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Sat 12/16 - Sky Meadows 5K & 10K
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Open Men

Army 10 Mile 47:58, 10K = 28:52

Mulugeta Wendimu had a tame start finishing second behind seventh place Dereje Tadesse Girma at the Anthem Great Pumpkin 5K, 14:34 to 14:50. Then on the final Saturday at the HCA 8K he returned the favor with the fastest time among qualifiers at 23:12 to Girma's 24:01.

Chris Kwiatkowski moved into lead with an excellent Army 10- Miler in 49:10. That put him ahead of eleventh place Sam Luff (50:51) and 12th place Charles Ballew (50:55). The final Sunday, Kwiatkowski topped the field at the Veterans Day 10K in 29:47 to elbow his way to the top. Runner-up Joey Thompson had only the 65th best time as second place at the Navy 5M in 25:15 in a very elite field this fall. He took second in West Potomac Park with 29:57 to edge Frank Devar who knocked 24 seconds off his overall win from 2011 to finish in 29:59.

Devar added a fourth place finish at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in 1:06:32 to secure his place. Ninth place Jeff Brannigan was fourth overall at Veterans Day in 30:26. Jack Bolas won the Race for a Cause 8K in 23:39 to take fifth ahead of Birhanu Mekonen (32:47) and Girma (23:53). Racing celebrity Alan Webb won the Brain Aneurysm Awareness 8K by two minutes in 24:19 and than boasted the top time at the most competitive 5K, Chick Fil-A in 14:30 to take eighth place. Chris Mills had the fastest marathon at Richmond in 2:22:42 to take tenth place in this loaded field.

Two former multiple time champions were squeezed back to 13th (Demesse Tefera) and 15th (Gurmessa Megressa). Tefera won the BCC 5K in 14:43, 1, 2, 3 ahead on Mulugeta Genbere (14:49) and Megressa (14:50). Genbere was second at the BCC 5K in 14:41 to third place Megressa 14:44.

Seventy runners made the Open division with 6 coming from other divisions.
1Kwiatkowski, Chris*23Chevy Chase, MD29:35
2Wendimu, Mulugeta**27Washington, DC29:26
3Thompson, Joey22Columbia, MD29:57
4Devar, Frank24Washington, DC29:59
5Bolas, Jack*24Washington, DC30:00
6Mekonen, Birhanu26Washington, DC30:10
7Girma, Dereje Tadesse*28Washington, DC30:18
8Webb, Alan**29Charlottesville, VA30:15
9Brannigan, Jeff*23Washington, DC30:26
10Mills, Christopher22Falls Church, VA30:37
11Luff, Sam25Washington, DC30:36
12Ballew, Charles28Washington, DC30:38
13Tefera, Demesse*29Washington, DC30:42
14Genbere, Mulugeta*27Silver Spring, MD30:38
15Megerssa, Gurmessa33Washington, DC30:44
16Alton, Guy28Richmond, VA30:52
17Carroll, Rayn*****30Portsmouth, VA31:04
18Molz, Jon26Richmond, VA31:03
19Fernandez, Patrick**25Alexandria, VA31:13
20Klim, Jake32North Bethesda, MD31:16
21Burnham, David*28Arlington, VA31:17
22McDougal, Jordan*25Warrenton, VA31:24
23Ilanso, Temesgen26Washington, DC31:28
24Angell, David*36Blue Ridge, VA31:33
25Bayisse, Teressa24Washington, DC31:33
26Geletu, Seife*30Washington, DC31:29
27Livingston, Bruce*25Williamsburg, VA31:29
28Barresi, Matt*29Falls Church, VA31:36
29Sutherland, Trip27Washington, DC31:41
30Witters, Ryan*24Washington, DC31:39
31Hopely, Mark24Lynchburg, VA31:37
32Ban, Charlie**30Washington, DC31:46
33Schroer, Adam23Harrisonburg, VA31:44
34Pugsley, Ray43Potomac Falls, VA32:05
35Burke, Edmund43Burtonsville, MD32:09
36O'Reilly, Blaine24Williamsburg, VA32:09
37Benway, Alexander22Reston, VA32:09
38Laskowski, Conrad*26Bethesda, MD32:11
39Myers, Jason27Arlington, VA32:08
40Buschman, Mark28Columbia, MD32:11
41Mariano, Gregory*27Alexandria, VA32:14
42Allen, Scott*27Washington, DC32:17
43Turner, Justin33Virginia Beach, VA32:26
44Bitew, Chalie24Washington, DC32:30
45Jacoby, Bert*29Charlottesville, VA32:38
46Guevara, Paul26Alexandria, VA32:36
47Greenlaw, Jerry24Alexandria, VA32:41
48Wertz, David36Arlington, VA32:46
49Pruitt, Christopher30Arlington, VA32:56
50Carrier, Chris28Richmond, VA32:51
51Berdan, Dave31Owings Mills, MD32:55
52Matiskella, Keith41Alexandria, VA32:58
53Reutlinger, Phil*33Alexandria, VA32:58
54Deters, Matt*27Washington, DC33:01
55Abebe, Mesfin29Silver Spring, MD33:00
56Hall, John26Arlington, VA33:06
57Crouzier, Nicholas27Gaithersburg, MD33:03
58Linman, Matthew29Washington, DC33:11
59Sewell, Sean*23Richmond, VA33:12
60Hryvniak, David*27Charlottesville, VA33:26
61Tropf, Jordan20Annapolis, MD33:27
62Middleton, Ryan25Hanover, MD33:27
63Rumery, Shawn*26Silver Spring, MD33:37
64Zimmerman, John46McLean, VA33:31
65Contario, Jesse29Washington, DC33:33
66Kearns, Ethan31Arlington, VA33:40
67Harris, Richard30Silver Spring, MD33:40
68Curley, Lavar32Washington, DC33:38
69Yi, Daniel32Alexandria, VA33:44
70Ettarfaoui, Habib29Pikesville, MD33:49

