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2015 Winter Rankings

Snow Cancels Many Races

(November 14, 2014 – March 01, 2015)
By James Moreland

With all the freezing weather, ice and, snow, there were many cancelations. This winter male qualifiers decreased by 15% to 304 and female qualifiers increased 5% to 486 to be 57% of the qualifiers. In total numbers, the women led with a record 2228 races. Men had 1706. Men have fallen back to 2010 levels, while women stayed within 3% of last year and well ahead of 2012 numbers.

The totals races used only dropped a little to 257 with a record 67 major races (500 or more runners). That trails only the spring of 2013 that had 82, spring 2014 with 70, and winter 2014 with 72. But with only 3786 ranked times that drops to eleventh best of previous seasons. Still, the third weakest season in total numbers behind spring and fall had the most ever total runners with 136,868.

Thirty-one races had more than 1,000 finishers. Fifteen had more than 2,000, and nine with more than 3,000. The Jingle All the Way converted to a 5K and moved up to 4834 runners for second place just ahead of the more competitive Alexandria Turkey Trot 5M dropped some to 3955. The Surf n Santa 5M moved past them into third place with 4197. The Celtic Solstice made ninth place with just over 3000. The seventh place race was the HCA 8K that had 3174. But the combined weight of the three races in Richmond, the American Family Fitness Half Marathon (1st with 8452) and the even though the Anthem Richmond Marathon was only at 50% of last year with (13th with 2463) was equal to 14,000 racers.

In sheer numbers Richmond dominated across the board with the half marathon (168) tops, the marathon (112) second, and the 8K (81) fourth. There were 44 races with 10% or more ranked but none had more than 400 finishers. Indeed only thirteen had more than 100 finishers. Three of top four were MCRRC club races, led by the Country Road Run with 39 or 13.88% of its 281 finishers and the Jingle Jog 8K with 38 or 11.31% of its 336 finishers.

Thanksgiving as always is the busiest racing day of the year with twenty-nine races. More than 39,000 runners raced on Thanksgiving. This year only six of the sixteen races with 2000 finishers but 15 of the top 30 races were held the morning before Turkey dinner. The Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Mile with 76 finishers for fifth place in Ranked Runners. The fourth largest five miler, the Celtic Solstice, moved back up after last year’s snow driven fun run to sixth place with 70 Ranked Runners just ahead of the Jingle All the Way 5K with 69. Three of the 10Ks with more than a 1000 finishers were on Thanksgiving with the Bethesda YMCA Turkey Chase 10K leading the way with 87 Ranked Runners and 3,036 finishers. However the St. Patrick’s Day 8K that had always been run to start the spring, spilt itself into a 10K and a 5K and was run on March first, last day of the winter rankings. Its 10K led the way in total numbers with 1952. It was the lowest in total ranked runners perhaps because many of the runners chose to run the double. That included first running a 5K at 8:00 a.m. and then returning to take on the 10K at 9:00 a.m. Racing a ranked time is not easy. Running two of them the same morning is only for the truly elite.

The 5K was run 150 times. Twenty-three were run on Thanksgiving with eleven having more than 1000 finishers, led by the SOME Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger 5K with 3519.

For the women, a masters runner was the overall winner fourteen times; for the men it was sixteen times. Cindy Conant, 53, was the oldest of 21 runners not from the open division (20-34) to qualify for the massive Elite Division that had 60 qualifiers. For the men, Edward Dickerson, 54, was the oldest outright winner. Seven runners made it into the Elite Division from another division, the oldest being Bruce Berger, 42. The division shrank to just twenty-nine qualifiers, probably because so many big races were canceled denying runners a chance for a second qualifier.

Runners who win the race or win their division in a race earn an asterisk beside their name. Open runners only get an asterisk for an overall win. The Speed Alone is the fastest qualifying time run for each division. In red, it means the division champion ran it.

