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Sun 02/11 - Sweethearts 4ever 4 Mile
Sun 02/18 - George Washington's Birthday Marathon and Relay
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Open Men

Abebe Bikila 5K 14:21, 10K = 29:56

Gurmessa Megressa won all eight races that he ran with his best race being the 11th fastest time, the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 31:17. Tenth place Jordan Zwick was second there in 31:36. Ninth place Piotr Dybas weaved in just ahead of Zwick, racing the Crystal City Twilight 5K in 15:08.

The returning champion from last summer is Abiyot Abebe. He took apart the division early winning the Damien's Run for Recovery 5K in 14:24 to nearly match his Kentlands 14:17 from last year. Then he handled runner-up Eyob Alemu at the Abebe Bikila 5K 14:21 to 15:00 on the first of July and like a puff of smoke disappeared. Three days later Alemu took charge at the Reston Firecracker 5K in 14:32 beating another former champ, fifth place Demesse Tefera's at 14:46. Christopher Mills was there too racing home in 15:07 to match Megressa's second best effort.

Then came the Twilight 8K and in a final furious rush Mills almost pulled off a huge upset of Alemu, missing by two tenths of a second as both runners swept across in 24:12. Last year Abebe ran 23:47. With the confusion of net timing Mills was originally posted as the winner but of course the overall winner is always the first one to the finish line and Mills settles for third in the rankings. Tariku Bokan held off Tefera by two seconds in the 8K but has to take sixth place because Tefera’s 5K was a faster time and he beat Bokan's 15:04 there.

Will Christian had solid times winning four of his five races. He waited till the final weekend to move up to fourth place, finishing seventh overall at the Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon in 1:07:44. In seventh place Teresa Bayisa ran the Leesburg 20K in 1:05:04 for the last runner to have a sub 5:00 10K equivalent.

The division was just tied for third largest division with sixty qualifiers in the Elite rankings with eight coming from other divisions.
1Endale, Abiyot*26Silver Spring, MD29:56
2Alemu, Eyob**30Washington, DC30:19
3Christian, Will*****28Annapolis, MD30:44
4Mills, Christopher22Falls Church, VA30:42
5Tefera, Demesse30Washington, DC30:48
6Bokan, Tariku30Herndon, VA30:53
7Bayisa, Teresa*24Alexandria, VA31:03
8Megerssa, Gurmessa*832Washington, DC31:17
9Dybas, Piotr***25Richmond, VA31:34
10Zwick, Jordan26Arlington, VA31:36
11Geletu, Seife*30Washington, DC31:47
12Sloane, Christopher29Rockville, MD31:51
13Adam, Thomas*25Charlottesville, VA31:51
14Ilanso, Temesgen26Washington, DC31:53
15Dumm, Andrew27Arlington, VA32:03
16Bitew, Chalie*24Washington, DC32:06
17Larsen, Charles*21Phoenix, MD32:01
18Komen, Wilson34Washington, DC32:11
19Haney, Jeremy*22Palmyra, VA32:10
20Thomas, Tristram *25Baltimore, MD32:22
21Jacoby, Bert**29Fredericksburg, VA32:28
22Alton, Guy*28Richmond, VA32:29
23Doan, Caleb**22Virginia Beach, VA32:31
24Foley, Chris*20Herndon, VA32:28
25Carroll, Ryan*****29Portsmouth, VA32:32
26Livingston, Bryce*25Williamsburg, VA32:32
27Peck, Graham**23Lutherville, MD32:36
28Rolly, Philippe39McLean, VA32:39
29Clement, Tony***25Williamsport, MD32:35
30Berdan, David *31Baltimore, MD32:43
31Callan, Daniel*23Round Hill, VA32:41
32Hanlin, Cameron*24Hagerstown, MD32:44
33O'Reilly, Blaine**23Hayes, VA32:45
34Angell, David**35Blue Ridge, VA32:47
35Martucci, Garret*24Arlington, VA32:49
36Klim, Jake*32Rockville, MD32:51
37Wardian, Michael*38Arlington, VA32:53
38Leonard, Jason23Germantown, MD32:53
39Pugsley, Ray*43Potomac Falls, VA33:01
40Lutz, Ian19Washington, DC33:00
41Cole, Justin23Hagerstown, MD33:06
42Madison, Andrew*24Edgewater, MD33:11
43Buschman, Mark28Ellicott City, MD33:15
44Tarpey, Michael*26Blacksburg, VA33:16
45Saunders, Rich24Washington, DC33:18
46Weaverling, Chase*16Darnestown, VA33:16
47Reed, Nick*19Fairfax, VA33:20
48Meeker, Dustin31Baltimore, MD33:23
49Stackhouse, Bennett28Arlington, VA33:24
50Hutton, Noah20White Hall, MD33:25
51Stanton, Kyle21Columbia, MD33:20
52Turner, Justin33Virginia Beach, VA33:32
53Dick, Brandon25Fredericksburg, VA33:29
54Toland, Hugh**31Fairfax, VA33:41
55Schroer, Adam*23Harrisonburg, VA33:50
56Driscoll, Jason24Haymarket, VA33:53
57Britton, Zachary29Washington, DC33:58
58Schuler, Eric*19Laurel, MD33:58
59Aramayo, Ed25Baltimore, MD34:07
60Miranda, Daniel26Baltimore, MD34:12