19 & Younger Men

Towson Downtown 5K 15:46, 10K= 32:53

Michael Wegner won the division with a superb Towson Downtown 5K victory in 15:46. The following week he ran the Frizzleburg 3M to another win in 17:39. Anyone who ran that cross country course which is even shorter would probably think it was his better effort. Runner-up Peter Mitchell had a less obvious gap between his two races, the Boo-yah 5K win in 16:07 to end the period and the All American Beach Ford 5K in 17:11 in October.

Third place Thomas Selishev had an overall win but his best effort was third in his age group at the Veterans Day 10K in 34:04. Next came Heath Anderson with two solids 5:20 pace 5Ks.
1Wegner, Michael**16Pikesville, MD32:53
2Mitchell, Peter***18Virginia Beach, VA33:37
3Selishev, Thomas*16Silver Spring, MD34:04
4Anderson, Heath**18Chesterfield, VA34:27
5Hall, Jay*12Waldorf, MD36:18
6Gates, Andrew**19Washington, DC36:43
7Aris, Benjamin14Port Republic, MD36:57
8Buchholz, Alex***15Gambrills, MD37:27
9Dixon, Noah16Lusby, MD37:50
10McCurry, Keegan***16Arlington, VA37:56
11Enochs, Whit**17Midlothian, VA38:01
12Fenton, Ryan*19Sykesville, MD38:04
13Ream, Kepano***15Manassas, VA38:04
14Warnke, John**17Washington, DC38:06
15Graybeal, Connor*16North East, MD38:52
16Genuario, Alex*17Mount Airy, MD38:54

35-39 Men

Army 10 Mile 49:21, 10K = 29:42

David Angell won the Greenway Memory 4M in a blistering 20:09 and that was easily tops. Both David Wertz and David O'Hara had fast 5 milers. Then the period ended with Wertz holding off O'Hara 32:46 to 32:59 at the Veterans Day 10K. The day before Angell further emolliated the division's rivalry with a powerful American Family Fitness Half Marathon in 1:09:32.

Matthew Thomas had one of the fastest 5K in the division winning the Activate Alexandria 5K in 16:38. Pekka Stenholm ran the Clarendon Day 5K in 16:41 to take sixth place. Sliding in between them, Brian Hayes ran the Army 10-Miler in 57:44.
1Angell, David*36Blue Ridge, VA31:33
2Wertz, David****36Arlington, VA32:46
3O'Hara, David**36Alexandria, VA32:59
4Thomas, Matthew*38Alexandria, VA34:42
5Hayes, Brian*38Bolling AFB, VA34:44
6Stenholm, Pekka39Columbia, MD34:48
7Brown, Karsten***38Front Royal, VA35:15
8Buontempo, Giovanni*39Hyattsville, MD35:22
9Farley, Chris36Arlington, VA35:30
10Prinzivalli, Steve**36Catonsville, MD35:45
11Stemberger, Gregory*35South Riding, VA35:43
12Duffield, Rory**35Fairfax, VA35:43
13Hottle, Nathan*36Lynchburg, VA35:49
14Freeburn, Keith****38Centreville, VA36:00

