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Sat 12/16 - Sky Meadows 5K & 10K
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Open Women

HCA 8K 25:48, 10K = 32:45

The race for the top was razor thin. The summer's champion, Hirut Beyene, never finished lower than third place with three overall victories. She got better nearly all the way, winning the American Family Fitness Half Marathon in 1:14:39 just ahead of Claire Hallissey's 1:15:14. Sallie Ford earns eighth finishing fifth there in 1:18:14.

Before that Kerri Gallagher had the edge winning the Army 10-Miler in 56:06 ahead of former champion Tezata Dengersa's 56:26. For some reason Beyene chose to race the Veterans Day 10K the day after the half. Her effort was marvelous in 35:27 for third overall but it gave the title to Gallagher who ran 35:16. Dengersa's Baltimore Marathon in 2:40:35 helped keep fourth place Hallissey at bay. Gallagher had bested Hallissey, finishing at the Clarendon Day 10K 34:46 to 34:53 for both of their second best races.

Waynshet Abebe had excellent marathons at Marine Corps and Richmond but she takes fifth place with her Woodrow Wilson Bridge HM in 1:15:44. Erin Koch is sixth running Army in 57:"18. Former champ Samia Akbar is next winning the Race for our Kids 10K in 34:53. Another former title holder Hirut Mandefro is ninth winning the Anthem Great Pumpkin 5K in 17:04.

Even with a better time than in the summer top master Elena Orlova moves from fifth place to tenth in a very competitive field. She squeezes in front of Jessie Yester's 17:07 victory at the Run for the Future Lucy Corr Village 5K with her second overall at the Baltimore Half Marathon in 1:18:57.

The division has record eighty-six qualifiers, 25 that came from other divisions.
1Gallagher, Kerri**23Washington, DC33:45
2Beyene, Hirut***20Washington, DC33:44
3Dengersa, Tezata*32Washington, DC33:55
4Hallissey, Claire29Arlington, VA34:00
5Abebe, Waynshet*25Washington, DC34:13
6Koch, Erin*24Chevy Chase, MD34:26
7Akbar, Samia**30Alexandria, VA34:53
8Ford, Sallie*25Charlottesville, VA35:21
9Mandefro, Hirut*27Washington, DC35:32
10Orlova, Elena**42Gaithersburg, MD35:41
11Yester, Jessie*28Richmond, VA35:38
12Garvue, Andrea28Washington, DC35:58
13Fallon Wallace, Barb*38Alexandria, VA36:04
14Miller, Michelle31Damascus, MD36:08
15Young, Elizabeth32Washington, DC36:08
16Terry, Karen****23Newport News, VA36:14
17Shoemaker, Perry41Vienna, VA36:28
18Miller, Shannon*28Washington, DC36:26
19Waters, Kara37Ellicott City, MD36:33
20Carroll, Maura23Washington, DC36:31
21Woodall, Lauren**27Washington, DC36:35
22Nelson, Martha*31Washington, DC36:34
23Campbell, Catherine*22North Bethesda, MD36:51
24Anderson, Kristin**29Arlington, VA36:57
25Holt-Gosselin, Anna24Vienna, VA36:55
26O'Hara, Laura32Alexandria, VA37:17
27Fitzgerald, Jenny*33Woodbridge, VA37:23
28Hendrick, Susan27Washington, DC37:29
29Holt, Bridget*34Gambrills, MD37:28
30Connor, Teal27Washington, DC37:32
31Axisa, Meredith32Richmond, VA37:38
32Bekele, Shetaye19Silver Spring, MD37:38
33Sheedy, Katie*29Washington, DC37:37
34Schrank, Brenda**40Winchester, VA37:39
35Hoag, Stephanie**38Sparks, MD37:54
36Stick, Sherry***34Sykesville, MD37:45
37Allen, Kerry24Washington, DC37:46
38Harvey, Alisa*47Manassas, VA37:59
39DiGregorio, Megan*24White Marsh, MD38:00
40Palmer, Ashley*29Lynchburg, VA37:58
41Reichman, Lisa*38Gaithersburg, MD37:58
42May, Hilary23Washington, DC38:10
43Young, Emily*27Bethesda, MD38:08
44Taylor, Erin30Arlington, VA38:15
45Peters, Allison**32Danville, VA38:16
46Knize, Elizabeth*30Midlothian, VA38:17
47Letourneau, Allison23Sparks, MD38:16
48Westlake, Kelly*41Ellicott City, MD38:20
49Henehan, Kristen*33Kensington, MD38:22
50Gruendel, Jacqueline**37CliftoN, VA38:33
51Kassens, Alice**37Fincastle, VA38:29
52Devine, Kelly28Alexandria, VA38:35
53Bresson, Regina25Richmond, VA38:31
54Van Nielen, Brittany28Norfolk, VA38:48
55Goodwin, Jillian*23Williamsburg, VA38:48
56Slagle, Kirsten*31Midlothian, VA38:45
57Markowicz, Kristi42Arlington, VA39:03
58Sheptock, Tatiana*36South Riding, VA39:07
59Rittenhouse, Melissa36Charlottesville, VA39:04
60Trowbridge, Mallory24Linden, VA39:05
61Markle, Phoebe28Alexandria, VA39:19
62Sowa, Megan29Washington, DC39:21
63Lowry, Ashley28Falls Church, VA39:23
64Burbach, Cristina38Washington, DC39:42
65Wrightson, Robin32Washington, DC39:36
66Kumm, Fiana**26Baltimore, MD39:42
67Gebke, Maghan29Portsmouth, VA39:41
68Strickler, Mary Beth*38LaVale, MD39:46
69Quarles, Jennifer40Williamsburg, VA39:52
70Taylor, Vanessa26Washington, DC39:52
71Merz, Martha50Annandale, VA39:56
72McGee, Gina48Virginia Beach, VA40:00
73Troxel, Cayce**22Charlottesville, VA40:00
74Bernal, Anna24Cabin John, MD39:54
75Herring, Kristin*33Newport News, VA40:04
76Chilcote, Lisa*42North Bethesda, MD40:03
77Mandes, Sarah35Arlington, VA40:03
78Parris, Alison*24St. Leonard, MD40:19
79Conant, Cindy51Kensington, MD40:17
80Jelen, Heather*25Falls Church, VA40:27
81Baxter, Carmen**31Suffolk, VA40:26
82Flood, Jaime33Washington, DC40:40
83Jenkins, Abby30Chesapeake, VA40:41
84Zeilinger, Laura40Washington, DC40:51
85Persina, Win52Washington, DC41:05
86Baage, Silvia31Washington, DC41:14