19 & Younger Men

Kiwanis Club Independence Day 5K 15:34, 10K = 32:28

Three of the five runners chose our nation's birthday to post their fastest times in a division of sixty qualifiers. Fourth place Chase Weaverling improved his 16:25 overall win at the Alex's Run 5K with his Autism Speaks 5K runner-up placement in 15:57. Fifth place Nick Reed improved on his Adam's Angels 5K in 16:46 to finish the Reston Firecracker 5K in 15:59. Sixth place Jonathan Luckin ran 15:59 at the Bel Air Town Run 5K ahead of eight place Muse Taylor (16:22)

Still, the teen champion Kyle King made the biggest improvement overall his June 5K win by more than two minutes to take down everyone at the Kiwanis Club Independence Day 5K in 15:34. Consistency is hard to establish at a young age. In less than a month runner-up Kurtis Steck went from winning the Sweatin’ for Scholarships 5K in 16:58 to finishing second overall at the Vineyards of Williamsburg 5K in 15:38. Third place Ian Lutz may have been the most consistent, tagging the fastest 10K in 33:52 at the Lawyers Have Heart 10K before earning his place at the Crystal City Twilight 5K with 15:49. Seventh place Eric Shuler ran the only other non 5K with his Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 27:04.
1King, Kyle**19Nokesville, VA32:28
2Steck, Kurtis**17Williamsburg, VA32:37
3Lutz, Ian19Washington, DC33:00
4Weaverling, Chase***16Darnestown, MD33:16
5Reed, Nick***19Fairfax, VA33:20
6Luckin, Jonathan**17Parkton, ,D33:20
7Schuler, Eric**19Laurel, MD33:58
8Muse, Tyler*18Bel Air, MD34:08
9Ellington, Micah*16Chesapeake, VA34:02
10Carvalho, Weston**17Westminster, MD35:30
11Novak, Daniel***19Richmond, VA35:38
12Lushinshi, Austin**17Ashburn, VA35:37
13Beacham, James**19Westminster, MD35:38
14Goodman, Joshua*18Salem, VA35:34
15Tockman, Kyle**18Olney, MD35:55
16Kebede, Robel*17Silver Spring, MD36:09
17Alemu, Dereje19Silver Spring, MD36:20
18Fields, Percy**15Richmond, VA36:20
19Beard, Brad17Davidsonville, MD36:20
20Belay, Daniel*17Gaithersburg, MD36:24
21Love, Alex**17Arnold, MD36:29
22Roederer, Alex**14Bethesda, MD36:32
23Smith, Andrew**19Roanoke, VA36:32
24Font, Alec*15Ellicott City, MD36:47
25Smolyak, Gary*17Clarksville, MD36:49
26Pfohl, Kyle**17Fredericksburg, VA36:51
27Richardson, Nick**17Chesapeake, VA36:51
28Jantomaso, Justin***17Forest, VA36:57
29Wegner, Kevin**14Columbia, MD37:08
30Brenneman, Cody**19Grantsville, MD37:08
31Parrish, Jesse*19Glen Allen, VA37:23
32Cookman, Carus**17Cockeysville, MD37:34
33Vitek, David*19Perry Hall, MD37:33
34Ramirez, Carlos*19Damascus, MD37:43
35Wardle, Jacob*15Petersburg, VA37:39
36Studiner, Ethan19Annapolis, MD37:44
37Quintana, Brian**17Stafford, VA37:43
38Shpuntoff, Martin**18Annapolis, MD37:52
39McCool, Andrew*15Reston, VA37:52
40Steck, Konrad13Williamsburg, VA38:04
41Sussman, Chad*15Towson, MD38:04
42Willis, Robert17Ashburn, VA38:14
43Belo, Jack19Reston, VA38:15
44Holdsworth, Derek**16Williamsburg, VA38:10
45Slaughter, Jacob19Annapolis, MD38:17
46Peacock, Malcolm18Timonium, MD38:23
47Jarosz, Michael**15Vienna, VA38:21
48Fenton, Ryan**19Sykesville, MD38:32
49Rossi, Adam*19Frostburg, MD38:33
50Sadka, Tyler**17Edgewater, MD38:42
51Poland, Rhett*17Frostburg, MD38:42
52Kirk, Billy**15Rockville, MD38:44
53Digiandomenico, Jacob17Elkridge, MD38:52
54Jantomaso, Noah15Forest, VA38:56
55Lanier, Andrew*15Chesterfield, VA39:01
56McMahon, Mason*17Fredericksburg, VA39:11
57Warfield, Alex*18Westminster, MD39:15
58Gracian, Luis18Germantown, MD39:15
59Tarnvik, Axel*19Ashburn, VA39:20
60McManus, Brian**16Williamsburg, VA39:28