40-44 Men

Army 10 Miler 53:20, 10K = 32:05

Keith Matiskella charged forth in mid September for second overall at the Brain Aneurysm Awareness 8K in 26:18. Edmund Burke finished sooner and faster that same morning as third overall at the Clarendon Day 5K in 15:53. Summer's champion Ray Pugsley got under way the first week in October as first master at the Run for the Parks 10K in 32:51 to take the lead

Two weeks later these three made it easy racing head-to-head-to-head at the Army 10-Miler. Matiskella takes third with 54:47. Burke who won last fall with his Army race slowed mildly to 53:26 which was just enough for Puglsey's 53:20 to command the division.

Indeed Noah Zarin with 55:59 was next at Army to battle for the fourth position. He even had a slighter faster second race, also 10 miles than Jeff Harrington. But Harrington's second overall at the Heritage Half Marathon in 1:14:21 had just enough star power for him to pass Waring. Sergey Kaledin takes sixth place as top master at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in 1:15:43.

Twenty-six runners made the division.
1Pugsley, Ray***43Potomac Falls, VA32:05
2Burke, Edmund**43Burtonsville, MD32:09
3Matiskella, Keith**41Alexandria, VA32:58
4Harrington, Jeff***42Lynchburg, VA33:44
5Zaring, Noah*41Washington, DC33:41
6Kaledin, Sergey**44Alexandria, VA34:21
7Bibb, Todd*40Virginia Beach, VA34:27
8Orloff, Conrad**42Columbia, MD34:35
9O'Rourke, Patrick**44Timonium, MD35:11
10Woods, Doug***43Gaithersburg, MD35:24
11Tripp, Jason*40Ellicott City, MD35:54
12Jarrin, Robert***42Washington, DC36:02
13Koonce, Scott*40Gaithersburg, MD36:14
14Mason, Andy**40Hagerstown, MD36:20
15Chasse, Craig****43Reston, VA36:18
16Crago, Stephen*44Vienna, VA36:19
17Kent, David*40Arlington, VA36:24
18Lovett, Jack*642Newport News, VA36:34
19Koehler, Chris*41Locust Grove, VA36:41
20Pugh, Andrew*42Washington, DC36:44
21Lockard, David****43Hampton, VA37:00
22Smith, Steven*43Hampton, VA36:48
23Cahill, David*41Arlington, VA37:08
24Chekal, Paul**41Newport News, VA37:47
25Hultquist, Daryl42Gaithersburg, MD37:50
26Noonan, Timothy*42Lansdowne, VA37:54

45-49 Men

Hidden Treasures HM 1:14:12, 10K = 33:40

John Zimmerman bolted out early with a swift Chick Fil-A 5K in 16:11. The next day John Piggott improved on his Hidden Treasures Half Marathon to 1:14:25 from last year that won the division to match exactly the 5K. The following week Zimmerman responded with a 1:15:20 at the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon. Piggott answered with the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in 1:16:00 but no one had an answer for Zimmerman's Army 10 miler in 55:42.

The only flaw in Zimmerman's résumé was on the final day when third place Derik Thomas upset him at the Veterans Day 10K 34:25 to 34:59. Thomas bolstered his claim with a neat Run for the Parks 10K in 34:59. Dennis Mickey roared down from Mount Savage as top master at the Great Allegany 15K in 53:20.

Fifth place goes to Alexander Hetherington who had the second fastest marathon of the group, running Marine Corps in 2:46:16 to supplement his Perfect 10M in 58:40. Daniel List had two solid overall wins at the 5K but needed his age group win at the HCA 8K on the final weekend in 28:01 to squeeze by Jim Nielsen. Nielsen was eight at Army in 59:00, while finishing seco0nd overall at the 5K a week later in 17:23. James Ryan won at the Pepsi 10K in 35:43 for the seventh spot.

