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Open Women

Michelle Miller wins the Annapolis ten miler to earn 29th in the open division.

Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K 27:09, 10K 34:28

Beating the champion is a sure way to the title. Last year Tezata Dengarsa took the title running 27:03 at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K. This year it was her second best race after her victory at the Damien's Run for Recovery 5K in 16:36. Hirut Beyene was second at the 8K in 27:09 to take the crown. Fifth place masters phenom Elena Orlova earns the fifth position in 28:09. It was ultra close for sixth place Anna Holt-Gosselin who had 12 overall wins, five of them faster than Orlova's two overall wins but head-to-head Holt-Gosselin was 27 seconds behind her at Rockville.

Darcy McDonald finished six seconds behind Holt-Gosselin at the PRR Twilight Festival 4 Miler in 22:48 but moves up to the third spot by sending Holt-Gosselin to her second of only three non-victories, winning the Reston Firecracker 5K in 16:46. Beyene beat Dengarsa at the Abebe Bikila 5K 16:49 to 16:57 for some insurance before taking down fourth place Tinbit Gidney in a dead heat 16:57. Gidney finished eight second behind Holt-Gosselin at the Reston Firecracker 5K in 17:21.

Amanda Rice beats everyone at the Capital Challenge 3M in16:40 and at Capitol Hill Classic 10K in 36:31 for seventh place just ahead of Christine Ramsey who ran the MCVets 5K in 17:15 to victory and followed with a Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 29:21. Barb Fall Wallace precedes tenth place Lisa Thomas by eight seconds at the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 36:10.

By far the most ever, 87 women qualified for the division; twenty-four came from other divisions.
Top master Elena Orlova earned fifth in the open division at the Twilight 8K in 28:09.
1Beyene, Hirut*20Washington, DC34:28
2Dengarsa, Tezata*31Washington, DC34:34
3McDonald, Darcy*25Abingdon, MD34:54
4Gidney, Tinbit22Washington, DC35:17
5Orlova, Elena**42Gaithersburg, MD35:44
6Holt-Gosselin, Anna*1224Vienna, VA35:44
7Rice, Amanda**28North Bethesda, MD35:56
8Ramsey, Christine*29Baltimore, MD35:59
9Fallon Wallace, Barb***38Alexandria, VA36:10
10Thomas, Lisa*36Alexandria, VA36:18
11Robinson, Wendy25Washington, DC36:28
12Bekale, Shataye**19Washington, DC36:32
13Courtney, Michaela28Arlington, VA36:34
14Kvasnicka, Susannah*40Great Falls, VA36:41
15Sullivan, Susanna*22Falls Church, VA36:49
16Shoemaker, Perry*41Vienna, VA36:57
17Ford, Sallie*24Charlottesville, VA37:01
18Knudson, Louise*27Charlottesville, VA37:14
19High, Renee****30Virginia Beach, VA37:28
20O'Hara, Laura*32Alexandria, VA37:29
21Yester, Jessie27Richmond, VA37:24
22Holt, Bridget*34Gambrills, MD37:31
23Oneda, Hannah**17Westminster, MD37:31
24Terry, Karen*623Newport News, VA37:35
25Digregorio, Megan***24White Marsh, MD37:33
26Mamo, Shetaye *20Washington, DC37:33
27Palmer, Ashley*29Lynchburg, VA37:37
28McNew, Megan**33Baltimore, MD37:45
29Miller, Michelle*31Damascus, MD37:55
30Stick, Sherry****34Eldersburg, MD37:58
31Laseter, Elisabeth23Washington, DC37:54
32Lieberman, Hannah 20Midlothian, VA37:58
33Allen, Kerry*23Washington, DC38:02
34Green, Nikeya30Reston, VA38:02
35Thorstenson, Mina*28Blacksburg, VA38:04
36Conlon, Beth20Montgomery Village, MD38:08
37Page, Carly26Baltimore, MD38:25
38Fagen, Kimberly42Rockville, MD38:23
39Ostrowski, Unsong33Laurel, MD38:25
40Farr, Nicole**24Frostburg, MD38:41
41Jasparro, Vicky*39Fredericksburg, VA38:44
42Blanco, Amy**36Hagerstown, MD38:48
43Menzies, Meg32Ashland, VA38:44
44Roohi, Molly**31King George, VA38:48
45Mazur, Ann26Charlottesville, VA38:49
46Parks, Rebecca24Reisterstown, MD38:48
47Korbel, Faith33Arlington, VA38:52
48Truncellito, Jaclyn**29Baltimore, MD38:57
49Lawrence, Kris32Virginia Beach, VA37:58
50Denecke, Morgan****21Midlothian, VA39:05
51Westlake, Kelly41Ellicott City, MD39:07
52Schrank, Brenda*40Winchester, VA39:01
53Kays, Danielle*37Bel Air, MD39:08
54Horst, Amy*32Baltimore, MD39:11
55Krebs, Jill31New Windsor, MD39:17
56Connor, Teal27Washington, DC39:21
57Rathbun, Kyra26Washington, DC39:21
58Spalding, Sarah31Washington, DC39:29
59Kassens, Alice**37Fincastle, VA39:29
60Sheptock, Tatiana*36South Riding, VA39:33
61Pollack, Jillian23Arlington, VA39:39
62Morrison, Tina*27Washington, DC39:40
63Ekiring, Patricia31Arlington, VA39:42
64Quarles, Jennifer***40Williamsburg, VA39:48
65Lasker, Sara22Fredericksburg, VA39:46
66Troxel, Cayce22Charlottesville, VA39:44
67McGuire, Jessica32Arlington, VA39:51
68Meuser, Andrea*45Vienna, VA40:02
69Burbach, Cristina38Washington, DC40:01
70Peck, Kaylyn*21Lutherville, MD40:07
71Grove, Alicia23Richmond, VA40:19
72Bresson, Regina*25Richmond, VA40:18
73Sober, Jen39McHenry, MD40:19
74Sowa, Megan28Washington, DC40:16
75Zielinkski, Sarah**17Boonsboro, MD40:20
76Sheedy, Kaitlin29Washington, DC40:25
77Rovegno, Andrea28Baltimore, MD40:23
78Crook, Meg37Charlottesville, VA40:26
79Humphrey, Robyn48Ellicott City, MD40:30
80Flood, Jaime*33Washington, DC40:30
81Cario, Stephanie20Mechanicsville, VA40:28
82Martin, Amy39Charlottesville, VA40:32
83Matthews, Samantha*22Gwynn Oak, MD40:35
84Heimer, Hollie*21Chesapeake, VA40:42
85Knotts, Rihana27Fairfax, VA40:48
86Gordanier, Danielle**41Annapolis, MD41:03
87Braner, Elyse28Washington, DC41:03