35-39 Men

Georgetown Running Company Father's Day 8K 25:44, 10K = 32:39

David Angell stepped up to the plate and banged out a powerful Appalachian Power Festival 5K in 15:43. He would later add a 33:33 overall win at the Health Focus of SW Virginia Salem 10K but that was just icing on the runner-up cake he baked. Philippe Rolly has been a mixed bag the last couple of years. He turned forty in September and this summer was his last chance to win this division. The road to the top goes through Michael Wardian. Both of them bolted to sub 32:00 in the spring on the Pike but summertime is tougher.

At the Georgetown Running Company Father's Day 8K, he came, he saw, he conquered, finishing second overall in 25:44 with Wardian trailing behind in 26:06. In July, Wardian returned the favor defeating Rolly at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K 25:55 to 26:44 but it was too little, too late. Fifth place Karsten Brown ran a PR 26:53 there to match Matthew Thomas' Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 34:06 exactly. But Thomas had no chance in matching Brown for quantity. The racing crazed Brown won all of the other 18 races he ran and 12 of them were faster than Thomas 17:09 overall victory at the Summer Strides 5K in 17:09. Brown also claimed 11 overall victories.

Fourth place Steve Prinzivalli had five races and a loss to Brown but he had three overall wins, including the swift Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 16:15 to take fourth place.
1Rolly, Philippe***39McLean, VA32:39
2Angell, David**35Blue Ridge, VA32:47
3Wardian, Michael***38Arlington, VA32:53
4Prinzivalli, Steve****36Catonsville, MD33:54
5Brown, Karsten*1838Front Royal, VA34:06
6Thomas, Matthew*37Alexandria, VA34:06
7O'Hara, David**36Alexandria, VA34:14
8Anderson, Scott38Washington, DC34:31
9Tompkins, Mark**36Williamsburg, VA34:49
10Sharp, John**37Richmond, VA34:56
11Turco, Edi*****39Arlington, VA35:15
12Makovsky, Eric**39Washington, DC35:28
13Freeburn, Keith*****38Centreville, VA35:47
14Navarro, Luis***35Columbia, MD36:07
15Koeppen, Bob*36Alexandria, VA36:12
16Beary, Brian36Washington, DC36:19

40-44 Men

Fit to Dream 8K 25:16, 10K = 32:03

At 43, Ray Pugsley still has the speed. He blazed the two fastest 5Ks of the year, the second at the Leesburg 5K was an overall win in 15:53. His fastest race was the first week at the most competitive masters 8K in the region the Fit to Dream 8K. He came away looking pretty swell with 26:02. The following week he once again topped the field at his hometown Cascades Firechase 10K (34:37) in a breeze.

Last summer's runner-up Jeff Harrington matched his spring‘s best race to the second, running the Percival's Island Five Miler in 27:40. That was after winning it all at the Presbyterian Homes 5K in 16:49. The next two were easy as two newly minted masters dueled it out at the Baltimore 10M. Rob Wolfe came out ahead of Jason Tripp 58:40 to 59:04. Sixth place Alan Sherman was not far behind in 59:19 but his second race at the Cascades in 37:06 was not enough to stop Doug Woods from slipping past him into fifth place. Woods improved on his Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 28:37, behind, Tripp's winning 28:23, with a nifty Kentlands/Lakelands 5K in 17:05.

Marc Warner is lucky seventh running the Patrick Henry HM in 1:18:52 to knife between Mike Colaiacovo's only decent race at the Remembrance 5K in 17:07 and Steve Winter's Strides for Health & Fitness 5K in 17:14.
1Pugsley, Ray***43Potomac Falls, VA33:01
2Harrington, Jeff*642Lynchburg, VA34:53
3Wolfe, Robert*****40Washington, DC35:18
4Tripp, Jason****40Ellicott City, MD35:32
5Woods, Douglas*43Gaithersburg, MD35:38
6Sherman, Alan*40Silver Spring, MD35:41
7Warner, Marc**43Crozier, VA35:47
8Colaiacovo, Mike*43Ellicott City, MD35:42
9Winters, Steve****41Frostburg, MD35:57
10Shaye, Daniel**43Williamsburg, VA36:01
11Weisel, Evan*41Alexandria, VA36:14
12Mason, Andy***40Hagerstown, MD36:24
13Moore, Ignacio**41Blacksburg, VA36:26
14Swisher, Curtis**41Danville, VA36:41
15Dillings, Dennis**43Woodbridge, VA36:32
16Rapine, Richard***40Alexandria, VA36:41
17Chasse, Craig*****42Reston, VA36:45
18Doherty, Ben*40Charlottesville, VA36:43
19Burcham, Kevin***41Petersburg, VA37:02
20Koehler, Christopher***40Locust Grove, VA37:02
21Hultquist, Daryl*42Gaithersburg, MD37:00
22Lockard, David****43Hampton, VA37:07
23O'Rourke, Patrick**44Timonium, MD37:09
24Crago, Stephen***44Vienna, VA37:29
25Lovett, Jack****42Newport News, VA37:39
26Hirsch, Brandon*42Rockville, MD37:47
27Neeson, Tommy**43Virginia Beach, VA37:58
28Lockwood, Max**42Washington, DC38:01