Forty-nine runners made the division.
1Zimmerman, John***46McLean, VA33:31
2Piggott, John****47Williamsburg, VA33:46
3Thomas, Derik**46Alexandria, VA34:25
4Mickey, Dennis**47Ridgeley, WV34:34
5Hetherington, Alexander****45Vienna, VA35:18
6List, Daniel***47Powhatan, VA35:32
7Nielsen, Jim***46Broadlands, VA35:30
8Ryan, James**46Charlottesville, VA35:43
9Parker, Tim**47Baltimore, MD35:51
10Perna, Frank**49Bethesda, MD36:19
11Peterson, Steven46Fairfax Station, VA36:28
12Rapp, Perry*****47Lexington Park, MD36:47
13Munsey, Colin**47Pearisburg, VA36:45
14Bandettini, Peter46Bethesda, MD36:47
15Dawson, Greg*****47Williamsburg, VA37:02
16Kelleher, Brian*46Lynchburg, VA37:07
17Powell, Charles**46Baltimore, MD37:02
18Rotunno, Christopher49Washington, DC37:09
19Mersiowsky, Scott****46Fredericksburg, VA37:08
20Jacobson, Paul49Gaithersburg, MD37:29
21Speirs, Steve**46Virginia Beach, VA37:34
22Pelletier, Paul*47Williamsburg, VA37:34
23Phipps, David*48Severna Park, MD37:39
24Oxford, Glenn48Fredericksburg, VA37:38
25Hymes, Craig49Reston, VA37:41
26Jensen, Thomas*49Oakton, VA37:45
27Degenhardt, Sheldon47Marriottsville, MD37:44
28Murray, Jeffrey***46Richmond, VA37:47
29Garster, Jim*45Springfield, VA37:48
30Puskorius, Saulius45Reston, VA37:48
31Lane, George**46Ashburn, VA37:49
32Fox, R.J.****47Hyattsville, MD37:50
33Scott, John***49Newport News, VA37:56
34Boyle, Kevin49Charlottesville, VA38:01
35Sanchez-Ruano, Miguel45Woodbridge, VA38:08
36Wedlund, Ryan*46Lorton, VA38:08
37Killeen, Sean*47Richmond, VA38:26
38Kendra, John49Falls Church, VA38:29
39Springer, Kenneth46Alexandria, VA38:32
40Firestone, Lee47North Potomac, MD38:35
41Cutright, Michael46Fredericksburg, VA38:40
42Haast, Theo*45Landsowne, VA38:43
43Racey, Aaron**45Stephens City, VA38:50
44Rands, Richard*45Washington, DC38:47
45Tenney, Bryan45Ashburn, VA38:53
46Williamson, Duane*49Warrenton, VA39:05
47Bassett, Leo*46Poolesville, MD39:03
48Tango, Peter*49Harwood, MD39:37
49Anderson, Matt46Fairfax, VA39:32

50-54 Men

Jug Bay 5K 16:38, 10K = 34:42

This race is a tough one to figure. James Anderson had an overall win in 17:48 well behind Henry Wigglesworth's AIDS walk 5K in 17:18. Wigglesworth had already made a huge improvement from his overall win at the inaugural WPI Race to Representation 5K last year in 17:53 to blister the course in 16:39 as runner-up in the race. But the first Saturday in November Anderson returned serve with a 16:38 runner-up race at the Jug Bay 5K. He takes the title by the narrowest of margins in the ‘What have you done for me lately?' mode. Forty-one runners made the division.

Jean Christophe Arcaz finally broke 17:00 with an excellent PTOS & FAPTO Innovation 5K in 16:56 which looked golden over David Haaga's American University 5K in 17:05 as two more grandmasters finished second overall in a race. Then there came the showdown at the Veterans Day 10K and Haaga reverses their position with a decisive victory 35:28 to 35:40.

Earlier in the season fifth place Mark Neff had hammered Arcaz at the Parks HM 1:19:353 to 1:22:38 but that was not nearly enough to overcome his 5K. Hernan Garbini is one of top runners in the south and earns sixth place with his solid HCA 8K in 28:43. He did lose big to H.T. Page at the Virginia 10 Mile 1:02:56 to 1:06:20 though it was not a big race for either one. Page looked best at the Fall Foliage 10K with 36:38. Doug Kuderna is back on the playing field with a nifty BWI Airport Run 4M 23:01.

