14
J Brian's Tap Room 15K                                                      Fredericksburg, VA         5-Apr-14
We Run 5K                                                                   Richmond, VA               5-Apr-14
Bon Air 5K                                                                  Richmond, VA               5-Apr-14
Brambleton Ribbon Run 10K                                                   Brambleton, VA             5-Apr-14
Brambleton Ribbon Run 5K                                                    Brambleton, VA             5-Apr-14
Chuck Pacholkiw Memorial 5K                                                 Bowie, MD                  5-Apr-14
Looking For Trouble 5K                                                      Charlotte Hall, MD         5-Apr-14
Ben's Run to Ben-a-fit the Children's National Medical Center 5K            Silver Spring, MD          5-Apr-14
Give Peace a Chance 5K                                                      Annandale, VA              5-Apr-14
Cash Dash 5K                                                                Baltimore, MD              5-Apr-14
HopeWell Cancer Support Reach Out And Run 5K                                Towson, MD                 5-Apr-14
Point of Honor 5K                                                           Lynchburg, VA              5-Apr-14
Queens Lake 5K                                                              Williamsburg, VA           5-Apr-14
Mission Possible Peru 5K                                                    Fredericksburg, VA         5-Apr-14
Autism Awareness 5K                                                         Virginia Beach, VA         5-Apr-14
Farlington 5K                                                               Farlington, VA             5-Apr-14
Run for Fund$ 5K for Children's Tumor Foundation                            Crownsville, MD            5-Apr-14
Runners for Others: An Ignation 5K                                          Baltimore, MD              5-Apr-14
Morgan State University 5K                                                  Baltimore, MD              5-Apr-14
Run for Memories 5K                                                         Hagerstown, MD             5-Apr-14
Run for Autism 5K                                                           Harrisonburg, VA           5-Apr-14
Dorchester County YMCA Crab 5K                                              Cambridge, MD              5-Apr-14
Dorchester YMCA Crab Run Half Marathon                                      Cambridge, MD              5-Apr-14
Virginia Blood Services 8K                                                  Charlottesville, VA        5-Apr-14
Charlottesville Half Marathon                                               Charlottesville, VA        5-Apr-14
Charlottesville Marathon                                                    Charlottesville, VA        5-Apr-14
7K Run to Remember                                                          Columbia, MD               5-Apr-14
Gates Elementary 5K                                                         Chesterfield, VA           5-Apr-14
Bon Secours 5K for Colon Cancer                                             Suffolk, VA                5-Apr-14
SPURS 5K                                                                    Frederick, MD              6-Apr-14
Queen Anne's 5K                                                             Cooksville, MD             6-Apr-14
RASAC Phil's Survivor 5K                                                    Bel Air, MD                6-Apr-14
Reach the Finish Line 5K                                                    Boonsboro, MD              6-Apr-14
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M                                             Washington, DC             6-Apr-14
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 5K                                              Washington, DC             6-Apr-14
Cherry Pit 10M                                                              Edgewater, MD              6-Apr-14
HCS Northfield 5K                                                           Ellicott City, MD          6-Apr-14
Red Shoe Shuffle 5K                                                         Baltimore, MD              6-Apr-14
Wolftrap Elementary 5K                                                      Vienna, VA                 6-Apr-14
Heroes v. Villains Run for Justice 5K                                       Fairfax, VA                6-Apr-14
Rabbit Run 5K                                                               Leesburg, VA               6-Apr-14
Team Soup 5K                                                                Richmond, VA               6-Apr-14
Greenbelt Nursery School 5K                                                 Greenbelt, MD              10-Apr-14
Crystal City Fridays 5K #2                                                  Crystal City, VA           11-Apr-14
Best Kids 5K                                                                Washington, DC             12-Apr-14
PVTC Easter Classic 10K                                                     Alexandria, VA             12-Apr-14
PVTC Easter Classic 5K                                                      Alexandria, VA             12-Apr-14
Sole for the City 10K                                                       Baltimore, MD              12-Apr-14
Logjam 5K                                                                   Ellicott City, MD          12-Apr-14
Stafford Hospital 5K                                                        Stafford, VA               12-Apr-14