19 & Younger Women

Avery Cunningham has a fine Annapolis ten miler as the eighth teen in the rankings.

Save the Trail 5K 17:33, 10K = 36:32

The division grew again to a monster 61 qualifiers. Last summer's champion Hannah Oneda again had two overall wins. She improved at the Runnymede 8K that gave her the crown but even better blistered the Run with the Knights 5K in 18:01. That put her way ahead of third place Meghan Lockett who had won the Comus 5K in a typically slower Cross Country time but had raced a fine Kentlands/Lakelands 5K in 18:30 for third overall.

Shetaye Bekele, 19, dominated with eight age group victories and finishing first or second overall in seven of those races. Her season began with a superb Capitol Hill Classic 10K in 37:30 which she capped a week later by winning the Save the Trail 5K in 17:33. Fourth place Sarah Zielinkski is making a name for herself with three overall wins, including the summer endurance testing River Rumble Half Marathon.
1Bekale, Shataye*819Washington, DC36:32
2Oneda, Hannah**17Westminster, MD37:31
3Lockett, Meghan**15Comus, MD38:31
4Zielinkski, Sarah****17Boonsboro, MD40:20
5King, Bethany**16Colonial Heights, VA41:10
6Rabbitt, Rachel***17Yorktown, VA41:10
7Koffler, Julie***16Arnold, MD41:25
8Cunningham, Avery*****13Annapolis, MD41:24
9Daley, Abbey*17Clarksburg, MD41:32
10Gessler, Julie*19Ellicott City, MD41:55
11Lang, Tiffany****18Columbia, MD42:10
12Barnes, Zoe***14Annapolis, MD42:10
13Buscher, Mim**15Toano, VA42:08
14Martingayle, Doria**12Virginia Beach, VA42:22
15Brady, Lauren**18Charlottesville, VA42:21
16Wade, Colleen**19Stafford, VA42:24
17Rosas, Adriana**12Ellicott City, MD42:37
18Wilson, Erica***15Frostburg, MD42:41
19Burger, Devon**15Palmyra, VA43:00
20Stoddard, Jillian***19Purcellville, VA43:08
21Clouser, Maddie**18Arnold, MD43:08
22Landy, Tara**19Burke, VA43:12
23Devault, Alexis****16Frostburg, MD43:20
24Roche, Harmony**18Arnold, MD43:25
25Livingston, Gillian11Vienna, VA43:25
26MacDonald, Mikka Kei*18Catonsville, MD43:23
27McPhail, Darby**16Roanoke, VA43:36
28Bavin, Scarlett**16Richmond, VA43:33
29Haynes, Danielle*15Westernport, MD43:43
30Simmons, Jennifer**14Silver Spring, MD43:54
31Rowe, Justina**14Yorktown, VA43:52
32Rogers, Jessica**12Bel Air, MD44:00
33May, Abbie*15Forest, VA44:00
34Armstrong, Jessica*17Newport News, VA44:17
35Johnson, Lauren**18Smithburg, MD44:25
36Gessler, Becky17Ellicott City, MD44:29
37Gilliam, Helen**15Orange, VA44:33
38Bavin, Chloe**15Richmond, VA44:33
39Taylor, Lynsey**11New Castle, VA44:40
40Yasnowsky, Kaitlyn**13Richmond, VA44:56
41Gill, Maggie**17Pikesville, MD45:02
42Waugh, Sara**13Springfield, VA45:02
43Warren, Hailey*16Richmond, VA45:02
44Rosas, Brenda*13Ellicott City, MD45:15
45Cunningham, Morgan19Annapolis, MD45:15
46Jantemaso, Sophia**12Forest, VA45:19
47Srour, Lucy15Potomac, MD45:27
48Wagner, Reilly14Crofton, MD45:25
49D'Ottavi, Morgana**15Silver Spring, MD45:34
50Buckbee, Kaylee13Cumberland, MD45:30
51Miller, Caroline**14Ashburn, VA45:36
52Gessler, Amy17Ellicott City, MD45:36
53Rinehart, Sarah**15Westminster, MD45:42
54Shields, Carey**16Danville, VA45:42
55Cunningham, Logan*16Oakton, VA45:57
56Jones, Brynn**14Lutherville, MD46:19
57Graf, Tina**15Westminster, MD46:19
58Lowman, Olivia*14Mount Airy, MD46:21
59Amraen, Megan*19Fairfax, VA46:51
60Hartman, Becca*16Westminster, MD47:12
61MacDonald, Tara16Catonsville, MD47:51