Forty-one runners qualified for the division.
1Anderson, James***52Annapolis, MD34:42
2Wigglesworth, Henry**54Washington, DC34:44
3Haaga, David*****51Rockville, MD35:28
4Arcaz, Jean Christophe****51Rockville, MD35:19
5Neff, Mark**50Washington, DC36:07
6Garbini, Hernan**50Waynesboro, VA36:26
7Page, H.T.***52Wirtz, VA36:38
8Kuderna, Doug***51Odenton, MD36:48
9Daugherty, Brian*52Edgewater, MD37:02
10Anderson, Neville*****50Baltimore, MD37:35
11Burke, Tom****53California, MD37:37
12Cover, Karl*52Montpelier, VA37:39
13Stiegmann, Marty*51Glen Allen, VA37:39
14Hattar, Thomas*51Davidsonville, MD37:45
15Poulos, Ted*1050McLean, VA38:01
16Bobosky, David*52Henrico, VA38:21
17McLaughlin, Terry*52Spotsylvania, VA38:23
18Leiding, Jon*50Virginia Beach, VA38:32
19Calos, Stefan**50Richmond, VA38:35
20Bradford, Jim*50Vienna, VA38:33
21Whitridge, John**50Rockville, MD38:52
22Duarte, Saul**52Abingdon, MD38:59
23Whisler, Gregg51Midlothian, VA39:11
24Morris, Glen**51Carrollton, VA39:09
25Vasquez, Juan50Hyattsville, MD39:07
26Frayne, Steve****53Baltimore, MD39:13
27Mace, Matthew**52Arnold, MD39:28
28Coleman, Denins*54Gaithersburg, MD39:33
29McManus, Terry**51Williamsburg, VA39:40
30Ortiz, Vincent**51Chesapeake, VA40:01
31Collins, Tim**51Williamsburg, VA39:59
32Deutsch, Brian*50Norfolk, VA40:05
33Wills, Stephen**51College Park, MD40:11
34Kammerer, Jack**50Washington, DC40:19
35Uzel, Jim*53Quinton, VA40:46
36Basham, Terry*53Dumfries, VA40:46
37Rosasco, Mark*53Arnold, MD40:51
38Pearlman, Billy*53Roanoke, VA40:58
39Rosario, Peter53Gaithersburg, MD41:02
40Gerard, Prasad54Washington, DC41:17
41Orlik, Dave*50Columbia, MD41:28

55-59 Men

Crapolfest 5K 17:03, 10K = 35:34

Stephen Chantry is back on top. He was a no show last fall though last summer he moved back to runner-up. This fall he cruised to the title win three overall wins and two second overalls. His top three races all crushed his best race of the summer. At the Crapolfest 5K he just missed dipping below 17:00 with 17:03. In November he was top master at the Yorktown Battlefield 10 Miler in 1:01:22. This fifth best race was not quite as fast as Maurice Pointer's best race, winning at Army I n1:00:47. Between these two titans they had 17 of the top 24 times. Pointer next two race were half marathon wins in Baltimore (1:22:43) and Richmond (1:22:20).

However, the speedster from Middletown, Dave Schafer, knifed between the two with two swift 5Ks, led by the Mother Seton School 5K in 17:30. Fourth place goes to Henry Gleisburg who followed Chantry home at Yorktown with 1:02:48.

Taking a break from that distance Mike Meadows takes fifth place with his Green Circle Fall Fitness Fair 5K in 18:09. After that it is back to Army where John Chall ousts Alan Pemberton for sixth place 1:03:55 to 1:04:22. Eighth place goes to Andrew Cutler racing the Mulberry Island Half Marathon in 1:25:57.