We now list the 10K equivalent of each runner’s fastest race next to their spot in the ranking list. Remember; the fastest time is not always the best race and each runner has at least two races to qualify.

Now let's see who made the top.

Men and Women

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Rankings Explained: What It Is, Who Does It, How We Do It, and Where We Are Going

The goal of the runner rankings is to rank the best runners of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia in five-year age groups for the purpose of stimulating competition in the Washington region. Runners are ranked only according to performances in included races. To be included, a race must meet the following criteria:

To be included, a race must meet all of the above criteria. If you place well in a race and want it included in the rankings, be sure to ask the race director to e-mail the complete results to the RacePacket at so the race can be posted on the RacePacket Web site and counted in the runner rankings.

Runners will be ranked by age divisions for both men and women, with the divisions being open, 19 & younger, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 and 80 & older.

The rankings are established using a nearly completely objective rating procedure. A preliminary sort, followed by an intensive analysis of competitive results, forms the rankings. The preliminary sort is based on the number of qualifying marks and best times. The final ranking is based on head-to-head competitive results against the other top placers (50%), with time playing a major but secondary role (40%). Our general philosophy is that competition is about beating other runners, and we intend to place an increased emphasis on competitive results.

To qualify for the end-of-year rankings, top priority will go to runners who qualify in two ranking periods. A preliminary sort, followed by a more involved analysis of competitive results, also forms these rankings. The preliminary sort is based on seasonal rankings and best times. The final ranking is again based on head-to-head competitive results, with time playing a secondary role, though at times a deciding role. One special race can at times put a runner over the top, though consistency is a valued asset.

Qualifying times are set in each age division for the 10K, and then adjusted for other distances. We believe in a constant time so that, while a runner may not make the top ten, he or she may consider himself or herself a ranked runner. Our primary concern is that of believability. There should be few surprises. Competitiveness will always find a few disputes. Most runners know whom they can best and who remains unbeatable. The rankings should fairly reflect that. If you have comments and questions or would like to get a more complete explanation of individual rankings, contact the author at The current qualifying standards for the 10K are:

Age Group       Men      Women
Open              34:20    41:15
19 & younger      38:20    46:05
35-39             36:40    44:10
40-44             38:20    46:05
45-49             39:45    48:45
50-54             42:00    51:45
55-59             43:55    54:30
60-64             49:45    62:05
65-69             52:50    75:00
70-74             56:20    89:40
75-79            1:32:30 1:39:00
80 & older       1:45:00 1:50:00

The ranking periods for the 2015 ranking year: 