35-39 Women

Lawyers Have Heart 10K 36:10

Lisa Thomas started brightly with an overall win at the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon in 1:21:32. Her other two races were second overall which would seem to bode well to repeat as champion. It was not to be as spring's runner-up Barb Fallon Wallace took charge. She had broken to the lead the besting Thomas at the Kelley Cares 5K 17:41 to 17:54. Then just a week after Thomas' half, Fallon Wallace trumped again winning the Lawyers Have Heart 10K 36:10 to 36:18.

The next three places were extra close with each of the ladies commanding with at least one overall win. Vicky Jasparro gets third with her victory being the fastest at the 5K Race for Mental Wellness in 18:36. She added the Hartwood 10 Mile in 1:05:10 for second overall. Next in fourth comes Amy Blanco who won it all at both the Joe Robeson 5K in 18:41 and the Gary Brown Memorial 5 Mile in 30:46. Right on their heels, fifth place Danielle Kays won the Armed Forces Day 10K in 39:08.
1Fallon Wallace, Barb***38Alexandria, VA36:10
2Thomas, Lisa***36Alexandria, VA36:18
3Jasparro, Vicky****39Fredericksburg, VA38:44
4Blanco, Amy**36Hagerstown, MD38:54
5Kays, Danielle**37Bel Air, MD39:08
6Kassens, Alice***37Fincastle, VA39:29
7Sheptock, Tatiana*736South Riding, VA39:33
8Burbach, Cristina**38Washington, DC40:01
9Sober, Jen***39McHenry, MD40:19
10Strickler, Mary Beth**37Lavale, MD40:28
11Crook, Meg*37Charlottesville, VA40:26
12Martin, Amy*39Charlottesville, VA40:32
13Farias, Lisa37Catonsville, MD40:51
14Plevinski, Jennifer**35Clear Spring, MD41:03
15Huerta, Amy**37Fredericksburg, VA41:01
16Matthews, Wendy**35Arlington, VA41:15
17Lane, Heidi*37Annapolis, MD41:23
18Reichmann, Lisa*38Gaithersburg, MD41:38
19Sample, Jennifer*37Chevy Chase, MD41:44
20Black, Karen**39Danville, VA41:49
21Mason, Dani**39Hagerstown, MD41:54
22Sapper, Julie*****39Rockville, MD42:07
23Gauvin, Dionis**37Washington, DC42:03
24Brown, Sandy*36Brambleton, VA42:30
25Ludewig, Tenley*37Washington, DC43:04
26Stanley, Ann**36Richmond, VA43:35
27Nichols, Susie**37Crofton, MD43:50

40-44 Women

Julie Sapper turned forty in time to win at the Kensington 8K in September.

Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K 28:09, 10K = 35:44

With 14 of the three dozen qualifiers racing open class times it is hard to stay on top. Susannah Kvasnick made her masters début finishing third overall at the Fit to Dream 8K in 29:35. That was well ahead of a former champ Jennifer Quarles who settled for the seventh spot. She won all four of her other races outright, including the Run for a Dream HM the next day.

That same Saturday Elena Orlova won it all at the Germantown 5 Miler in 28:48 to take the lead she would never lose. She topped it off in July at the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K, finishing fifth overall in 28:09.

In June Kvasnicka held off prolific racer Perry Shoemaker at the PRR Twilight Festival 4 Miler 24:39 to 24:46 but both knew that they both had more potent races ahead. Shoemaker threw down a slew of victories in June but was edged by Kimberly Fagen at the Tim Harmon 5K 18:26 to 18:29. Kvasnicka ran the fastest 5K of the period winning the Purple Strides 5K in 17:37 to clinch the runner-up spot.

Shoemaker went long to end the summer winning it all at the Leesburg 20K in 1:17:33 and finishing the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in 1:22:22. That easily put her in third and might have Kvasnicka looking over her shoulder except that she always looks toward the top spot.

Brenda Schrank only raced twice but her solid Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon in 1:26:20 was good enough to take sixth place. Kelly Westlake takes fifth with four solid efforts led by her third overall at the hilly Annapolis 10 Miler in 1:05:04.
Kelly Westlake is fifth master, racing to third overall at the Annapolis ten miler.
1Orlova, Elena***42Gaithersburg, MD35:44
2Kvasnicka, Susannah***40Great Falls, VA36:41
3Shoemaker, Perry*641Vienna, VA36:57
4Fagen, Kimberly**42Rockville, MD38:23
5Westlake, Kelly****41Ellicott City, MD39:07
6Schrank, Brenda**40Winchester, VA39:01
7Quarles, Jennifer****40Williamsburg, VA39:48
8Ross, Cathy*840Burke, VA40:43
9Graham-Grey, Susan**44Greencastle, PA40:36
10Hedman, Annica**43Boonsboro, MD40:25
11Gordanier, Danielle***41Annapolis, MD41:03
12England, Yoko*41Norfolk, VA41:05
13Phelps, Mijiko**42Reston, VA41:03
14Lee, Tricia*40Virginia Beach, VA41:15
15Knickman, Denise*****44Baltimore, MD41:33
16Benda, Marci***42Parkton, MD42:10
17Isler, Kim*44Oakton, VA42:24
18Spalla Benson, Arlyne**42Yorktown, VA43:00
19Ackerson, Lisa*41Annapolis, MD43:30
20Dolby, Michelle**44Fredericksburg, VA43:37
21Clower, Sherry**40Westminster, MD43:39
22Hickey, Jennifer*41Washington, DC43:54
23McQuade, Maryclare**42Chesapeake, VA43:59
24Lang, Vicki43Columbia, MD43:57
25Taylor, Julia41Arlington, VA44:08
26Hoenig, Katherine**43South Riding, VA44:09
27Powers, Tracy*43Columbia, MD44:19
28Young, Debbie***41Millersville, MD44:25
29Pade, Genemarie43McLean, VA44:28
30Welsh, Teri***44Lutherville, MD44:35
31Green, Theresa**41Richmond, VA44:42
32Hardaway, Danielle**42Culpeper, VA44:58
33Sturtevant, Corky*42Springfield, VA45:09
34McCann, Kristine*40Alexandria, VA45:25
35Goble, Dena*42Williamsburg, VA45:19
36MacPhee, Norah*40Columbia, MD45:17

45-49 Women

Crystal City Twilight 5K 18:46, 10K = 39:04

This summer 42 women waited nervously for Alisa Harvey to race a second time. Her Crystal City Twilight 5K in 18:46 would have earned another title with just one more companion appearance. In the spring Robyn Humphrey and Pamela Lovett had moved close enough to see Harvey and Lovett who turned fifty mid-way in the summer would have liked a shot at the crown.

Lovett’s opening volley was a 5K in 20:07. Two days later Humphrey pushed past her with her fifth fastest race a 5K in 20:02. The following week at the big-time Bel Air Town Run 5K Humphrey looked golden running in 19:27. But on the horizon that morning Andrea Meuser won it all at the Herndon 10K in 41:02.