19 & Younger Women

Ellen's Run 5K 18:55, 10K = 39:23

Shetaye Bekele continues her dominance over the teens with seven wins. Running five difference distances from 5K to half marathon, her slowest race was nearly two minutes ahead of second place. She did her damage early racing the Chick Fil-A 5K in 18:08 and following with the Parks Half Marathon in 1:23:39 the very ext day.

Tara McDonald matched Courtney Mattson to the second with her Baltimore United Way 5K in 19:42. She takes the runner-up spot as her second race was an overall win that was faster than Mattson's second race. The younger of the Rosas sister, Adriana is next beating her Brenda at the CBTF Superheroes 5K 19:57 to 20:14. Emily Blagg snuck in between them finishing third at the PTOS & FAPTO Innovation 5K in 20:03.

Twenty seven runners made the division.
1Bekele, Shetaye*719Washington, DC37:38
2MacDonald, Tara**16Baltimore, MD41:01
3Mattson, Courtney*15Annapolis, MD41:01
4Rosas, Adriana***12Columbia, MD41:32
5Blagg, Emily**18Arlington, VA41:45
6Ludtke, Zanny**19Round Hill, VA42:13
7Rosas, Brenda14Columbia, MD42:08
8Levine, Abigail*14Bethesda, MD42:30
9Martingayle, Doria**13Virginia Beach, VA42:58
10Webster, Helen*16Chevy Chase, MD42:53
11Schreiber, Samantha***15Gladys, VA43:16
12Schlosser, Natalie***19Winchester, VA43:37
13Deis, Mary19Forest, VA44:02
14Peterson, Michaela**13Bethesda, MD44:10
15Allison, Elizabeth*16Lusby, MD44:15
16Maksimovic, Nicole*15Washington, DC44:44
17Snyder, Megan18Annapolis, MD44:53
18Flanagan, Caitlin*15Pasadena, MD45:36
19Rubin, Julia*11Bethesda, MD45:38
20Miller, Lauren**13Baltimore, MD45:40
21Britt, Courtney*16Chester, VA45:52
22Deddens, Olivia*13Lynchburg, VA46:05
23Schrank, McKenzie*15Winchester, VA46:03
24Taylor, Chloe**16Virginia Beach, VA46:13
25Vickery, Hasannah**16Bedford, VA46:43
26Cryster, Rachel*11Mechanicsville, VA46:39
27Schott, Helen*10Baltimore, MD48:26