Race                                                  Location                  Date
Hampton Christian Academy 5K                          Hampton, VA             15-Nov-14
Burk Memorial 5K                                      Westminster, MD         15-Nov-14
Fort Belvoir Turkey Trot 5K                           Fort Belvoir            15-Nov-14
Fort Belvoir Turkey Trot 10K                          Fort Belvoir            15-Nov-14
Healthcare for the Homeless 5K                        Baltimore, MD           15-Nov-14
Anthem Richmond Marathon                              Richmond, VA            15-Nov-14
American Family Fitness Half Marathon                 Richmond, VA            15-Nov-14
HCA 8K                                                Richmond, VA            15-Nov-14
NFL Football 5K                                       Ocean City, MD          15-Nov-14
Taste of Town Center 5K                               Virginia Beach, VA      15-Nov-14
Virginia's Fallen Heroes 5K                           Virginia Beach, VA      15-Nov-14
Viva Vets 5K                                          Fairfax, VA             16-Nov-14
Making a Difference 5K                                Ashburn, VA             16-Nov-14
HCS Burleigh Manor 5M                                 Columbia, MD            16-Nov-14
King of the Road 5K                                   Rockville, MD           16-Nov-14
MMRF Race for Research 5K                             National Harbor, MD     16-Nov-14
Chase the Geezers 5M                                  Phoenix, MD             16-Nov-14
Restoration 5K                                        Lutherville, MD         16-Nov-14
US National Road Racing Championships 12K             Alexandria, VA          16-Nov-14
Potomac River Run Marathon                            Potomac, MD             16-Nov-14
Potomac River Run Half Marathon                       Potomac, MD             16-Nov-14
Tidal Basin 5K                                        Washington, DC          19-Nov-14
Hampton Roads Wounded Warrior 5K                      Norfolk, VA             20-Nov-14
Virginia School Board Association 5K                  Virginia Beach, VA      22-Nov-14
Carter Gunn Memorial Stressbuster 8K                  Norfolk, VA             22-Nov-14
MCRRC Run Under the Lights 5K                         Gaithersburg, MD        22-Nov-14
Munchkins Popping Donut 5K                            Midlothian, VA          22-Nov-14
Run for Shelter 10K                                   Alexandria, VA          22-Nov-14
Run for Shelter 5K                                    Alexandria, VA          22-Nov-14
Jingle Bell Run/Walk For Arthritis 5K                 Newport News, VA        22-Nov-14
TCS Annapolis 10K                                     Annapolis, MD           22-Nov-14
TCS Annapolis HM                                      Annapolis, MD           22-Nov-14
Berryville Turkey Trot 4 Mile                         Berryville, VA          22-Nov-14
Berryville Turkey Trot 6 Mile                         Berryville, VA          22-Nov-14
Cranberry Crawl 10K                                   Washington, DC          22-Nov-14
Cranberry Crawl 5K                                    Washington, DC          22-Nov-14
MCM Turkey Trot 10K                                   Quantico, VA            22-Nov-14
Spend Yourself 5K                                     Falls Church, VA        22-Nov-14
Thanksgiving Prediction Run 5K                        St. Mary's City, MD     22-Nov-14
Run for Kendra 5K                                     Virginia Beach, VA      22-Nov-14
Dominion Valley Turkey Trot 5K                        Gainesville, VA         22-Nov-14
Blue Moon Harbor Lights HM                            Norfolk, VA             22-Nov-14
Blue Moon Harbor Lights 5K                            Norfolk, VA             22-Nov-14
Freeze Your Gizzard 5K                                Leesburg, VA            22-Nov-14
Turkey Trot 5K                                        King William, VA        22-Nov-14
Herndon Turkey Trot 5K                                Herndon, VA             22-Nov-14
Star City 10K                                         Roanoke, VA             22-Nov-14
Star City Half Marathon                               Roanoke, VA             22-Nov-14
Turkey Tumble 10K                                     Baltimore, MD           23-Nov-14
Turkey Tumble 5K                                      Baltimore, MD           23-Nov-14
Turkey Chase 10K                                      Columbia, MD            23-Nov-14
Zoo Zoom 8K                                           Baltimore, MD           23-Nov-14