Nature House Fund Run 5K                                                    Reston, VA                 12-Apr-14
MCRRC Spin in the Woods 8K                                                  Great Falls, VA            12-Apr-14
Clarksburg 5K                                                               Clarksburg, MD             12-Apr-14
Dismal Swamp Stomp HM                                                       Chesapeake, VA             12-Apr-14
St. Charles 10M                                                             Waldorf, MD                12-Apr-14
St. Charles 5K                                                              Waldorf, MD                12-Apr-14
Lion's Roar 5K                                                              Bethesda, MD               12-Apr-14
Bridge to Bridge 5K                                                         Danville, VA               12-Apr-14
Virginia Institute of Autism 5K                                             Charlottesville, VA        12-Apr-14
Roanoke Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K                                  Roanoke, VA                12-Apr-14
Hagerstown 5K                                                               Hagerstown, MD             12-Apr-14
Marine Corps 17.75K                                                         Dumfries, VA               12-Apr-14
Ocean City Komen Race for the Cure 5K                                       Ocean City, MD             13-Apr-14
George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Mile                                   Alexandria, VA             13-Apr-14
George Washington Parkway Classic 5K                                        Alexandria, VA             13-Apr-14
Clyde's 10K                                                                 Columbia, MD               13-Apr-14
Holy Child Tiger Trot 5K                                                    Potomac, MD                13-Apr-14
Kent Island Half Metric Marathon                                            Stevensville, MD           13-Apr-14
Kent Island Metric Marathon                                                 Stevensville, MD           13-Apr-14
Loudoun 8K                                                                  Ashburn, VA                13-Apr-14
Loudoun Half Marathon                                                       Ashburn, VA                13-Apr-14
Pretty Boy 10K                                                              Parkton, MD                13-Apr-14
Congressional Country Club 5K                                               Bethesda, MD               13-Apr-14
Tidal Basin 5K                                                              Washington, DC             16-Apr-14
Crystal City Fridays 5K #3                                                  Crystal City, VA           18-Apr-14
Surf's Up 5K                                                                Virginia Beach, VA         19-Apr-14
Race for a Better Place 5K                                                  Newport News, VA           19-Apr-14
Race for a Better Place 8K                                                  Newport News, VA           19-Apr-14
Rabbit Run 5K                                                               Spotsylvania, VA           19-Apr-14
Hippity Hop Easter Trot 5K                                                  Leesburg, VA               19-Apr-14
Loves Endures 10K                                                           Lynchburg, VA              19-Apr-14
Springburst 8K                                                              Greenbelt, MD              19-Apr-14
Second Chance Mission Run 5K                                                Cartersville, VA           19-Apr-14
Chug for the Jug 5K                                                         Rocky Mount, VA            19-Apr-14
Teal Ribbon 5K                                                              Norfolk, VA                19-Apr-14
National Youth 5K                                                           Annapolis, MD              19-Apr-14
Freedom Fellowship Resurrection 5K                                          Virginia Beach, VA         19-Apr-14
Tidal Basin 5K                                                              Washington, DC             20-Apr-14
Spring 10K                                                                  Greenbelt, MD              23-Apr-14
Crystal City Fridays 5K #4                                                  Crystal City, VA           25-Apr-14
Band on the Run 5K                                                          Reston, VA                 26-Apr-14
CASA SuperHero 5K                                                           Richmond, VA               26-Apr-14
Champions4Children 5K                                                       Winchester, VA             26-Apr-14
Festival of Feet 5K                                                         Bowling Green, VA          26-Apr-14
Fodderstack 10K                                                             Flint Hill, VA             26-Apr-14
Healthy Strides Community 10K                                               Fairfax Station, VA        26-Apr-14
Healthy Strides Community 5K                                                Fairfax Station, VA        26-Apr-14
Miles for Melanoma 5K                                                       Washington, DC             26-Apr-14
Vienna PTA 5K                                                               Vienna, VA                 26-Apr-14
St. Anselm's Peter Samp 5K                                                  Washington, DC             26-Apr-14