35-39 Women

Army 10 Mile 1:00:01, 10K = 36:04

Barb Fallon Wallace starting wrapping up the division early finishing third overall at the Clarendon Day 10K in 36:51. Last fall Alice Kassens won the division with a 17:37 5K. This year she won it all in the Star City WDF 5K in 18:29 to take the sixth spot. Fallon Wallace matched that 5K at the Anthem Great Pumpkin 5K. The following week Kara Waters took the lead running the Baltimore Half Marathon in 1:20:53.

Stephanie Hoag won the Baltimore United Way 5K in 18:16. The next day fourth place Lisa Reichman won it all at the CBTF Superheroes 5K. Then came Army 10-Miler week and Stephanie Hoag eased back ahead of Reichmann winning it all at Komen Maryland Race for the Cure 5K in 18:12.

Meanwhile Fallon Wallace pulled away from the division with an excellent 1:00:01. She pushed even further ahead finishing fifth overall at the Veterans Day 10K in 36:21. Waters was fifth overall at the Marine Corps marathon in 2:52:36. Rounding out the top five Jackie Gruendel had two overall wins at the 5K running a sub 6:00 pace.

Twenty-two runners made the division.
1Fallon Wallace, Barb****36Alexandria, VA36:04
2Waters, Kara**37Ellicott City, MD36:33
3Hoag, Stephanie***38Sparks, MD37:54
4Reichman, Lisa**38Gaithersburg, MD37:58
5Gruendel, Jacqueline**37Clifton, VA38:33
6Kassens, Alice**37Fincastle, VA38:29
7Sheptock, Taiana*****36South Riding, VA39:07
8Rittenhouse, Melissa36Harrisonburg, VA39:04
9Burbach, Cristina**38Washington, DC39:42
10Strickler, Mary Beth**38Lavale, MD39:46
11Mandes, Sarah35Fort Myer, VA40:03
12Tamburro, Kristin*36Arlington, VA40:51
13Carson, Nicole***38Williamsburg, VA41:13
14Plevinski, Jennifer*35Clear Spring, MD41:18
15Gauvin, Dionis*37Washington, DC41:43
16Voiland, Amy*36Baltimore, MD41:39
17Huerta, Amy**37Fredericksburg, VA42:09
18Newcome, Danielle**35Round Hill, VA42:25
19Donaldson, Bridget**37Charlottesville, VA43:00
20Bhansali, Priti**36Annapolis, MD42:49
21Perez, Sara35Stafford, VA43:26
22Sheely, Jennifer**35Baltimore, MD43:45

40-44 Women

Baltimore Half Marathon 1:18:57, 10K = 35:41

The division is chock full of elite racers. The favorite, Elena Orlova, was second overall at the Brain Aneurysm Awareness 8K in 29:34 which would have been just fast enough to win in the summer but Perry Shoemaker had already run the swift Chick Fil-A 5K in 17:44. To end the month Orlova tried the Perfect 10M and knocked more than three minutes off her disappointing time from last year. Shoemaker beat her by 39 seconds in 1:00:40.

A week later they had a rematch at the Run for the Parks 10K with Orlova winning it all at 35:46, followed next by Shoemaker in 36:30. From there their path diverged. Orlova took the crown eschewing the Parks HM and racing the Baltimore Half Marathon in 1:17:57. Showmaker confirmed her runner-up spot besting third place Brenda Schrank at the Marine Corps Marathon 2:52:25 to 2:59:06. Schrank added to overall wins including the Kensington 8K in 30:41.

Fourth place Kelly Westlake won the masters awards, though third behind Orlova and Shoemaker at the Run for the Parks 10K in 38:46. She also took honors at Parks in 1:24:49. Fifth place Kristi Markowicz was close behind running the Veterans Day 10K in 39:03.