Lovett improved her status running the King's Daughters Run 8K in 32:40 and that was just enough to kick her ahead of Beth Cottone who would run a fast Kiwanis Club Independence Day 5K in 19:51. Her only other race had been a sluggish St. Michael's Run Festival 10K 48:12, though she was the overall winner. Humphrey would pad her stats but at the Leesburg 20K Meuser took her first crown finishing third overall in 1:24:02. Fifth place Laura Shannon had a busy first weekend racing the Fit to Dream 8K and then the Run for a Dream HM the very next day.
1Meuser, Andrea**45Vienna, VA40:02
2Humphrey, Robyn****48Ellicott City, MD40:30
3Lovett, Pamela***49Newport News, VA41:28
4Cottone, Beth**46Charlottesville, VA41:20
5Shannon, Laura49Williamsburg, VA41:48
6Hetherington, Debbie**47Richmond, VA42:47
7Mortazavi, Mandana*748Leesburg, VA42:56
8Glueck, Connie*848Williamsburg, VA42:56
9McGee, Gina**47Virginia Beach, VA43:07
10Cunningham, Trish***49Annapolis, MD43:07
11Ware ,Elizabeth*48Virginia Beach, VA42:57
12Johnston, Keary***47Frederick, MD43:43
13Taylor, Deb46Hanover, MD43:45
14Stotlar, Tonya***45Leesburg, VA43:53
15Hall, Maureen*647Parkville, MD43:56
16Thienel, Julie*48Columbia, MD44:17
17Borkman, Kelly**46Virginia Beach, VA44:29
18McLaughlin, Debbie**46Williamsburg, VA44:29
19Frantz, Simone*45Richmond, VA44:27
20Fortner, Shawn****48Roanoke, VA44:46
21Olson, Ruth***49Fredericksburg, VA44:42
22Kolocotronics, Susan46Columbia, MD45:08
23Fedon, Leslie48Virginia Beach, VA45:17
24Denecke, Gwen**47Midlothian, VA45:16
25Prior, Cheri45Glen Allen, VA45:42
26Cuff, Patricia**47Alexandria, VA45:48
27Kenney, Karen**49Havre de Grace, MD45:48
28Carvell, Taneen*45Arlington, VA46:13
29Alsamman, Brooke45Fairfax, VA46:09
30Liu, Tammy*45Ellicott City, MD46:17
31Braunstein, Janet*46Washington, DC46:19
32Willingham, Lise*48Earlysville, VA46:24
33Kulynych, Jennifer47Annapolis, MD46:38
34Ensor, Anne*45Monkton, MD46:49
35Mackintosh, Brenda46Springfield, VA46:57
36Sevik, Phyllis47Ellicott City, MD46:55
37Tomkinson, Kitty**46Huddleston, VA47:29
38Moore, Kimberly48Richmond, VA47:30
39Demaree, Marsha**47Marriottsville, MD47:32
40Armistead, Lisa*47Virginia Beach, VA48:04
41Huizenga, Martha*45Washington, DC48:06
42Benante, Susan48Arlington, VA48:08

50-54 Women

Leesburg 20K 1:24:54, 10K = 40:27

With sizzling fast Andrea Wright sidelined for the summer, the top three runners are nearly impossible to separate. Cindy Conant, who won last summer, was coming off a dominant spring title. She often races at the beach during the summer. In mid June she met Linda Foley at the fast Purple Strides 5K and Foley triumphed by ten seconds in 19:29. It would turn out to be the second fastest race of the period. The following week she met fellow Oak Hill runner Deedee Loughran at the Tim Harmon 5K. Both runners had tough races but again Foley came out on top 20:06 to 20:15.

To be the best you need to beat the best and Foley earned the crown. In mid August Loughran stormed to the top race winning the Leesburg 20K in 1:24:54 ahead of fourth place Kelly Dworak’s 1:27:31. A few more seconds and it might have been enough to take the crown. It did take her past Conant for the runner-up spot. Conant had won the Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 32:23.