Cold Turkey 10K                                       Edgewater, MD           23-Nov-14
Kinhaven 5K                                           Arlington, VA           23-Nov-14
Mayberry 7M                                           Mayberry, MD            23-Nov-14
Vienna Turkey Trot 5K                                 Vienna, VA              23-Nov-14
Vienna Turkey Trot 10K                                Vienna, VA              23-Nov-14
Turf Valley Trot 10K                                  Ellicott City, MD       23-Nov-14
AACC Turkey Trot Charity 5K                           Arnold, MD              26-Nov-14
YMCA Turkey Chase 10K                                 Bethesda, MD            27-Nov-14
Hagerstown Turkey Trot 5K                             Hagerstown, MD          27-Nov-14
Trot For Tots Holiday 5K                              Newport News, VA        27-Nov-14
Way Station's Thanksgiving Day 5K                     Frederick, MD           27-Nov-14
SOME Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger 5K              Washington, DC          27-Nov-14
Fairfax Turkey Trot 5K                                Fairfax, VA             27-Nov-14
Humankind Turkey Trot 5K                              Lynchburg, VA           27-Nov-14
Arlington Turkey Trot 5K                              Arlington, VA           27-Nov-14
Steve Dankos 5K                                       Columbia, MD            27-Nov-14
Strut Stuff 5K                                        Prince Frederick, MD    27-Nov-14
Bulle Rock Turkey Trot 5K                             Havre de Grace, MD      27-Nov-14
Boars Head Turkey Trot 5K                             Charlottesville, VA     27-Nov-14
Y Turkey Trot Charity 5K                              Arnold, MD              27-Nov-14
YMCA Ellicott City 5K Turkey Trot                     Ellicott City, MD       27-Nov-14
Y of Central Maryland Turkey Trot 5K                  Westminster, MD         27-Nov-14
YMCA Bel Air 5K Turkey Trot                           Bel Air, MD             27-Nov-14
Towson YMCA Turkey Trot 5K                            Towson, MD              27-Nov-14
YMCA Turkey Trot 5K                                   Fredericksburg, VA      27-Nov-14
Turkey Day 5K                                         Reston, VA              27-Nov-14
Baltimore YMCA Turkey Trot 5K                         Baltimore, MD           27-Nov-14
Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot 5K                      Williamsburg, VA        27-Nov-14
VAB Turkey Trot 10K                                   Virginia Beach, VA      27-Nov-14
Richmond Turkey Trot 10K                              Richmond, VA            27-Nov-14
Alexandria Turkey Trot 5M                             Alexandria, VA          27-Nov-14
Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K                           Centreville, VA         27-Nov-14
Turkey Trot & Animal Food Drive 5M                    Irvington, VA           27-Nov-14
Wattle Waddle 5M                                      Emmitsburg, MD          27-Nov-14
Laurel Turkey Trot 5K                                 Laurel, MD              27-Nov-14
Earlysville Turkey Trot 5K                            Earlysville, VA         27-Nov-14
Talbot County YMCA Hospice 10K                        Easton, MD              28-Nov-14
Talbot County YMCA Hospice 5K                         Easton, MD              28-Nov-14
Tom's 5K Reindeer Run                                 Laurel, MD              29-Nov-14
Turkey Burnoff 10 Mile                                Gaithersburg, MD        29-Nov-14
Turkey Burnoff 5 Mile                                 Gaithersburg, MD        29-Nov-14
Northern Central Trail Marathon                       Sparks, MD              29-Nov-14
Northern Central Trail 8K                             Sparks, MD              29-Nov-14
Waynesboro Turkey Trot 5K                             Waynesboro, VA          29-Nov-14
Run for the Wounded Warriors HM                       Triangle, VA            30-Nov-14
Run for the Wounded Warriors 5K                       Triangle, VA            30-Nov-14
Goodloe Byron 10M                                     Emmitsburg, MD          6-Dec-14
St. Kateri's Run With the Son 5K                      Tabb, VA                6-Dec-14
Running of the Reindeer 5K                            Havre de Grace, MD      6-Dec-14
Solomons Jingle Bell 5K                               Solomons, MD            6-Dec-14
YCF Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell 5K               Arlington, VA           6-Dec-14
Richmond Jingle Bell 5K for Arthritis                 Richmond, VA            6-Dec-14