45-49 Men

Eleventh ranked in the 45-49 division, Paul Jacobson races at the Annapolis Ten Miler.

Capital Challenge 3M 15:44, 10K = 33:59

John Zimmerman holds six of the Best of 2012 distances to four for John Piggott and was the favorite to retain his crown from the spring. Piggott started the period with a half marathon win and capped his three halves with the final weekend Rock N Roll Half Marathon in 1:17:52 as his best offering.

Zimmerman took his only defeat the first day of the period at the Capitol Challenge 3M in 16:15 from Steve Kartalia but Kartalia took the rest of the season off. On the first Saturday, Zimmerman ran the Capitol Hill Classic 10K in 35:06 to erase all of Piggott’s eight age group wins. Derik Thomas was on their heels racing the Kelley Cares 5K in 16:58. In June, Thomas bolted to the lead winning the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 34:52.

Fourth place Peter Keating was having a quiet summer, taking the Father's Day 8K in 28:05. Fifth place Steve Speirs represented the southern region running the King's Daughters Run in 28:37. On the 4th of July Zimmerman pounced at the Reston Firecracker 5K in 16:35. Thomas made the next move defeating Piggott at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K 27:16 to 28:00. That was one second ahead of Zimmerman but he made it easy setting the 20K standard at Leesburg in 1:11:54 to take gold.
1Zimmerman, John*****45McLean, VA34:19
2Thomas, Derik***46Alexandria, VA34:35
3Piggott, John*847Williamsburg, VA35:20
4Keating, Peter**46Columbia, MD35:37
5Schuler, Tim***48Chambersburg, PA35:38
6Speirs, Steve*645Virginia Beach, VA36:18
7Zimmerman, Ken***45Stevensville, MD36:31
8Mickey, Dennis**47Ridgeley, WV36:37
9Purcell, Tom*46Virginia Beach, VA36:36
10Dawson, Greg*746Williamsburg, VA36:47
11Jacobson, Paul***48Gaithersburg, MD36:45
12Powell, Charles***46Baltimore, MD36:45
13Rotunno, Christopher*49Washington, DC36:43
14Henderson, Jerry****46Bel Air, MD36:53
15Lang, Philip*46Columbia, MD36:55
16Jones, Sean***47Chestertown, MD37:04
17McGee, Michael49Virginia Beach, VA37:14
18Cutright, Mike***46Fredericksburg, VA37:28
19Phipps, David**48Severna Park, MD37:28
20Hamley, Christopher**47Hyattsville, MD37:39
21Chattin, Chris*48Columbia, MD37:52
22Munsey, Colin***46Pearisburg, VA38:04
23Morakinyo, Akintunde*48Ellicott City, MD38:13
24Rapp, Perry**47Lexington Park, VA38:17
25Lane, George**46Ashburn, VA38:29
26Feinberg, Michael*48Bel Air, MD38:27
27Hymes, Craig**49Reston, VA38:50
28Pelletier, Paul**46Williamsburg, VA38:44
29Kelleher, Brian**45Lynchburg, VA38:47
30Fox, R.J.*47Hyattsville, MD38:54
31Anderson, Matt**46Fairfax, VA39:07
32Leiding, Jon49Virginia Beach, VA39:03
33Grant, Kyle*48Roanoke, VA39:32

50-54 Men

Patrick Henry Half Marathon 1:17:25, 10K = 35:08

Four dozen grandmasters ran 176 races. That is about as many races as Ted Poulos has run this year already. Poulos prefers the middle distance 1500M to 3000M but he tamed sixth place this summer by popping a 17:41 at the SPCA Run for Shelter 5K. Among his 13 age group wins included a third overall half marathon. Fifth place Neville Anderson is also racking up the races. He edges Poulos with 14 age groups trophies and his MCVets 5K in 17:38.