Fifth place Mercedes Castillo-D'Amico, 54, had seven age group wins, including an overall and four other top three overall finishes. Her best race was the Warhill 5K in 20:13. Thirty-nine women qualified for the division.
1Foley, Linda****50Oak Hill, VA40:34
2Loughran, Dee Dee*654Oak Hill, VA40:27
3Conant, Cindy****51Kensington, MD40:55
4Dworak, Kelly*50Carlisle, PA41:42
5Castillo D'Amico, Mercedes*754Newport News, VA42:05
6Havens, Karla*50Shacklefords, VA42:44
7Scott, Janeth***50Columbia, MD43:14
8Persina, Win**52Washington, DC44:02
9Beckett, Dorothy**54Columbia, MD44:33
10Gitney, Eleanor**52Chesapeake City, MD44:29
11Rosasco, Carole*653Arnold, MD45:09
12Fichman, Lisa50Columbia, MD45:11
13Hill, Nancy*****54Havre de Grace, MD45:48
14Graham, Judy**54Silver Spring, MD45:57
15Mann, Sheri****50Yorktown, VA46:15
16Rader, Amber*****53Moseley, VA46:24
17Simonsick, Eleanor**54Baltimore, MD46:26
18Hargis, Jill*51Annapolis, MD46:52
19Mannion, Ellen51Herndon, VA47:01
20Myrtue, Marianne51Woodstock, MD47:09
21Josey, Christine*53Columbia, MD47:22
22Peck, Leigh54Lutherville, MD47:30
23Frackelton, Beth***51Lynchburg, VA48:08
24Quinn, Elizabeth****50Stafford, VA48:16
25Goodwin, Robin54Timonium, MD48:32
26Norman, Brenda54Annapolis, MD48:35
27Rushin, Blake*50Vienna, VA48:44
28Utz, Rhonda**51Forest Hill, MD48:41
29Gardner, Karen**52Keedysville, MD48:39
30Galliani, Paula**52Gaithersburg, MD48:51
31Black, Beverly*52Boonsboro, MD49:05
32Santarpia, Gloria51Odenton, MD49:25
33Forster, Lynne*51Lynchburg, VA49:47
34Kennedy, Linda*51Alexandria, VA50:00
35Martin, Cynthia*54Springfield, VA50:26
36Foley, Patricia*52Charlottesville, VA50:33
37Poremski, Ruthann51Baltimore, MD50:51
38Wagner, Tracey52Afron, VA50:58
39Griffing, Sharon53Springfield, VA51:01

55-59 Women

Leesburg 20K 1:30:18, 10K = 43:01

Betty Blank has about six months left to recapture the title before she gracefully moves on to the 60-64 division. Normally her nemesis Alison Suckling is there to make her work really hard. Blank had a solid race at the DCRRC Bastille Day 4M in 29:07 but her pace was well off her runner-up spot from the spring.

The division featured two new faces in the top four as well as the return of Ofelia Perotti in sixth place who dominated the masters division at the turn of the century. Suckling only raced twice but Dawson's 10K in 44:47 was enough to earn her the runner-up spot. Myong Dunn boosted herself into fourth place with a solid Fit to Dream 8K in 37:37.

The new division crown goes to Carole Jones. She missed her début with only one race in the spring but in the summer she pulverized the division winning all seven of her races handily. She would have six of the top seven times. After tamely finishing third overall at Carter's Run 5K to start the period, she jetted away from the crowd. Her three best races were big ones, including the Reston Firecracker 5K in 21:21 and the Annapolis 10 miler in 1:14:19. But her crowning achievement was an excellent 1:30:18 at the Leesburg 20K
1Jones, Carole*755Ashburn, VA43:01
2Suckling, Alison*56Arnold, MD44:47
3Blank, Betty*659Falls Church, VA46:30
4Dunn, Myong*55Hanover, MD47:43
5Lewis, Donna**57Bel Air, MD47:43
6Perotti, Ofelia*55Alexandria, VA48:06
7Cupo, Mary*56Baltimore, MD48:14
8Talley, Carol**57Toano, VA48:22
9Altenburger, Kim*56Parkville, MD48:26
10Peck, Leigh**55Lutherville, MD48:35
11Foster, Marcy58Reston, VA49:21
12Peck, Julia*55Culpeper, VA49:39
13Recto, Liza****56Lexington Park, MD50:21
14Sanders, Heather**57McLean, VA50:27
15Harvey, Karen*755Ellicott City, MD50:33
16Washington, Myra**55Montgomery Village, MD50:36
17Seidman, Merrilee*57Alexandria, VA50:48
18Evans, Cynthia**56Randallstown, MD50:46
19Fisher, Nina55Severna Park, MD50:50
20Allen, Mary Jane**58Irvington, VA52:05
21Harrison, Carolyn55Virginia Beach, VA52:11
22Carvalho, Manuela*57Washington, DC52:19
23Gatto, Tobin*56Alexandria, VA52:28
24Rigby Kash, Leslie**55Round Hill, VA52:30
25Fox, Linda*655Virginia Beach, VA52:38
26Crist, Rose***57Lanexa, VA52:46
27Wake, Sharon***57Richmond, VA52:51
28Worthington, Helen***58Bena, VA52:59
29Shocket, Suanne*58Manassas, VA53:26
30Bowling, Nancy**55Frostburg, MD53:35
31Villiva, Dani59Burke, VA53:35
32Ferguson, Layne***55Moneta, VA53:41
33Lapkoff, Sharon59Jefferson, MD53:53

60-64 Women

Purple Strides 5K 22:45, 10K = 47:22

Last summer's champion Marge Rosasco got the period underway on the first day as second overall at the Franklin Tull 5K in 23:52. She knew that would not hold. Memorial Day Alice Franks begin her 11 race winning streak winning Jeremy's Run 10K in 49:24. Rosasco would scratch off a few seconds in consecutive 5Ks but was not gaining any real ground.