Peaks of Otter 5K                                     Bedford, VA             6-Dec-14
Nutzy's 5K                                            Richmond, VA            6-Dec-14
Rock Hall Reindeer Stampede 5K                        Rock Hall, MD           6-Dec-14
Reindeer Run 5K                                       Berlin, MD              6-Dec-14
Monticello Holiday Classic 5K                         Monticello, VA          6-Dec-14
TRRC Championship 7M                                  Petersburg, VA          6-Dec-14
Janney 5K                                             Washington, DC          6-Dec-14
Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 5K                      Ellicott City, MD       6-Dec-14
Mystery Through History 5K                            Winchester, VA          6-Dec-14
Reindeer Rally 5K                                     Virginia Beach, VA      6-Dec-14
Reindeer Trot 7K                                      Virginia Beach, VA      6-Dec-14
Jingle All the Way 5K                                 Washington, DC          7-Dec-14
BRRC Masters 5K                                       Sparks, MD              7-Dec-14
Run with Santa 5K                                     Reston, VA              7-Dec-14
Charlie's Run 5K                                      Sparks, MD              7-Dec-14
DCRRC Bread Run 10K                                   Glen Echo, MD           7-Dec-14
HCS Longfellow 10K                                    Columbia, MD            7-Dec-14
HCS Longfellow 15K                                    Columbia, MD            7-Dec-14
Blue Gray 5K                                          Fredericksburg, VA      7-Dec-14
Blue Gray Half Marathon                               Fredericksburg, VA      7-Dec-14
Busch Gardens Christmas Town Dash 8K                  Williamsburg, VA        7-Dec-14
Ugly Sweater 5K                                       Towson, MD              7-Dec-14
Gingerbread 5K                                        Middle River, MD        7-Dec-14
Race Around The Base 10 Miler                         Langley AFB, VA         13-Dec-14
Frigid 10K                                            Occoquan, VA            13-Dec-14
Farmville Jingle Bell 5K                              Farmville, VA           13-Dec-14
Celtic Solstice 5M                                    Baltimore, MD           13-Dec-14
Jingle Bell Trail 8K                                  Bristow, VA             13-Dec-14
Sentara Sleighbell 5K                                 Williamsburg, VA        13-Dec-14
Santa Claus Shuffle 5K                                Portsmouth, VA          13-Dec-14
Roanoke Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 5K              Roanoke, VA             13-Dec-14
Frosty 5K                                             Fairfax, VA             14-Dec-14
AS Anniversary 15K                                    Annapolis, MD           14-Dec-14
Snowflake 5K                                          Kensington, MD          14-Dec-14
DCRRC Gar Williams HM                                 Alexandria, VA          14-Dec-14
MCRRC Jingle Bell Jog 8K                              Rockville, MD           14-Dec-14
Jingle Bell Run Walk for Arthritis 5K                 Baltimore, MD           14-Dec-14
What the Hill 8M                                      Taneytown, MD           14-Dec-14
HCS Hammond 5K                                        Ellicott City, MD       14-Dec-14
Tidal Basin Runs 5K                                   Washington, DC          17-Dec-14
Surf 'n' Santa 5M                                     Virginia Beach, VA      20-Dec-14
Rudolph 6K                                            Columbia, MD            20-Dec-14
PVTC Christmas Caper 10K                              Washington, DC          20-Dec-14
PVTC Christmas Caper 5K                               Washington, DC          20-Dec-14
SVR Jingle Bell 5K                                    Boyce, VA               20-Dec-14
Toy for Tots Run 5K                                   Richmond, VA            14-Dec-14
Apple Capital Jingle Bell 5K                          Winchester, VA          20-Dec-14
Seneca Slopes 9K                                      Gaithersburg, MD        21-Dec-14
Santa's Sleigh 5K                                     Bel Air, MD             21-Dec-14
General Tso 8K                                        Columbia, MD            25-Dec-14
Nutcracker 5K                                         Solomons, MD            28-Dec-14
Village Volunteer 5K                                  Spotsylvania, VA        31-Dec-14
Ringing in Hope 10K                                   Ashburn, VA             31-Dec-14