Thirty-three runners made the division.
1Orlova, Elena*****42Gaithersburg, MD35:41
2Shoemaker, Perry*****41Vienna, VA36:28
3Schrank, Brenda**40Winchester, VA37:39
4Westlake, Kelly***41Ellicott City, MD38:20
5Markowicz, Kristi**42Arlington, VA39:03
6England, Yoko**41Norfolk, VA39:44
7Quarles, Jennifer****40Williamsburg, VA39:52
8Chilcote, Lisa**42North Bethesda, MD40:03
9Sapper, Julie***40Rockville, MD40:19
10Zeilinger, Laura*40Washington, DC40:51
11McCrary, Claire**44Norfolk, VA41:14
12Taylor, Julia41Arlington, VA41:29
13Ross, Cathy****41Burke, VA41:47
14Rapp, Crystal****44Lexington Park, MD41:55
15Kusakabe, Shinobu41Washington, DC42:18
16McQuade, Mary Clare*42Chesapeake, VA42:22
17Flynn, Elizabeth*41Ellicott City, MD42:40
18Hoenig, Katherine43South Riding, VA43:07
19Lunenfeld, Janice42Rockville, MD43:08
20Wilkey, Sonja*42Midlothian, VA43:11
21Lamantia, Tammy40Arlington, VA43:17
22Spalla Benson, Arlynne*43Yorktown, VA43:14
23Dorland, Loma*40Crofton, VA43:29
24Powers, Tacy*44Columbia, MD43:33
25Tribett, Tammy*40Manassas, VA43:47
26Rico, Monique**44Chantilly, VA43:45
27Taylor, Ruth*644Frederick, MD43:58
28Pade, Genemarie*43McLean, VA44:02
29Miller, Julieanne40Leesburg, VA44:06
30Ursu, Rodica*43Chevy Chase, MD44:43
31Stoops, Tamara**42Staunton, VA45:11
32Loar, Sheila*42Salisbury, MD45:23
33Ransom, Mary*44Richmond, VA45:32

45-49 Women

Army 10 Miler 63:13, 10K = 37:59

Alisa Harvey returned to trounce the division with her most potent race, the Army 10 Miler. She has won the event many times. In fact in the last 14 years, she only missed one year. Up till age 41 she was always in the top five overall. The last nine years she has been top master or better every year. A week afterward she won it all at the Goblin Gallop 5K in 18:51. Then she capped the period with a fine 38:55 at the Veterans Day 10K.

The summer's champion Andrea Meuser likes the longer races and improved to the fourth best race in the division, winning at the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in 1:28:15. Three weeks later Gina McGee closed on her running the Peroni Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon as top master in 1:28:39. On the final weekend of the fall period they met at the Anthem Richmond Marathon. McGee takes the runner-up spot besting Meuser 3:07:05 to 3:12:32.

The next six spots are close with Lisa McNichols racing the Goblin Gallop in 19:39 just ahead of Paula Pels who ran the Ellen's Run 5K in 19:42. Sixth place Diane Haupt won it all at the Farmhouse 6K in September. She added to solid half marathons faster than seventh place Maria Kozloski. Kosloski ran Marine Corps in 3:12:32 to edge eighth place Elizabeth Cottone who ran at Richmond in 3:14:22.