At the big Lawyers Have Heart which returned to being a 10K this year, Linda Mills rode in from Salisbury to make her mark besting Frank's first effort with a fine 49:08. But Franks had already closed the door winning that race in 47:36. The following week she put the division further away winning the Purple Strides 5K in 22:36. That same day Mills went to Baltimore to win the ten miler there in its fourth year with 1:22:59. Franks edged that in August at Annapolis with 1:22:46.

Fourth place Maria Shields was the last women to have a 5K faster than 24:00. Still, the division exploded to more than double in size with 47 qualifiers,
1Franks, Alice*1164Rockville, MD47:22
2Mills, Linda**62Salisbury, MD49:08
3Rosasco, Marge*****64Joppa, MD49:27
4Shields, Maria****61Davidsonville, MD49:56
5Webster, Kathleen*****63Newport News, VA50:36
6Gulick, Linda*****61Richmond, VA50:53
7Fike, Kathleen**62King George, VA51:21
8Williams, Penny**61Trappe, MD51:39
9Lennon, Larue****64Westminster, MD51:34
10Sharer, Louise*****60Williamsburg, VA51:45
11Clement, Laurel*****64Haymarket, VA52:45
12Buchser, Esther****63Abingdon, MD53:04
13Velilla, Loida*64Falls Church, VA53:09
14Rosenthal, Ann*62Bethesda, MD53:12
15Seigfried, Marilee**60Purcellville, VA53:19
16Scandore, Linda**61Charlottesville, VA53:32
17Nusbaum, Maria*60Reston, VA53:45
18Tosato, Giovanna63Bethesda, MD53:45
19Rabe, Ellen**63Columbia, MD54:43
20Rubini, Patricia**62Silver Spring, MD54:39
21Reese, Chris**61Westminster, MD54:43
22Fredlake, Mary**62Washington, DC55:00
23Brooks, Patricia***61Ellicott City, MD54:56
24Russell, Pia*62Norfolk, VA54:58
25Phillips, Hannah*60Alexandria, VA56:07
26Biasi, Barbara64Yorktown, VA56:46
27Sadoff, Elizabeth****63Washington, DC57:01
28Travis, Patricia61Williamsburg, VA57:24
29Gustafson, Joan61Portsmouth, VA57:49
30Mitchell, Brenda**62Williamsburg, VA58:07
31Whittington, Karen*60Lothian, VA58:12
32Miffleton, Terry**61Richmond, VA58:18
33Himelright, Colleen***64Fredericksburg, VA58:28
34Godfrey, Jane63Takoma Park, MD58:36
35Forsha, Anne**60Derwood, MD58:28
36Stanfield, Leslie62Reston, VA58:48
37Riordan, Anne*61Fredericksburg, VA59:01
38Mulherin, Patti**61Richmond, VA58:59
39Schneider, June64Millersville, MD59:08
40Berchielli, Linda63Arnold, MD59:12
41Codrington, Vallerie60Glenarden, MD59:14
42Doyle, Kathryn***61Winchester, VA59:34
43Fisher, Laurie61Hyattsville, MD59:50
44Hennes, Kathy**60Annapolis, MD1:00:04
45Jones, Priscilla**63Lynchburg, VA1:00:41
46Olson, Jean60Rockville, MD1:01:01
47Blackwell, Nancy*60Lynchburg, VA1:01:41

65-69 Women

Fit to Dream 8K 39:33, 10K = 50:10

Dee Nelson won all ten of her summer races. Her best of four Women's Distance Festival 5Ks was her best race ahead of fifth place BJ King at the Run for the Roses 5K in 24:47. That was just a week after third place Betty Brothers had set the fastest 5K of the summer at the Eggleston OK 5K in 25:15.