Former titlist David Haaga gave way to runner-up Mark Neff's fifth best race, the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K 28:41 to 28:50. Neff was the leading contender from week one when he won it all at the Mercy Clinic 5K Health Run in 17:14. Third place Hernan Garbini moved up from his opening week Fit to Dream 8K in 28:57 with his excellent Charlottesville Father's Day 4M in 22:32. But Neff had too much power with four of the top six races, including a master win at the Annapolis 10 Miler in 60:07. Indeed, Doug Fernandez’s seventh best time at the Moonlight 4 Miler in early August with 22:45 was not going to get it done. Then the day before Neff’s 10 Mile jaunt, he popped a brilliant Patrick Henry HM in 1:17:25 to snatch the division crown.
1Fernandez, Doug***52Richmond, VA 35:08
2Neff, Mark*750Derwood, MD35:57
3Garbini, Hernan***50Waynesboro, VA36:02
4Haaga, David**50Rockville, MD36:35
5Anderson, Neville*1450Baltimore, MD36:47
6Poulos, Ted*1350McLean, VA36:53
7Berardi, Dave****51Baltimore, MD37:02
8Arcaz, Jean Christophe***51Rockville, MD37:02
9Fishman, Craig*51Falls Church, VA37:02
10Smith, William***50Roanoke, VA37:16
11Page, H T***52Wirtz, VA37:35
12Bradford, Jim*50Vienna, VA37:42
13Anderson, James**52Annapolis, MD37:55
14McLaughlin, Terry****52Spotsylvania, VA38:06
15D'Amanda, Kevin**50Bethesda, MD38:21
16Coleman, Dennis***54Gaithersburg, MD38:25
17Stiegmann, Marty*51Glen Allen, VA38:27
18Djuric, Warren**50Springfield, VA38:45
19Fiscella, George****50Newport News, VA38:50
20Cutler, Andrew54Yorktown, VA39:03
21Chall, John***54Crownsville, MD39:15
22Roemer IV, John*52Baltimore, MD39:15
23Reid, Jim**50Chestertown, MD39:21
24Wills, Stephen***51College Park, MD39:17
25Cover, Karl*****52Montpelier, VA39:50
26Anaya, Robert*53Yorktown, VA39:52
27McManus, Terry**51Williamsburg, VA39:53
28Samley, Chris50Charlottesville, VA39:52
29Mace, Matthew*52Arnold, MD39:56
30Creutzer, Christian51Baltimore, MD40:07
31Harrison, James*52Fredericksburg, VA40:09
32Har, Yousung51Vienna, VA40:12
33Escarsega, John51Bel Air, MD40:11
34Bobosky, David**52Richmond, VA 40:22
35Dayaprema, Ganege**50APO AE, MD40:24
36Carter, RB***53Lynchburg, VA40:43
37Jensen, Drew*51Fredericksburg, VA40:41
38Lowe, Sonny**50Williamsburg, VA40:43
39Rosasco, Mark53Arnold, MD40:39
40Horan, Marty*52Gaithersburg, MD40:45
41Kammerer, Jack**50Washington, DC40:45
42Dix, Kevin53Manassas, VA41:12
43Chapman, Donnie51Clarksville, MD41:15
44Schuler, Greg*51Laurel, MD41:15
45Castro, Albino*52Brookville, MD41:16
46Oatmeyer, Sean50Williamsburg, VA41:18
47Kowalski, Anthony*50Yorktown, VA41:16
48Vanderhoven, John50Yorktown, VA41:37

55-59 Men

Fourth ranked 55-59 Elmer McPhail just missed being top grandmaster at the Annapolis Ten Miler.

GPS 5K 17:04, 10K = 35:36

Nearly twenty years ago Mike Hart lauded Steven Ward by saying, "He can run a 6:00 pace all day." Back on the racing scene at age 57 it is still mostly true. He finished third among 39 qualifiers with an Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon in 1:23:00 and a Leesburg 20K in 1:17:21. That hot 20K equates to a 36:55 10K which is faster than a 6:00 pace.

At the Annapolis 10 Miler Maurice Pointer just squeezed ahead of an amazing Elmer McPhail to win his division 1:02:27 to 1:02:38. McPhail earned fourth a mere second behind Ward's half marathon though I think McPhail’s 29:52 at the cruel and unusually hard Dog Days 8K was McPhail's better effort.