Thirty-five runners made the division.
1Chantry, Stephen*757Williamsburg, VA35:34
2Pointer, Maurice*1057Baltimore, MD36:34
3Shafer, David**56Middletown, MD36:30
4Gleisburg, Henry**56Yorktown, VA37:47
5Meadows, Mike***55Martinsburg, WV37:52
6Chall, John****55Crownsville, MD38:27
7Pemberton, Alan59Silver Spring, MD38:44
8Cutler, Andrew**55Yorktown, VA39:00
9Lovegrove, David***56Fredericksburg, VA39:32
10Murray, Will**56Williamsburg, VA40:07
11Sweren, Bennett57Lutherville, MD40:10
12Snowhook, David***55Oakton, VA40:30
13Thornton, Jim*58Seaford, VA40:45
14Bousel, Paul*59Alexandria, VA40:41
15Stone, Jeffrey***57Salem, VA40:56
16Burns, Bob*59Columbia, MD40:57
17Cunningham, P Michael**58Annapolis, MD41:07
18Pinnick, David*55Manassas, VA41:11
19Lerner, Steven**57Williamsburg, VA41:31
20Gitney, Pete**56Chesapeake City, MD41:41
21Bacon, John*****56Arlington, VA41:49
22Grimsley, Gary58Springfield, VA41:47
23Koehler, Roger**58Lexington, VA41:58
24Crandell, Ken59Columbia, MD42:05
25Hartman, Greg*55Chesapeake, VA42:22
26Oxman, Jeff*55Rockville, MD42:28
27Kesselring, Bruce58Springfield, VA42:32
28Peterson, Jeff56Fredericksburg, VA42:40
29Jones, Tom55Ashburn, VA42:52
30Rollins, Clyde**57Herndon, VA42:58
31Perez, Alan55Silver Spring, MD42:54
32Krehbiel, Ken58Washington, DC43:00
33Dekornfeld, Tom59Annapolis, MD43:04
34Ferrens, Larry**58Barton, MD43:02
35Morgans, Gary59Arlington, VA43:28

60-64 Men

Great Allegany 15K 58:31, 10K = 37:55

The summer's champion Tom Ruckert did though perhaps because he has run the race so many times before. His 58:31 takes the division. In second place Spider Rossiter over matched Ruckert's Gulf War Memorial 5K of 18:48 with his WPI Race to Representation 5K in 18:27. That course has myriad turns and just enough sharp turns to slow down runners. Then Spider took on the Richmond Marathon. That distance rarely earns a runner the title. Mark Whisler beat him there by two minutes in 3:21:17 for fifteenth place in the division.

Bob Becker ran the Baltimore United Way 5K in 19:58 on the same day that fourth place Roland Rust beat seventh place Tim Morgan at the half marathon 1:26:51 to 1:31:22. Then he got rolling in November. Rust matched Becker's Down's Park 5M in 31:30 on the first Sunday at the Rockville 10K in 39:45. Rust had run a flat 8K at the Run! Geek! Run! 8K I in 31:26. What put Becker over the top was a flat course that seems to run to fast to be true yet is that way year after year, the Candy Cane City 5K. He laminated eighth place Ken Umbarger by more than a minute in 18:46 to take the third spot.

Fifth place goes to Bob Albritton for a nifty American Family Fitness Half Marathon win in 1:28:21 the last Saturday of the period. The next day Malcolm Senior made his mark at the Veterans Day 10K in 41:20.

Fifty-four runners made the division.
1Ruckert, Tom**60Grantsville, MD37:55
2Rossiter, Spider*61Washington, DC38:29
3Becker, Bob***61White Hall, MD39:09
4Rust, Roland****60Bethesda, MD39:24
5Albritton, Bob***61Vienna, VA40:05
6Senior, Malcolm*62New Market, MD41:20
7Morgan, Timothy***61Damascus, MD41:27
8Umbarger, Ken*61Gaithersburg, MD41:31
9Parsons, Roland**61Petersburg, VA41:49
10Clemmons, Glenn**60Richmond, VA41:45
11Grayson, Harrison60Upper Marlboro, MD42:16
12Eddy, Dan***61Alexandria, VA42:23
13Morgan, Richard***60Silver Spring, MD42:31
14Wind, Jay*862Arlington, VA42:32
15Whisler, Mark*62Salem, VA43:12
16Wentworth, Bruce****62Finksburg, MD43:17
17Rogers, Ron*760Riner, VA43:07
18Trueheart, Wilson***64Baltimore, MD43:39
19Feinstein, Richard**60Chevy Chase, MD43:36
20Wesbecher, Michael*64Oakton, VA43:45
21Gary, Patrick**61Manchester, MD43:53
22Vaughan, Allen*62Stafford, VA44:00
23Carrigan, George*64Williamsburg, VA43:59
24Abrahamson, Dale*63Yorktown, VA44:07
25Wolfson, Marc**63Olney, MD44:18
26Adkins, Gary62Salem, VA44:31
27Gill, Jack*63Pulaski, VA44:29
28Spicer, Frank***60Clifton, VA44:49
29Attavian, Bruce**63Hagerstown, MD44:53
30Kroeker, George**60Columbia, MD45:04
31Astrop, Rob*60Richmond, VA45:11
32DiCarlo, John**63Virginia Beach, VA45:20
33Ratzenberger, Jim**63Vienna, VA45:25
34Gibrall, Philip*63Richmond, VA45:54
35McDonald, Mark**61Nottingham, MD46:16
36Deviese, James**61Yorktown, VA46:16
37Riedler, John61Virginia Beach, VA46:24
38Jennings, Von64Clarksville, MD46:29
39Visotsky, Tom60Midlothian, VA46:29
40Taylor, Robert62Alexandria, VA46:53
41Washington, Larry**61Rockville, MD46:54
42Preston, Doug*63Baltimore, MD47:08
43Gerhardt, Tom***61Chesapeake, VA47:17
44Miller, Doug61Virginia Beach, VA47:11
45Rantanen, Robert60Virginia Beach, VA47:19
46Mangold, Werner**61Virginia Beach, VA47:29
47Atkins, Larry64Washington, DC47:26
48Guendelsberger, John*61Arlington, VA47:42
49Mott, Joe*60Roanoke, VA48:03
50Verdirame, Joseph**63Suffolk, VA48:05
51Rumple, Jim***60California, MD48:09
52Turner, Richard61Washington, DC48:05
53Carbary, James*61Columbia, MD48:15
54Micale, Carlo**63Hedgesville, WV48:28