Fifty-two women qualified for the division.
1Harvey, Alisa***47Manassas, VA37:59
2McGee, Gina**48Virginia Beach, VA40:00
3Meuser, Andrea**45Vienna, VA39:53
4McNichols, Lisa**45Alexandria, VA40:55
5Pels, Paula**45Bethesda, MD41:01
6Haupt, Diane**46Virginia Beach, VA41:11
7Kozloski, Maria47Bethesda, MD41:09
8Cottone, Elizabeth*46Charlottesville, VA41:06
9Humphrey, Robyn***48Ellicott City, MD41:22
10Smith, Shannon*46Washington, DC42:18
11Harrison, Leslie***48Virginia Beach, VA42:35
12McLaughlin, Debbie**46Williamsburg, VA42:37
13Glueck, Connie*648Williamsburg, VA42:25
14Stotler, Tonya**46Leesburg, VA42:43
15King, Julie**45Alexandria, VA42:49
16Hall, Maureen*****47Parkville , MD42:58
17Colevas, Anne**46McLean, VA43:07
18Borkman, Kelly*46Virginia Beach, VA43:06
19Olson, Ruth*49Fredericksburg, VA43:25
20Ryan, Katie47Charlottesville, VA43:27
21Dolby, Michelle***45Fredericksburg, VA43:33
22Cipressi, Karen*48Huntingtown, MD43:40
23Mortazavi, Mandana***48Leesburg, VA43:54
24Hendrix, Kerry*48Charlottesville, VA43:54
25Slattery, Fay*48Alexandria, VA44:02
26Alsamman, Brooke45Fairfax, VA44:04
27Liu, Tammy***45Ellicott City, MD44:12
28Willingham, Lise49Earlysville, VA44:27
29Fraker, Ann46Stevenson, MD44:27
30Welsh, Teri*45Lutherville, MD44:33
31Walker, Gillian*46Springfield, VA44:41
32Kalber, Karen47Crofton, MD45:18
33Waterman, Paige**45Silver Spring, MD45:46
34Sevik, Phyllis*48Ellicott City, MD45:43
35Ramirez-Lowe, Suzy*45Williamsburg, VA45:52
36Ernst, Carol**47Columbia, MD45:55
37Stinely, Jane*49Charlottesville, VA46:00
38Wood, Denise*45Virginia Beach, VA45:54
39Demaree, Marsha***48Marriottsville, MD46:01
40Weeks, Jennifer*47Baltimore, MD46:13
41Benante, Susan*49Arlington, VA46:20
42Johnson, Susan*47Chesterfield, VA46:13
43Faber, Karen*45Bowie, MD46:22
44Cuff, Patricia48Alexandria, VA46:41
45Schaffner, Christine*49Yorktown, VA46:51
46MacKintosh, Brenda*47Springfield, VA46:47
47Bozarth, Helena*46Fredericksburg, VA46:53
48Sutton, Andrea47Annapolis, MD46:52
49Downer, Annie*47Herndon, VA47:13
50Lake, Dee*45Columbia, MD47:42
51Eason, Patricia45Derwood, MD48:04
52Ellsworth, Sharon47Cumberland, MD48:05

50-54 Women

Army 10 Mile 1:06:23, 10K = 39:54

Eight of the top nine women are former division champions. It is little surprise that the four with the lowest ranking (6-9) are all at least 54. Martha Merz stepped out onto the stage in September with an age group win at the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in 1:30:15. That time just ahead of fifth place Win Persina who had been the runner-up at the Running Brooke 5K in 19:41. The following week Persina took on the PR maker Great Allegany 15K in 1:03:11 and shockingly it was not as fast a qualifier.

Pamela Lovett already had one period in the new division in the books. Now a veteran she blazed a 19:19 at the Reese Strong 5K that would hold up for third in the division. As is often the case the Army 10 mile is where the boldest bragging rights get done. Fourth place Linda Foley was third there in 1:07:41. Second place Cindy Conant Was second there in 1:07:02. Merz made off with the division title winning in 1:06:23.

Sixth place Lee DiPietro had a faster marathon than eighth place Dee Dee Loughran and nipped seventh place Mercedes Castillo-D'Amico by two seconds in the 5K with 20:01. A month later a fifty-five Castillo-D'Amico would run 19:21.