Annapolis was Pointer's 12th best race and he had 17 age group wins in the summer. At the race he was hovering around hoping for a sneak preview of the rankings. Well glory be; you have the top five races and 12 of the top 15 you just about have to wear the crown. His best day was the MCVet double when he ran the 5K in 17:12 and returned to race the 10K in 36:44. His 10K bested Ward and runner-up Stephen Chantry’s second race the Fit to Dream 8K in 29:16. Chantry added the Vineyards of Williamsburg 5K in August with 17:35 to move Ward aside.
1Pointer, Maurice*1756Baltimore, MD35:36
2Chantry, Stephen**57Williamsburg, VA36:41
3Ward, Steven**57Reston, VA36:55
4McPhail, Elmer***56Gambrills, MD37:41
5Gleisburg, Henry***55Yorktown, VA38:01
6Thornton, Jim**58Seaford, VA37:50
7Chall, John***55Crownsville, MD38:39
8Pena, Carlos56Virginia Beach, VA38:45
9Craft, Tim****55Glen Allen, VA38:54
10Meadows, Mike***55Martinsburg, WV39:00
11Ruckert, Tom**59Grantsville, MD39:11
12Lawson, Dan**56Gaithersburg, MD39:11
13Halpin, Bruce***56Ashburn, VA39:32
14Dudley, Robert**56Hopewell, VA39:49
15Gessler, Bobby**55Ellicott City, MD40:03
16Lovegrove, David***55Fredericksburg, VA40:26
17Evans, Preston****55Madison Heights, VA40:41
18Pinnick, David*1155Manassas, VA41:06
19Peck, Henry*55Baltimore, MD41:03
20Robinson, Steve**57Herndon, VA41:20
21Sweren, Bennett***56Lutherville, MD41:23
22Webster, David59Stevensville, MD41:29
23Gitney, Pete**55Chesapeake City, MD41:36
24Cunningham, Michael58Annapolis, MD41:53
25Helmick, Frank59Reston, VA41:58
26Burns, Bob59Columbia, MD41:56
27Ball, Kenny**55Charlottesville, VA42:03
28DeKornfeld, Tom59Annapolis, MD42:07
29Ferrens, Larry*58Barton, MD42:10
30Alvarez, Manuel*58Richmond, VA42:19
31Murray, Will**56Williamsburg, VA42:17
32Dresner, Jerry57Baltimore, MD42:29
33Bousel, Paul**59Alexandria, VA42:42
34Kneass, Dewitt59Annapolis, MD42:46
35Goggin, James58Williamsburg, VA43:03
36Koehler, Roger**58Lexington, VA43:09
37Cutler, Jim56Richmond, VA43:23
38Devlin, Dan*57Silver Spring, MD43:23
39Lerner, Steve*56Glen Allen, VA43:50

60-64 Men

Let Freedom Run 5K 18:24, 10K = 38:23

All of the times in the summer were slower. Spring's champion Roland Rust might not have been worried when Chuck Moeser ran the 18:24 at the Let Freedom Run 5k but Moeser has been staying out of the limelight these days. That left only fifty-five runners jockeying for position. Spider Rossiter took it out early, winning the Capitol Hill Classic 10K in 40:10. Rust answered back a week later on a comparable course, running the Cascades Firechase 10K in 40:24

Then bang bang Wilson Trueheart put in his bid with the Charles Village 5K in 19:18 which Rust would match in September at the Kentlands/Lakelands 5K and Jim Wright ran the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 40:19. The day before Rossiter’s 10K he had also run the Fit to Dream 8K in 31:46. Rust Matched his best time winning the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 31:40 ahead of fourth place Wright’s 32:01. Trueheart cemented fifth place running the Survivor Harbor 7 Mile Run in 47:11.

In August from out of the west a new gunslinger stepped into the saloon. Tom Ruckert of Grantsville aged up and laid down the law with the top three qualifiers. The Moonshine Classic 10K was first in 39:29. A week later his Strides for Health & Fitness 5K in 18:31 ended the discussion.
1Ruckert, Tom***60Grantsville, MD38:38
2Rust, Roland*****60Bethesda, MD40:10
3Rossiter, Spider**60Washington, DC40:10
4Wright, Jim63Gaithersburg, MD40:19
5Trueheart, Wilson*863Baltimore, MD40:16
6Senior, Malcolm****61New Market, MD41:05
7Platt, Rick*862Williamsburg, VA41:26
8Guerrant, Bill**61Charlottesville, VA41:20
9Morgan, Timothy*761Damascus, MD41:33
10Parsons, Roland**61Petersburg, VA41:43
11Umbarger, Ken*60Gaithersburg, MD41:46
12Becker, Bob*60White Hall, MD41:52
13Wentworth, Bruce*****60Finksburg, MD42:23
14Gary, Patrick**61Manchester, MD42:46
15Morgan, Richard*60Silver Spring, MD42:50
16Rogers, Ron*860Riner, VA43:02
17Albritton, Bob***60Vienna, VA43:36
18Abrahamson, Dale*63Yorktown, VA43:36
19Adkins, Gary**61Salem, VA43:43
20Wesbecher, Michael*64Oakton , VA43:51
21Day, Joseph*61Yorktown, VA44:15
22Hess, Jim**63Harrisonburg, VA44:11
23Wind, Jay*862Arlington, VA44:23
24McLearen, Allan***61Rochelle, VA44:28
25Arey, Chris**62Stafford, VA44:34
26Stevens, Bobby*63Stafford, VA44:34
27Carrigan, George*63Williamsburg, VA44:34
28Kroeker, George60Columbia, MD44:46
29Vaughan, Allen**61Stafford, VA44:42
30Gill, Jack*63Pulaski, VA44:58
31Preston, Doug****62Baltimore, MD45:10
32Finn, Frank62Richmond, VA45:06
33Sakry, Steve**60Stafford, VA45:22
34Archibald, Jim63Cockeysville, MD45:31
35Wolfson, Marc62Olney, MD46:00
36Spicer, Frank*60Clifton, VA45:58
37Carbary, James61Columbia, MD45:54
38David, Norbert**63Mechanicsville, VA46:10
39Ryan, Paul*61Arlington, VA46:19
40Moore, LC64Danville, VA46:19
41Borzellino, Paul**61Broad Run, VA46:31
42Gricher, Terry*64Burke, VA46:37
43Cabrol, Gerard*63Washington, DC46:39
44Astrop, Rob***60Richmond, VA46:45
45Dicarlo, John*63Virginia Beach, VA47:06
46Kelley, Stephen**60Annandale, VA47:17
47Duffy, Jim**60Virginia Beach, VA47:23
48Dickerson, Bill*63Abingdon, VA47:21
49Davenport, James*61Petersburg, VA47:53
50Eltzroth, John**62Dunn Loring, VA48:01
51Turrentine, William63Centreville, VA48:00
52Yarchoan, Robert*61Bethesda, MD47:58
53Baker, John*62Alexandria, VA48:03
54Gallogy, Michael64Moseley, VA48:12
55Verdirame, Joseph62Yorktown, VA48:38