65-69 Men

Army 10 Mile 1:11:15, 10K = 42:52

The top three runners are coalescing. Jason Page, always a speed demon, bolted to the lead at the Green Circle Fall Fitness Fair 5K in 20:35 which was enough to stay ahead of Jim Noone’s best race in the second week of the period at the Rock’s 5 Mile in 34:13.

At the Marine Corps Marathon Bill Joyce edged Ronnie Wong by a half minute but their races were only 49 and 50th best among qualifiers. The week before that Joyce stamped paid to the division besting Noone at the Army 10-Miler 1:11:15 to 1:12:07. Amazingly Wong, who has average about 15 marathons a year for the last 20 years, had the second best 5K, winning the Fort McHenry Tunnel Run 5K in 21:28 to take fourth place.

Dennis Lamoutain beat Ben Dyer at the HCA 8K 35:35 to 36:10 as they helped them selves to fifth and seventh places. Donald Hensel made good at the Boo! Run for Life 10K in 45:50 for sixth place.

Twenty-seven runners made the division.
1Joyce, Bill*68Herndon, VA42:52
2Page, Jason**67Hamilton, VA42:56
3Noone, Jim***68Fairfax , VA43:09
4Wong, Ronnie*966Catonsville, MD44:26
5Lamountain, Dennis**67Richmond, VA45:08
6Hensel, Donald*67Gaithersburg, MD45:50
7Dyer, Ben69Hayes, VA45:53
8Bell, Jim**67Charlottesville, VA46:26
9Moore, L C***65Keeling, VA46:23
10Chadim, William*****65Midlothian, VA46:41
11Kush, Michael*67Burke, VA46:57
12Tyndall, Steve**65Suffolk, VA47:05
13Edington, Ronald**65Fredericksburg, VA47:39
14Gregory, Art***68Ijamsville, MD47:50
15Mayhew, Ed***67Winchester, VA48:11
16Sharer, William****65Williamsburg, VA48:09
17Fleming, Mike**66Columbia, MD48:31
18Janowitz, Henry*66Midlothian, VA48:29
19Ingram, Harold**69Henry, VA48:53
20Jones, Lewis69Yorktown, VA49:33
21Driscoll, Danny**65Newport News, VA50:05
22Brown, Walter*68Montgomery Village, MD50:09
23Spencer, Bobby*69Daleville, VA51:16
24Leffew, Tom65Virginia Beach, VA51:21
25Chaconas, Greg67Washington, DC51:49
26Wilt, John67Danville, VA52:03
27Arata, Larry68Williamsburg, VA52:37

70-74 Men

Louie Fields YMCA 5K 20:05, 10K = 41:54

The top three racers have only been 70 for a few months. It is going to be hard for the others to catch them. Richard Stotlar runs times that are almost unbelievable but he keeps pounding then out. His Danville River City 5K in 20:32 is thirty seconds faster than the state record. Whoa Nellie! In November he ripped out a 20:05 at the Louie Fields YMCA 5K.