Fifty-seven women qualified for the division.
1Merz, Martha**50Annandale, VA39:54
2Conant, Cindy****51Kensington, MD40:17
3Lovett, Pamela*50Newport News, VA40:13
4Foley, Linda**50Oak Hill, VA40:41
5Persina, Win****52Washington, DC40:59
6DiPietro, Lee***54Baltimore, MD41:22
7Castillo-D'Amico, Mercedes**54Newport News, VA41:45
8Loughran, Deedee*54Oak Hill, VA41:52
9Villani, Leisa*54Virginia Beach, VA41:53
10Havens, Karla**50Plainview, VA42:08
11Wecker, Donna**50Elkridge, MD42:10
12Scott, Janeth***50Columbia, MD43:29
13Dworak, Kelly**50Carlisle, PA43:29
14Kerr, Eleanor**52University Park, MD43:33
15Gitney, Eleanor**52Chesapeake City, MD43:41
16Bailey, Mary Jo*51Williamsburg, VA44:00
17Appleyard, Moana*50Chevy Chase, MD44:56
18Bernardes, Debi54King George, VA44:58
19Rushin, Blake**51Vienna, VA45:05
20Bernetti, Kathy***51Fulton, MD45:25
21Furr, Suzanne*51Harwood, MD45:46
22Josey, Christine*53Columbia, MD46:10
23Kennedy, Linda**52Alexandria, VA46:11
24Hill, Nancy***54Havre de Grace, MD46:24
25Rosasco, Carole*53Arnold, MD46:26
26Boyle, Cecile**52Manassas, VA46:33
27Goodwin, Robin**54Timonium, MD47:22
28Layson, Lynda**52Severn, MD47:37
29Utz, Rhonda**52Forest Hill, MD47:39
30Case, Lynn53Silver Spring, MD47:46
31Jamerson, Charmaine50Alexandria, VA47:54
32Santarpia, Gloria*51Odenton, MD48:16
33Yniguez, Debra*50Alexandria, VA48:16
34Henderson, Sandy*50Manakin Sabot, VA48:20
35Griffing, Sharon*53Springfield, VA48:12
36Mann, Sheri*51Yorktown, VA48:26
37Gardner, Karen**53Keedysville, VA48:28
38Walsh, Nancy*51Henrico, VA48:33
39Black, Beverly*52Boonsboro, MD48:33
40Sutton, Nita**52Stafford, VA48:36
41Bean, Becky***54Norfolk, VA48:48
42Spatz, Debra**53Port Republic, MD48:43
43Poremski, Ruth**51Baltimore, MD48:43
44Galliani, Paula**52Gaithersburg, MD49:17
45Clarke, Tammi51Norfolk, VA49:16
46Haddad, Diana51Bethesda, MD49:31
47Sharp, Deborah*54Columbia, MD49:35
48Cooper, Nancy52Pasadena, MD49:49
49Schexneider, Katherine*51Rockville, MD49:52
50Tschiderer, Patty*51Chevy Chase, MD50:04
51Coogan, Patty50Norfolk, VA50:14
52Scheff, Jamie*50Herndon, VA50:29
53Buckheit, Sarah*52Reston, VA50:31
54Deutsch, Rachel53McLean, VA50:46
55Lyons, Barbara*54Clarksville, MD50:49
56Martin, Cynthia*54Springfield, VA51:26
57Barrera, Brenda50Williamsburg, VA51:26

55-59 Women

Army 10 Mile 1:12:42, 10K = 43:41

The division is getting really competitive again for a couple of reasons. First Betty Blank is racing in the division for the last time and she pumped up fall with an excellent Army in 1:03:07. Normally that would have, like last year, won the division. But in 2012 Carole Jones made her début winning the summer. She bolted towards the crown winning Army in 1:11:58.

Combined with four more races with equivalences better than 44:00 that might have been enough to overcome the newest challenge. Mercedes Castillo-D'Amico aged up beautifully to become the oldest overall winner at the Run for Breast Health 10K in 43:14. That was sensational but not as fast as she was at 54 in September. Then in mid October at the swift Crapolfest 5K she stormed away with the title in a landslide with a fantastic 19:21, nearly a minute and a half faster than the posted Virginia State record.

Now that formers masters champion Ofelia Perotti has settled back into racing she loped off four minutes from her summer, taking fourth with her 44:17 at the Veterans Day 10K. Dorothy Beckett has her eyes on the new division begin her climb towards the top at the HCS Metric 5K in 21:30 to take fifth.

Thirty-one runners made the division.
1Castillo-D'Amico, Mercedes**55Newport News, VA40:22
2Jones, Carole*****55Ashburn, VA43:15
3Blank, Betty**59Falls Church, VA43:56
4Perotti, Ofelia****56Alexandria, VA44:17
5Beckett, Dorothy*55Columbia, MD44:46
6Baumgarten, Elizabeth**56Stone Ridge, VA45:07
7Flynn, Debbie**56Gaithersburg, MD45:34
8White, Cindy**57Virginia Beach, VA46:16
9Engel, Linnea**59North Chesterfield, VA46:32
10Norman, Brenda*55Annapolis, MD48:25
11Schilling, Anita*55Midlothian, VA48:51
12Recto, Liza*56Lexington Park, MD49:25
13Daragan, Katharine56Silver Spring, MD49:31
14Evans, Cynthia**57Randallstown, MD50:17
15Rigby Kash, Leslie****56Round Hill, VA50:33
16Ferguson, Layne*55Moneta, VA50:27
17Seidman, Merrilee**58Alexandria, VA50:33
18Ferris, Nancy*56Goode, VA50:51
19Lau, Claire**55Chesterfield, VA50:44
20Harvey, Karen***55Ellicott City, MD50:58
21Kishiyama, Jenny*58Herndon, VA51:03
22Fox, Linda*755Virginia Beach, VA51:46
23Weeks, Sharon***58Virginia Beach, VA51:34
24Smith, Mary Clare55Charlottesville, VA51:49
25Palluch, Linda58Virginia Beach, VA52:14
26McCoy, Harriet*57Toano, VA52:15
27Stern, Ann56Virginia Beach, VA52:49
28Dalton, Carol*58Norfolk, VA52:53
29Phelan, Jean56Virginia Beach, VA52:51
30Carvalho, Manuela58Washington, DC53:00
31Washington, Myra*55Montgomery Village, MD53:19