65-69 Men

Leesburg 20K 1:28:35, 10K = 42:46

The top four runners owned the division with all 26 of the top times. Only one other runner had a race in the top thirty-three. The champion did not get started until August and only had three races. After a couple of years on the bench Bill Joyce got his feet wet winning the Riley's Rumble HM in 1:43:59. His Southlakes 10K in 44:01 matched Ronnie Wong’s best race of 12 age group wins, GPS 5K in 21:06 exactly. Joyce had already paid for the crown winning the Leesburg 20K in 1:29:35. Wong added a 21:22 at the Pirate Fest 5K to confirm fourth place.

Jim Noone had been riding the range as the top dog for a while with Jason Page and Joyce on injured reserve. Page had his two best races, running the 5K course at Bluemont Park. The last time was in August when he bested Noone 21:02 to 21:41. Page also won the DCRRC Age-Handicapped 4 Mile outright. While Noone had only one of the top seven times, he gets the runner-up spot with the second fastest race of the period, DCRRC Bastille Day 4M in 27:16. It was one of three races that he beat Page, who ran 27:45 that day. Thirty-one runners qualified for the division.
1Joyce, Bill***68Herndon, VA42:46
2Noone, Jim*868Fairfax, VA43:36
3Page, Jason*668Hamilton, VA43:42
4Wong, Ronnie*1265Catonsville, MD44:01
5Raley, George*65Rising Sun, MD45:57
6Mitchell, Kenneth*667Williamsburg, VA46:26
7Chase, Bob**67Falls Church, VA46:29
8Michael, Raymond*68Boonsboro, MD46:27
9Kirkpatrick, John*68Annapolis, MD46:33
10Bell, Jim**67Charlottesville, VA46:56
11Lamountain, Dennis***66Richmond, VA47:04
12Inanloo, Parviz**67Springfield, VA47:32
13Dyer, Ben**69Colonial Heights, VA47:55
14Spencer, Bobby****69Daleville, VA47:50
15Bullock, Jim69Eldersburg, MD47:59
16Fleming, Mike*66Columbia, MD48:17
17Hensel, Donald67Gaithersburg, MD48:25
18Lecates, Ed****67York, PA48:38
19Brown, Walter**68Montgomery Village, MD48:45
20Chaconas, Greg**66Washington, DC48:47
21Sharer, William***65Williamsburg, VA49:22
22Cannon, Jonathan*67Charlottesville, VA49:26
23Gammon, Tommy**65Moseley, VA49:37
24Mayhew, Ed67Winchester, VA49:35
25Clorety, Joe*69Crownsville, MD49:57
26Daley, James**68Alexandria, VA50:08
27Sullivan, John67Washington, DC50:04
28Ingram, Harold**69Henry, VA50:10
29Newton, Curtis***66Powhatan, VA50:41
30Oliphant, Ed66Gloucester, VA51:56
31Trost, Robert66Falls Church, VA52:00

70-74 Men

Run for Justice 10K 43:10

Last summer Richard Stotlar only race in the 65-69 division was a national class 42:37. His first race at the Central Valley Kidney Association 10K best the state record of Andrew Polansky in 45:07 set back in 1998. In mid June he returned to race the Run for Justice 10K slowing slightly for the new division and pulverizing the record with 43:10. The other runners could only watch as he snatched the crown.