Jim Becker ran a marvelous 22:25 at the Run for Life 5K and trails by 2:20. Third place Bobby Spencer ran the Greenway 4M in 30:24 for his second fastest race while fourth place Horace Ellis ran the longer 10 Mile event in 1:21:21 while training for the Richmond Marathon.

Fifth place Lou Shapiro is healthy again and racing every chance he gets. He ran 11 races with 8 wins that included a marathon, a metric marathon, and two half marathons.
1Stotlar, Richard**70Danville, VA41:54
2Becker, Jim**70Greencastle, PA46:46
3Spencer, Bobby***70Daleville, VA47:48
4Ellis, Horace**70Huddleston, VA48:57
5Shapiro, Lou*871Silver Spring, MD49:21
6Wright, Robert*71Hampton, VA51:27
7Barber, Sonny***71Falls Church, VA51:55
8O'Hagan, Malcolm72Chevy Chase, MD51:59
9Pitarra, Jack**71Baltimore, MD52:33
10Gates, Jimmy*70Farmville , VA54:20
11Sharp, Ed*73Fredericksburg, VA55:10

75-79 Men

Veterans Day 10K 50:52

Skip Grant opened the bidding at the Kensington 8K in 41:31. A month later, Chan Robbins upped the ante at the Race for a Cause 8K in 41:17. Robbins bombarded the fall with seven 5K wins including the two fastest of the year just three days apart. His best was at the Clarendon 5K in 24:26. Grant left the door open a crack though coming back strong with a Veterans Day 10K in 50:52. In a very close battle the title goes to Robbins.

Maynard Weyers looked good winning the PTOS & FAPTO Innovation 5K in 25:27. At the Goblin Gallop the rankings were made simple as Robbins (25:44) beat Weyers (26:25) and fourth place Alan Rider (27:57) beat fifth place John Gluck (28:35).

Twenty-three runners made the division.
1Robbins, Chan*875Arlington, VA50:58
2Grant, Skip**76Bethesda, MD50:52
3Weyers, Maynard**76Alexandria, VA53:05
4Rider, Alan*76Reston, VA57:26
5Gluck, John*75Alexandria, VA57:32
6Quincy, Ken*75Vienna, VA57:57
7Essery, John*76Williamsburg, VA1:00:05
8Park, Kunsik-Mattew79Burke, VA1:01:31
9Gurtler, Robert*877The Plains, VA1:03:04
10Wickham, Jack*76Glen Arm, MD1:03:29
11Kenney, Tom*79Glen Echo, MD1:04:42
12McCarthy, Terry*77Lansdowne, VA1:05:28
13Morgan, Dan75Chevy Chase, MD1:05:49
14Barrett, Jerry*79Falls Church, VA1:06:01
15Rosenthal, Gilbert*78Arnold, MD1:07:46
16Granof, Gene76Bethesda, MD1:08:08
17Masser, Lee*****76Edgewater, MD1:08:40
18Schnermann, Jurgen*76Washington, DC1:09:39
19Conn, Jr., Harry***75Powhatan, VA1:12:48
20Henry, Ron*79Midlothian, VA1:16:48
21Fleck, William*78Cockeysville, MD1:18:55
22Hufford, Jim79Reston, VA1:21:48
23Cavan, John76Kenbridge, VA1:25:03

80 & Older Men

Veterans Day 10K 52:49

Try to stay strong as you age. Third place Jack McMahon’s that the best way to do that “is to pick your parents.” George Yannakakis surely did as he pulled away from a close in the summer and secured another crown. He had the top four times easily led by his Executive Stampede 5K in 26:57. Jack McMahon was slowed by two cross country races and had his best race on the hilly Longfellow HS 10K in 1:02:04. That opened the door for Larry Dickerson who raced the far from flat Goblin Gallop 5K in 29:28 to take second place.
1Yannakakis, George****81Sparks, MD56:13
2Dickerson, Larry*81Burke, VA1:01:28
3McMahon, Jack***81Silver Spring, MD1:02:04
4Brown, George87Towson, MD1:33:27
5Stanfield, Wheeler**83Richmond, VA1:36:15
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