60-64 Women

Run! Geek! Run! 8K 35:45, 10K = 45:23

Alice Franks enjoys the big races and clearly fall is her season. She moved up four places to the top by getting steadily faster throughout the period. She had seven of the top 14 races and four of the top five. Her only age group loss was to Kiki Sweigart at the Parks Half Marathon. It was a net time loss that is good for awards placement only.

Franks came back to win at Army in 1:18:27 on the same day that runner-up Barbara Mathewson had her best race, winning the Woman on the Run 5K in 22:53. Sweigart's Army was another last starting race with her real time only seven minutes slower than her Parks HM. Fourth place Linda Mills beat her by thirty seconds in net time but by more than 16 minutes in gun time. Sweigart takes fifth by losing the head-to-head even though her real Parks time was a hair faster. Third place Linda Gulickj had the fastest 8K of the period winning the HCA 8K to end the period in 38:04.

Twenty-six runners made the division.
1Franks, Alice*664Rockville, MD46:59
2Mathewson, Barbara***63Virginia Beach, VA47:39
3Gulick, Linda**61Richmond, VA48:20
4Mills, Linda*62Salisbury, MD48:52
5Sweigart, Kiki*61McLean, VA48:45
6Shields, Maria***61Davidsonville, MD49:35
7Williams, Penny**61Trappe, MD50:34
8Smith, Linell**60Baltimore, MD50:48
9Sharer, Louise*760Williamsburg, VA51:19
10Clement, Laurel*****64Haymarket, VA51:31
11Davis, Peggy**61Vienna, VA51:58
12Rosenthal, Ann*63Bethesda, MD52:45
13O'Connell, Diane*62Westminster, MD53:29
14Shelton, Wendy*60Salisbury, MD53:59
15Forsha, Anne***61Derwood, MD54:12
16Rabe, Ellen*64Columbia, MD55:11
17Gustafson, Joan*61Portsmouth, VA55:21
18Cooper, Ellen*62Rockville, MD55:28
19Hartman, Alison*60Baltimore, MD55:35
20Sadoff, Elizabeth*****63Washington, DC55:44
21Nusbaum, Maria60Reston, VA56:00
22Mitchell, Brenda*62Williamsburg, VA56:19
23Travis, Patricia61Williamsburg, VA58:09
24Brooks, Patricia***62Ellicott City, MD59:01
25Olson, Jean61Rockville, MD59:10
26Burton, Sandra***64Port Republic, MD59:35

65-69 Women

Run 4 Shelter 10K 49:49

The division blossomed again to a record 36 qualifiers. Dee Nelson had dominated in the summer. In the fall, at 69, she won at the Market Street Mile on her birthday. Next year she will get a chance to repeat at 69 again as the race will be held the day before she moves into the new division. Her best race at the normally fast Candy Cane City 5K in 26:06 earned her fourth for the fall.