Linda Kearney joined the division with a solid Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K in 41:56 but it was not quite as good as fourth place Claudia Crawford had run in June at the King's Daughters Run 8K (41:54). Then Kearney bolted past the field running the Leesburg 5K in 24:23. Normally the race was a 10K but construction made that impossible this year. The following week she stamped paid to the race at the prestigious Annapolis 10 Miler in 1:25:16.
1Kearney, Linda***66Oak Hill, VA50:46
2Nelson, Dee*1068Gaithersburg, MD51:36
3Brothers, Betty***65Virginia Beach, VA52:34
4Crawford, Claudia*65Virginia Beach, VA53:12
5Murphy, Joanne67Baltimore, MD54:29
6King, BJ*67Crofton, MD54:23
7Craun, Chris**66Bethesda, MD54:37
8Hirn, Ann****66Portsmouth, VA55:20
9Welch, Pat**67Vienna, VA59:06
10Stark, Barbara67Suffolk, VA59:45
11Jordan, Wendy***65Washington, DC59:41
12Bolton, Gretchen*66Bethesda, MD1:00:19
13Schneider, June**65Millersville, MD1:00:39
14Hawes, Felicity69Gaithersburg, MD1:00:35
15Imholtz, Clare****65Beltsville, MD1:02:23
16Hocheder, Ellen69Mount Airy, MD1:03:13
17Gonyea, Mary Ellen65Alexandria, VA1:04:14
18Barton, Pat*65Copper Hill, VA1:04:32
19Cogossi, Margaret65Williamsburg, VA1:05:41
20Stewart, Marina**66Baltimore, MD1:06:44
21Gray, Brenda***65Lynchburg, VA1:07:38
22Wendell, Barbara*68Annapolis, MD1:08:10
23Prunella, Priscila67Rockville, MD1:08:03
24Mayhew, Mary*66Winchester, VA1:08:47
25Fillare, Annie**68Spotsylvania, VA1:09:41
26Queen, Sandy*66Columbia, MD1:10:33
27Monroe, Trudy65Fredericksburg, VA1:11:56
28Trapp, Julie68Silver Spring, MD1:12:15

70-74 Women

Mental Health Recovery Run 5K 25:18, 10K = 52:40

Nobody is going to beat the record making machine named Joan Coven. She owns the 65-69 5K record for Virginia just missed her own record of 25:17 for the 70-74 division by a second winning the crown by a mile. She had the five fastest times in the division. Her Elizabeth River 10K in 55:51 was a half mile ahead of Molly Sherwood who leapt from fifth place in the spring to runner-up running the Dawson's 10K in 59:13. That same June morning third place Ecris Williams finished nearly 30 minutes on the clock ahead of her at the Run with Dad 5K in 29:33. She added another fast 5K to hold of last spring's runner-up Mary Kate Berglund who ran 29:46 at the Pony Pasture 5K
1Coven, Joan*****71West Point, VA52:40
2Sherwood, Molly**70Annapolis, MD59:13
3Williams, Ecris*773Reston, VA1:01:31
4Berglund, Mary Kate**71Richmond, VA1:01:58
5Stewart, Judy73Williamsburg, VA1:05:39
6Whalen, Mandy*****72Alexandria, VA1:07:17
7Garland, Arlowene**73Warsaw, VA1:08:38
8Smith, Betty**71Rockville, MD1:17:13
9Dicker, Lois*72Silver Spring, MD1:16:33
10Rogers, Janet72Annapolis, MD1:19:08
11Pitts, Laura73Baltimore , MD1:22:38
12Tody, Carolyn*73Norfolk, VA1:23:29
13Sikes, Martha*71Charlottesville, VA1:25:32
14Vadas, Germaine**73Bel Air, MD1:26:22

75-79 Women

Fit to Dream 8K 51:51, 10K = 1:05:46

Tami Graf fell to third last summer, her lowest ranking ever, and was pressed by Nancy Fraser in the spring when she won. For the summer she went win quantity and quality hammering out 16 age group wins in her 20 qualifiers. Her best race was the first weekend of the period at the national class Fit to Dream 8K. She made multiple trips to the Tidewater region for her races. Fraser, from Charlottesville, bookended the summer waiting to the final weekend to get her second qualifier. Former champion Ernestine Shepherd was well off her usual brilliance, only racing twice in the summer.
1Graf, Tami*1676Lusby, MD1:05:46
2Fraser, Nancy**75Charlottesville, VA1:06:42
3Shepherd, Ernestine**76Baltimore, MD1:11:33
4Manciagli, Ann*****76Williamsburg, VA1:13:26
5Locke, Harriet**79Bristol, VA1:05:03
6Mallet, Joanne**78Rockville, MD1:23:58

80 & Older Women

Railroad Days 5K 35:29, 10K =1:13:53

Yvonne Aasen is a racing fool running sixteen races for more than 50% of the total races run in her division. She was the fastest runner in her decade at 81 but three of the races had a 70 & older division. While she lost only three seconds from last summer (she ran the Run with the Knights 5K in 36:13), runner-up Ruth Ketron faded a bit more. Ketron was second place at the Railroad Days 5K 38:02 to 35:29 to a solo effort by Harriet Locke.
1Aasen, Yvonne**81Westminster, MD1:15:24
2Ketron, Ruth**81Kingsport, TN1:19:11
3O'Neil, Jacqueline81Washington, DC1:29:44
4Eden, Pat**81Williamsburg, VA1:34:14
5Libes, Lennie**80Potomac, MD1:43:08
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