Ringing in Hope 5K                                    Ashburn, VA             31-Dec-14
Festival of Lights 5K                                 Centreville, VA         31-Dec-14
Fairfax Four Mile                                     Fairfax, VA             31-Dec-14
Hawk Indoor Marathon                                  Hagerstown, MD          31-Dec-14
Commitment Day 5K                                     Columbia, MD            1-Jan-15
Reston New Year's 5K                                  Reston, VA              1-Jan-15
MCRRC New Year's 5K                                   Gaithersburg, MD        1-Jan-15
Sentara 5K                                            Hampton, VA             1-Jan-15
DCRRC New YearÆs Day Predictions and Resolutions 5K   Rosslyn, VA             1-Jan-15
Hair of the Dog 5K                                    Virginia Beach, VA      1-Jan-15
New Year's Day Resolution Run 5K                      Baltimore, MD           1-Jan-15
SMCN Resolution 5K                                    Prince Frederick, MD    1-Jan-15
First Day 5K                                          Midlothian, VA          1-Jan-15
Resolution Run 5K                                     Manassas, VA            1-Jan-15
YMCA Resolution Run 5K                                Fredericksburg, VA      1-Jan-15
CTC New Year's 5K                                     Free Union, VA          1-Jan-15
BRRC Father Time Frolic 5M                            Phoenix, MD             1-Jan-15
Bethany Hall Resolution Run 5K                        Roanoke, VA             1-Jan-15
Long Branch Plantation 5K                             Millwood, VA            3-Jan-15
BRATS Frozen 5K                                       Gainesville, VA         4-Jan-15
HCS Thunder Hill 10K                                  Columbia, MD            4-Jan-15
DCRRC Al Lewis 10M                                    Kensington, MD          10-Jan-15
Tidewater Striders Tune-up 10M                        Chesapeake, VA          10-Jan-15
Tidewater Striders Tune-up 6M                         Chesapeake, VA          10-Jan-15
Mud In Your Eye XC Series 5K                          Chesapeake, VA          10-Jan-15
HCS Burleigh Manor 5K                                 Ellicott City, MD       11-Jan-15
Mighty Medford Freeway 5K                             Westminster, MD         11-Jan-15
Thomas Jefferson 5K                                   Arlington, VA           11-Jan-15
Menchville Winter Chill 5K                            Hampton, VA             17-Jan-15
DCRRC MLK 5K                                          Washington, DC          17-Jan-15
DCRRC JFK 20K                                         Washington, DC          17-Jan-15
SVR Prediction 5M                                     Front Royal, VA         17-Jan-15
Freeze yours Buns 5K                                  Arnold, MD              17-Jan-15
Chilly Bob 8K                                         Smithfield, VA          17-Jan-15
Mud In Your Eye XC Series 6K                          Virginia Beach, VA      17-Jan-15
Frostbite 15K                                         Richmond, VA            18-Jan-15
Tidal Basin 5K                                        Washington, DC          19-Jan-15
Tidal Basin 10K                                       Washington, DC          19-Jan-15
MLK Trail Run 10K                                     Fairfax, VA             19-Jan-15
Tidal Basin 5K                                        Washington, DC          21-Jan-15
Frozen Finger 5M                                      Baltimore, MD           24-Jan-15
Knights of Columbus Ten Miler                         Yorktown, VA            24-Jan-15
Freeze Your Snowballs Off 10K                         Elton, VA               24-Jan-15
Frosty 5K                                             Virginia Beach, VA      24-Jan-15
Shock & Shivers 5K                                    Chesapeake, VA          24-Jan-15
Y Resolve 10K                                         Rocky Mount, VA         24-Jan-15
Frozen Toe 10K                                        Roanoke, VA             24-Jan-15
HCS Elkhorn 10K                                       Columbia, MD            25-Jan-15
Thomas Jefferson 5K                                   Arlington, VA           25-Jan-15
Freezer Burn 5K                                       Virginia Beach, VA      25-Jan-15
Tidewater Striders Tune-up 9M                         Fort Story, VA          31-Jan-15
Tidewater Striders Tune-up 15M                        Fort Story, VA          31-Jan-15
Stickman Tandem 5K                                    Strasburg, VA           31-Jan-15