After a tough Army in October Janice Jacobs climbed 17 places from 20th with an excellent Veterans Day 10K in 54:11 on the final weekend. Runner-up Ann Hirn kept improving all season long moving ahead of Hirn while chasing 70-74 champion Joan Coven at the HCA 8K with 42:13. Betty Brothers took the crown in September winning the Neptune Festival 8K in 40:29. After that she set her training goals on the Anthem Richmond Marathon that she won for the fastest marathon among qualifiers.
1Brothers, Betty**65Virginia Beach, VA51:24
2Hirn, Ann****67Portsmouth, VA53:36
3Jacobs, Janice*65Arlington, VA54:11
4Nelson, Dee*669Gaithersburg, MD54:20
5Biasi, Barbara**65Yorktown, VA54:38
6Bolton, Gretchen67Bethesda, MD55:42
7Craun, Chris*66Bethesda, MD56:46
8Michalik, Candice**65Lynchburg, VA57:01
9Hawes, Felicity69Gaithersburg, MD57:42
10Baylor, Linda65Virginia Beach, VA57:35
11Tane, Petra*65Baltimore, MD57:55
12Gardner, Helen**66Abingdon, VA58:22
13Gold, Elizabeth**65Virginia Beach, VA1:00:48
14Barton, Pat*****65Copper Hill, VA1:00:56
15O'Neill, Betsey65Virginia Beach, VA1:01:09
16Gonyea, Mary Ellen***65Alexandria, VA1:01:29
17Jordan, Wendy*65Washington, DC1:02:52
18Miner, Andi**68Charlottesville, VA1:02:48
19Yarr, Linda68Bethesda, MD1:02:59
20Gray, Brenda65Lynchburg, VA1:03:55
21Wolf, Lynn*68Ridgeway, VA1:04:49
22Snellgrove, Judy**66Manassas, VA1:04:55
23Deitzer, Lilian*66White Plains, MD1:05:46
24Effer, Ann*66Potomac, MD1:05:50
25Mayhew, Mary**67Winchester, VA1:06:19
26Skidmore, Barb65Richmond, VA1:06:39
27Malan, Nancy66Washington, DC1:07:32
28Morrissette, Nancy***65Stafford, VA1:07:54
29McGinn, Toby65Gaithersburg, MD1:07:58
30Stewart, Marina**66Baltimore, MD1:08:13
31Brown, Mary65Fairfax Station, VA1:08:30
32Denton, Maxine**65Centreville, VA1:09:41
33Jorlett, Robin***69Newport News, VA1:10:39
34Thomas, Susan69Charlottesville, VA1:11:39
35Benjamin, Carol67Bowie, MD1:11:53
36Queen, Sandy*66Columbia, MD1:12:15

70-74 Women

Crapolfest 5K 24:49, 10K = 51:46

Record setting Joan Coven rested up in the summer. Everyone got faster in the fall but Coven was inspired. She set the Virginia 10 miler record in 1:28:42 for only her third fastest race. Her 24:49 at the Crapolfest 5K should be confirmed as her third straight breaking of the State record… and by a lot.

Mary Kate Berglund had a tough task to chase down third p[ace Ecris Williams who like Coven was even faster than last year. Williams had won the summer. Berglund did it by winning six of her seven races losing only to Coven at the HCA 8K. Her best race was the Downs Syndrome 5K in 27:13. Williams ran the Race for a Cause 8K Four seconds faster than Berglund's 8K to take third.
1Coven, Joan*****71West Point, VA51:46
2Berglund, Mary Kate*673Reston, VA56:40
3Williams, Ecris****71Richmond, VA58:53
4Sherwood, Molly***70Annapolis , MD1:01:52
5Linck, Nancy**71Alexandria, VA1:03:16
6Stewart, Judy73Williamsburg, VA1:05:43
7Garner, Barbara73Baltimore, MD1:06:02
8Smith, Betty*71Rockville , MD1:10:08
9Marchant, Kai*71Easton, MD1:12:15
10Whalen, Mandy****72Alexandria, VA1:17:27
11Pitts, Laura***74Baltimore, MD1:18:45
12Sikes, Martha*72Charlottesville, VA1:20:41
13Schinstock, Sharon**73Ruckersville, VA1:23:45
14Canty, Eleanor73Fairfax, VA1:26:21
15Tody, Carolyn***73Norfolk, VA1:26:57
16Davis-Imhof, Nancy*72Charlottesville, VA1:27:37

75-79 Women

Veterans Day 10K 1:01:47

The numbers fell off in this division with only four qualifiers. Tami Graf climbed back into the driver's seat with the top six races in the division. Zoena Yannakakis is coming out to the races with her champion husband George, racing seven times in the fall.
1Graf, Tami*****76Lusby, MD1:04:38
2Hughes, Janet***75Winchester, VA1:07:34
3Manciagli, Ann***76Williamsburg, VA1:14:13
4Yannakakis, Zoena****77Sparks, MD1:24:13

80 & Older Women

PTOS & FAPTO Innovation 5K 34:04, 10K = 1:10:56

In the cool of the fall Yvonne Aasen improved on her summer's times to repeat as champion. Already this year she has six of the fastest distances raced this year.
1Aasen, Yvonne****81Westminster, MD1:14:22
2Eden, Pat*81Williamsburg, VA1:35:36
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