Spring Fling 5K                                                             Arlington, VA              26-Apr-14
Island Creek ES 5K                                                          Alexandria, VA             26-Apr-14
Run me Home 5K                                                              Leesburg, VA               26-Apr-14
Spring to Life 5K                                                           Portsmouth, VA             26-Apr-14
Race Judicata 5K                                                            Baltimore, MD              26-Apr-14
Autism Awareness 5K                                                         Abingdon, VA               26-Apr-14
Knights on the Run 5K                                                       Woodbridge, VA             26-Apr-14
Run for the D. O. G. 5K                                                     Williamsburg, VA           26-Apr-14
Dan River Autism Awareness 5K                                               Danville, VA               26-Apr-14
Ashland Railroad 10K                                                        Ashland, VA                26-Apr-14
Ashland Railroad 5K                                                         Ashland, VA                26-Apr-14
SCFE Warrior Run 5K                                                         Fort Eustis, VA            26-Apr-14
SCFE Warrior Run 10K                                                        Fort Eustis, VA            26-Apr-14
Vinton Baptist Church Dogwood 5K                                            Vinton, VA                 26-Apr-14
Bald Mountain 10K                                                           Lynchburg, VA              26-Apr-14
Tabb High School May Day 5K                                                 Tabb, VA                   26-Apr-14
Port to Fort 6K                                                             Baltimore, MD              26-Apr-14
Anne Arundel CC 5K                                                          Arnold, MD                 26-Apr-14
Fort Meade Earth Day 5K                                                     Fort Meade, MD             26-Apr-14
Dragon Dash 5K                                                              Flintstone, MD             26-Apr-14
Ocean City 5K                                                               Ocean City, MD             26-Apr-14
Ocean City HM                                                               Ocean City, MD             26-Apr-14
Park to Park HM                                                             Waynesboro, VA             26-Apr-14
America's VetDogs 5K Run                                                    Annapolis, MD              27-Apr-14
Iron Girl Columbia Half Marathon                                            Columbia, MD               27-Apr-14
Mt. Hebron Viking 5K                                                        Ellicott City, MD          27-Apr-14
Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K                                           Rockville, MD              27-Apr-14
Moss Free Clinic 5K                                                         Fredericksburg, VA         27-Apr-14
Roar for Autism 5K                                                          Baltimore, MD              27-Apr-14
Rockstar 5K                                                                 Burke, VA                  27-Apr-14
Women's 5K by The Bay                                                       Havre de Grace, MD         27-Apr-14
Panther Prowl 5K                                                            Virginia Beach, VA         27-Apr-14
Nike Women's HM                                                             Washington, DC             27-Apr-14
Carytown 10K                                                                Richmond, VA               27-Apr-14
Manor Tavern Oyster Run 5K                                                  Monkton, MD                27-Apr-14
Camp Fun Run 5K                                                             Annapolis, MD              30-Apr-14
Frostburg State 5K                                                          Frostburg, MD              2-May-14
Bulldog 5K                                                                  Washington, DC             3-May-14
Montalto Challenge 5K                                                       Charlottesville, VA        3-May-14
Animal Chase 10K                                                            Abingdon, VA               3-May-14
Animal Chase 5K                                                             Abingdon, VA               3-May-14
Sandymount 4 Mile                                                           Westminster, MD            3-May-14
Capital for a Day 5K                                                        Brookville, MD             3-May-14
Run for Independence 5K                                                     Virginia Beach, VA         3-May-14
Manna 5K                                                                    Washington, DC             3-May-14
Community Residences 5K                                                     Arlington, VA              3-May-14
Angel Run 5K                                                                Haymarket, VA              3-May-14
Autism Awareness Run                                                        Forest, VA                 3-May-14
Azalea Classic 5K                                                           University Park, MD        3-May-14
Packard Center Fiesta 5K                                                    Baltimore, MD              3-May-14
Traffic Stop 5K                                                             McLean, VA                 3-May-14