Penguin Pace 5K                                       Columbia, MD            1-Feb-15
Country Run 5M                                        Olney, MD               1-Feb-15
First Down 5K                                         Washington, DC          1-Feb-15
Thomas Jefferson 5K                                   Arlington, VA           1-Feb-15
Game Day 5K                                           Newport News, VA        1-Feb-15
Game Day 10K                                          Newport News, VA        1-Feb-15
Polar Plunge 5K                                       Virginia Beach, VA      7-Feb-15
Toano Icy 8K                                          Toano, VA               7-Feb-15
Lewis Memorial 10M                                    Frederick, MD           7-Feb-15
DCRRC Langley 8K                                      Langley, VA             7-Feb-15
CKHD Love Run 5K                                      Virginia Beach, VA      7-Feb-15
Geaux for the Gold 10K                                Smithfield, VA          7-Feb-15
Fat Tuesday 5K                                        Smithfield, VA          7-Feb-15
TJ Meet 5K                                            Arlington, VA           8-Feb-15
Run Your Heart Out 5K                                 Reston, VA              8-Feb-15
Love the Run You're with 5K                           Arlington, VA           8-Feb-15
Sweethearts 4 Ever 4 Mile Run                         Fredericksburg, VA      8-Feb-15
BRRC GPS 8M                                           Phoenix, MD             8-Feb-15
Walt Whitman Redrush 5K                               Bethesda, MD            8-Feb-15
Bear Run 4M                                           Westminster, MD         8-Feb-15
Heart and Soles 5K                                    Middletown, VA          14-Feb-15
Gloucester 8K                                         Gloucester, VA          14-Feb-15
AS Valentine's Day 5K                                 Severna Park, MD        14-May-15
By George 5K                                          Washington, DC          14-Feb-15
By George 10K                                         Washington, DC          14-Feb-15
Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail HM                   King George, VA         14-Feb-15
For the Love of It 10K                                Reston, VA              14-Feb-15
Blacksburg 10 Mile                                    Blacksburg, VA          14-Feb-15
Blacksburg 5K                                         Blacksburg, VA          14-Feb-15
Race for the Chocolate 10K                            New Kent, VA            14-Feb-15
Race for the Chocolate 5K                             New Kent, VA            14-Feb-15
Adam & Eve HM                                         Charlottesville, VA     14-Feb-15
Adam & Eve 8K                                         Charlottesville, VA     14-Feb-15
Sweethearts 8K                                        Midlothian, VA          15-Feb-15
Walnut Hill Ribbon Run 5K                             Gaithersburg, MD        16-Feb-15
Tidal Basin 10K                                       Washington, DC          16-Feb-15
Tidal Basin 5K                                        Washington, DC          18-Feb-15
Sentara Colonial 5K                                   Williamsburg, VA        22-Feb-15
Love Rox 10K                                          Richmond, VA            22-Feb-15
Love Rox HM                                           Richmond, VA            22-Feb-15
Love Rox 5K                                           Richmond, VA            22-Feb-15
Fort Eustis 10K                                       Newport News, VA        28-Feb-15
No Fear 6M                                            Fairfax, VA             28-Feb-15
Lose Your Shoes & the Shirt Off Your Back 5K          Front Royal, VA         28-Feb-15
Reston 10 Mile                                        Reston, VA              1-Mar-15
St. PatrickÆs Day 10K                                 Washington, DC          1-Mar-15
St. PatrickÆs Day 5K                                  Washington, DC          1-Mar-15
Tim Kennard 10M Mile River Run                        Salisbury, MD           1-Mar-15
Tim Kennard 5K Mile River Run                         Salisbury, MD           1-Mar-15
Friendship 13.1 HM                                    Roanoke, VA             1-Mar-15
Friendship 13.1 10K                                   Roanoke, VA             1-Mar-15
Friendship 13.1 5K                                    Roanoke, VA             1-Mar-15


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