Former champ Lou Shapiro is back on the roads and gaining momentum. His Leesburg 20K in 1:42:21 is good enough for third in the division. Jim Becker had five big races. His best two might have won him the title in any other year. His Run through History 10K was 48:01 while he led with Volvo Powertrain 5K in 22:14. Bernie Gallagher’s 5K matched Sammy Merrill’s Hartwood 10 Mile to the second. Merrill gets the lean with two faster races in the neighborhood led by the FARC Heritage Festival 5 Mile Run in 39:35.
1Stotlar, Richard*70South Boston, VA43:10
2Becker, Jim*670Greencastle, PA46:23
3Shapiro, Lou*1071Silver Spring, MD48:51
4Merrill, Sammy***70Fredericksburg, VA49:33
5Gallagher, Bernie***71Fairfax, VA49:33
6Ellis, Horace***70Huddleston, VA50:14
7Hishikawa, Takanori**71Herndon, VA51:12
8Robbins, Chan*874Arlington, VA51:42
9Prunella, Warren***70Rockville, MD52:38
10Derk, Terry**70Dauphin, PA54:35
11Neumann, Stan**73Timonium, MD54:33
12Skelton, Lowell*71Moneta, VA54:58

75-79 Men

Autism Speaks 5K 25:17, 10K = 52:44

Skip Grant has been dominating in the last year but his only race while the fastest was only four seconds ahead of Chan Robbins best effort. Robbins who aged up halfway through the period had three faster races as a “youngster.” Among qualifiers, all four of his races were on top. He raced the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 43:01 more than a mile ahead of both second and third places in the race.

Runner-up Chris Catoe had a tough Rock ‘n’ Roll HM more than 100 places slower than his best race to start the summer. He ran the Elizabeth River Run 10K in 55:43. Third place Maynard Weyers has had some hard luck running obviously short courses this year. For the summer he found four 5Ks to his liking racing all of them faster than 27:30. Fourth place Alan Rider had fourth age group wins at three different distances cresting with his Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 58:33.
1Robbins, Chan****75Arlington, VA52:53
2Catoe, Chris*77Virginia Beach, VA55:43
3Weyers, Maynard****76Alexandria, VA56:49
4Rider, Alan****76Reston, VA58:33
5Essery, John***76Williamsburg, VA59:13
6Chaney, Ed**76Mount Airy, MD59:06
7Hager, Philip**75Falls Church , VA59:46
8Simroth, Don****79Charlottesville, VA1:01:51
9Wickham, Jack*76Glen Arm, MD1:01:41
10Kohler, Don*75New Market, MD1:02:16
11Marhoefer, Joseph76Reston, VA1:02:20
12Kenney, Tom79Glen Echo, MD1:02:39
13Gurtler, Robert*1577The Plains, VA1:03:44
14Viragh, Bendy*77McLean, VA1:03:52
15Colburn, Don76Havre de Grace, MD1:04:55
16Archibald, Robert*79Fayetteville, PA1:04:48
17McCarthy, Terry77Leesburg, VA1:05:36
18Humphrey, Thomas*777Midlothian , VA1:07:01
19Rosenthal, Gilbert*78Arnold, MD1:10:30
20Hufford, Jim*78Woodbridge, CA1:13:24
21Schaedel, Ken77Columbia, MD1:13:51
22Greenhill, John*77Falls Church, VA1:14:18
23Masser, Lee**76Edgewater, MD1:14:32
24Fleck, Bill*78Baltimore, MD1:15:16
25Henry, Ron79Richmond, VA1:16:33
26Greear, Fred*77Bristol, VA1:18:41
27Smith, Robert**78Comus, MD1:26:32

80 & Older Men

Jack McMahon finishes second in the 80-84 division, racing at the Kensington 8K.

MCVets 10K 58:04

Four 87-year-old runners came out to strut their stuff, two had been champions before. The top three have been following each other through the divisions for more than twenty years. None of them were even close to their race times of the cooler spring. That period's champion Jack McMahon had his best race at the Fit to Dream 8K in May ahead of third place Larry Dickerson. Four months later to the day Dickerson would top out at the Leesburg 5K with 29:49.

The summer division was won by George Yannakakis in the second week in the first of his three 10Ks. He ran 58:04 at the MCVets. Fourth place goes to 87-year-old John Hosner who holds Virginia state records in three different distances.
1Yannakakis, George**80Sparks, MD58:04
2McMahon, Jack*****81Silver Spring, MD58:58
3Dickerson, Larry81Burke, VA1:02:12
4Hosner, John**87Blacksburg, VA1:10:43
5Xie, Nianxiang85Rockville, MD1:16:42
6Haas, Franklin83Fredericksburg, VA1:21:58
7Coogan, Dick*80McLean, VA1:24:12
8Mills, Tom81Williamsburg, VA1:26:42
9Atkins, Bob**87Winchester, VA1:33:15
10Hemphill, Dixon87Fairfax Station, VA1:47:32
11Golden, Wendell**87Charlottesville, VA1:57:18
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