Palio Di Siena 5K                                                           Reston, VA                 3-May-14
Riverside Rehab By The Bay 5K                                               Newport News, VA           3-May-14
Frederick Twilight 5K                                                       Frederick, MD              3-May-14
Heart of Virginia 10K                                                       Farmville, VA              3-May-14
Apple Blossom 10K                                                           Winchester, VA             3-May-14
Run for the Bay 5K                                                          Chesapeake Beach, MD       3-May-14
Arts in Motion 5K                                                           Annapolis, MD              3-May-14
Ashcreek 5K                                                                 Hanover, VA                3-May-14
Walsingham 5K                                                               Williamsburg, VA           3-May-14
Sunshine 5K                                                                 Colonial Heights, VA       3-May-14
Trail Nut Half Marathon                                                     Bedford, VA                3-May-14
St. John the Apostle 5K                                                     Virginia Beach, VA         3-May-14
Frederick Half Marathon                                                     Frederick, MD              4-May-14
Spring into Spring 4M                                                       Lynchburg, VA              4-May-14
Takoma Park Safe Routes 5K                                                  Takoma Park, MD            4-May-14
Rescue One Run 8K                                                           Bethesda, MD               4-May-14
Cinco de Miler 5 Mile Trail Run                                             Stevensville, MD           4-May-14
AFCEA 5K                                                                    Columbia, MD               4-May-14
Billy Korrow Memorial 5K                                                    Towson, MD                 4-May-14
Race for Hope 5K                                                            Washington, DC             4-May-14
Aol Spring into Summer 5K                                                   Dulles, VA                 4-May-14
Atoms 5K Run                                                                Annandale, VA              4-May-14
Public Service 5K                                                           Washington, DC             4-May-14
JFS Run, Roll or Stroll 8K                                                  Virginia Beach, VA         4-May-14
Potomac River Run Half Marathon                                             Caderock, MD               4-May-14
Potomac River Run Marathon                                                  Caderock, MD               4-May-14
Bright Futures 5K                                                           Honaker, VA                4-May-14
Friends of Montessori Education 5K                                          Arlington, VA              4-May-14
Glow For Hope 5K                                                            Salem, VA                  9-May-14
TKO Melanoma 5K                                                             Ashburn, VA                10-May-14
Bull Island 4M                                                              Poquoson, VA               10-May-14
Run in the Valley 5K                                                        Reisterstown, MD           10-May-14
Maryland Half Marathon                                                      Fulton, MD                 10-May-14
Maryland 5K                                                                 Fulton, MD                 10-May-14
Wood Acres Jogfest 5K                                                       Bethesda, MD               10-May-14
King George Domestic Violence Awareness 5K                                  King George, VA            10-May-14
Great Chesapeake Bay Wellness Race 10K                                      Cambridge, MD              10-May-14
Wine in the Woods 5K                                                        Ellicott City, MD          10-May-14
National Police Week 5K                                                     Washington, DC             10-May-14
Komen Global Race for the Cure 5K                                           Washington, DC             10-May-14
Connor Smiles 10M                                                           Centreville, MD            10-May-14
Connor Smiles 5K                                                            Centreville, MD            10-May-14
Get Smart 5K                                                                Leesburg, VA               10-May-14
Semper Fi 5K                                                                Washington, DC             10-May-14
Herndon Middle School 5K                                                    Herndon, VA                10-May-14
Justin Foundation 5K                                                        Damascus, VA               10-May-14
Richmond Race for the Cure 5K                                               Richmond, VA               10-May-14
Glebe Elementary 5K                                                         Arlington, VA              10-May-14
Flower & Jazz 5K                                                            Westminster, MD            10-May-14
St. John The Jogger 5K                                                      Silver Spring, MD          10-May-14
Running Hawk 5K                                                             Frederick, MD              10-May-14
Run to Remember 5K                                                          Charlottesville, VA        10-May-14
Eagles For Education 5K                                                     Ruckersville, VA           10-May-14
Lee's Walk on the Wild Side 5K                                              Norfolk, VA                10-May-14
Gallop 4 Greenways 5K                                                       Roanoke, VA                10-May-14
Ravens Run 5K                                                               Chester, VA                10-May-14
Equi-Kids 5K                                                                Virginia Beach, VA         10-May-14
Devotion Mother's Day 4M                                                    Reston, VA                 11-May-14
MCRRC Run Aware 5K                                                          Potomac, MD                11-May-14
HCS Burleigh Manor 5M                                                       Columbia, MD               11-May-14
Angel Kisses 5K                                                             Chantilly, VA              11-May-14
College Park Mothers Day 5K                                                 College Park, MD           11-May-14
Virginia Senior Games 5K                                                    Newport News, VA           15-May-14
Virginia Senior Games 10K                                                   Newport News, VA           16-May-14
Leesylvania 5K                                                              Woodbridge, VA             16-May-14
Thunder Hill 5K                                                             Columbia, MD               17-May-14
Germantown 5 Miler                                                          Germantown, MD             17-May-14
St. Michael's Run Festival 10K                                              St. Michael's, MD          17-May-14
St. Michael's Run Festival 5K                                               St. Michael's, MD          17-May-14
St. Michael's Run Festival Half Marathon                                    St. Michael's, MD          17-May-14
Adam's Angels 5K                                                            Fairfax, VA                17-May-14
Dolphin Dash 5K                                                             Virginia Beach, VA         17-May-14
Musical Madness 5K                                                          Fulton, MD                 17-May-14
We've Got Your Back 5K                                                      Reston, VA                 17-May-14
Deer Dash 5K                                                                New Market, MD             17-May-14
Carter's Run 5K                                                             Ashburn, VA                17-May-14
Calvary Baptist Church Road Trip 5K                                         Lynchburg, VA              17-May-14
Red, White, and Blue 5K                                                     Williamsburg, VA           17-May-14
Turtle Trot 5K                                                              Arlington, VA              17-May-14
Woodson HS 5K                                                               Fairfax, VA                17-May-14
MANNAthon 5K                                                                Roanoke, VA                17-May-14
MANNAthon 8K                                                                Roanoke, VA                17-May-14
Police Week 5K                                                              Amissville, VA             17-May-14
Abbey's Race for Hope 5K                                                    Richmond, VA               17-May-14
Falcon 5K                                                                   Dale City, VA              17-May-14
Lane PTA 5K                                                                 Alexandria, VA             17-May-14
James River Scramble 10K                                                    Richmond, VA               17-May-14
Clifton Caboose 5K                                                          Clifton, VA                17-May-14
Mountain Valley 10M                                                         Keezletown, VA             17-May-14
Batesville 10K                                                              Batesville, VA             17-May-14
Capitol Hill Classic 10K                                                    Washington, DC             18-May-14
HCS Elkhorn 5K                                                              Columbia, MD               18-May-14
Run for the Animals 5K                                                      Wheaton, MD                18-May-14
BRRC WDF 5K                                                                 Baltimore, MD              18-May-14
Sadie's Run 5K                                                              Purcellville, VA           18-May-14
Break the Silence 5K                                                        Fairfax, VA                18-May-14
Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon                                         Fredericksburg, VA         18-May-14
Semper Fred 5K                                                              Fredericksburg, VA         18-May-14
Beacon of Hope 5K                                                           Virginia Beach, VA         18-May-14
Smile 5K                                                                    Virginia Beach, VA         18-May-14


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