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James Moreland
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Best of 2012 RacePacket Regional Runner Rankings

By James Moreland

Sun is comin' and it's getting warmer
Tell me spring is just 'round the corner
I been sitting watchin' all the flowers
Birds are singin' getting louder and louder

Let's run, run, run, runaway

Jefferson Starship 1977

There were 1362 races were qualifiers, a 15% increase with another 11% increase to more than 677,000 runners. Every season there were scores more races that did not have qualifiers. There were 238 major races, meaning 500 or more runners and surprisingly the average race size was 497.
The percent reflects the number of ranked runners compared with the total runners in all the races for that period.

Men and women's ranked times represented 16,951 times, a 15 % increase, with women representing 52.6% of the times. 366 different men and 369 women qualified to be ranked.

Per usual, the largest division was the 60-64 with 52 qualifiers. The Open women's division had 81 and Open men's division had 52 but both of them came from multiple divisions. The top women’s division was the 50-54 with 54 while the men had 49. In the Elite division, 11th place Ryan Carroll commands the south with 21 overall victories. Third place Gurmessa Megressa was next with 15 victories. Three women had 10 or more victories led by 8th place Anna Holt-Gosselin with 27. Renee High as well as master Brenda Schrank had 10. In the age group battles, Seventeen men and fifteen women had 16 or more victories.
1Robert Gurtler7760
2Karsten Brown3841
3Tami Graf7635
4Ronnie Wong6632
5Maurice Pointer5732
6Jay Wind6331
7Connie Glueck4731
8Chan Robbins7531
9Yvonne Aasen8130
10Anna Holt-Gosselin2427
12Alice Franks6427
11Rick Platt6225
13Jim Noone6825
14Edi Turco3925
16Dee Nelson6925
17Ryan Carroll3024
18Jack McMahon8123
19Gurmessa Megressa3323
21Ron Rogers6022
20Lou Shapiro7119
24Sherry Stick3418
25Wilson Trueheart6417
22Tatiana Sheptock3617
26Mary Kate Berglund7117
23Louise Sharer6017
30Timothy Morgan6116
28Megan DiGregorio2416
27Maureen Hall4716
29Mandana Mortazavi4816
30Joan Coven7116
31Ecris Williams7316
34David Pinnick5516
36Shetaye Bekele1915
33Robyn Humphrey4815
32Laurel Clement6415
Listed below are the top five races in each of the major race distances

There were14 half marathons with more than 1,000 finishers. The 5K had 45 times and the 8K had 12 times. For the Marathon there are 5 and the 10 Mile there are 7. Finally in the 10K there is the largest of all races and there are 16 times.
1Komen Global Race for the Cure 5K6,949
2SOME Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger 5K4,655
3Kelly's Shamrock 5K4,146
4Drumstick Dash 5K3,767
5Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K 3,718
1Charlottesville 4 Miler2912
2Four Courts 4M1512
3Fairfax Four Mile1093
4PRR Twilight Festival 4 Miler989
5Dash 4 Dad 5K960
1TowneBank Shamrock Festival 8K8077
2St. Patrick's Day 8K6010
3Jingle All the Way 8K4740
4Alexandria Turkey Trot 5M4053
5HCA 8K3587
1Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K33,241
2Blue Moon Wicked 10K 7,264
3Marine Corps 10K6,742
4YMCA Turkey Chase 10K4,090
5Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K2,752
1Army 10 Mile21,912
2Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M16,759
3George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Mile 4839
4Baltimore 10 Miler4191
5Surf 'n' Santa 10M2434
1National Half Marathon16,291
2Rock N Roll Half Marathon11,219
3Baltimore Half Marathon10,207
4Anthem Shamrock Festival Half Marathon7,894
5American Family Fitness Half Marathon6,855
1Marine Corps Marathon23,515
2Anthem Richmond Marathon4,716
3Yeungling Shamrock Festival Marathon3,303
4National Marathon3,129
5Baltimore Marathon3,020

Races with more than 100 Ranked Runners

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10M357
Army 10 Mile249
Ukrops Monument Avenue 10K203
Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K172
Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K152
Anthem Shamrock Festival Half Marathon142
RRCA Challenge 10 Mile139
American Family Fitness Half Marathon133
Anthem Richmond Marathon119
Marine Corps Marathon117
George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Mile 114
Annapolis 10 Miler114
HCA 8K114
Veterans Day 10K112
St. Patrick's Day 8K100

To qualify for the RacePacket Runner Rankings for the whole year, a runner must be ranked with two races each in at least two periods. Many racers change age group during the year. A runner can use an older age group ranking as the "second" ranking period to qualify for the year. However, they may not use a younger age group to qualify for the older division. It is possible to be ranked in both divisions for those with one younger group rankings and two or more in the older division.

The "Speed Alone," reported at the beginning of each section, is the fastest qualifying time run for each division. In red, it means the division champion ran it.

In each period the champion is listed to the right of the best time run in the period.

Rankings Explained - What It Is, Who Does It, How We Do It, and Where We are Going

The goal of the runner rankings is to rank the best runners of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, in five-year age groups, for the purpose of stimulating competition in the Washington region. Runners are ranked only according to performances in rated races. To be rated, a race must meet the following criteria:

  • Take place in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia
  • Full results listed on the RacePacket Web site
  • Must list age (and preferably also city and state of residence) of all runners
  • Standard distance--5K, 4-Mile, 8K, 10K, 12K, 15K, 10M, 20K, 1/2 Marathon, 25K, 30K, 20M, or Marathon
  • Road race or cross-country

To be included, a race must meet all of the above criteria. There will be no exceptions. If you place well in a race and want it included in the rankings, be sure to ask the race director to e-mail the complete results to the RacePacket at so the race can be posted on the RacePacket Web site and counted in the runner rankings.

Runners will be ranked by age divisions for both men and women, with the divisions being open, 19 & younger, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, and 80 & older.

The rankings are established using a nearly completely objective rating procedure. A preliminary sort, followed by an intensive analysis of competitive results, forms the rankings. The preliminary sort is based on number of qualifying marks and best times. The final ranking is based on head-to-head competitive results against the other top placers (50%), with time playing a major but secondary role (40%). Our general philosophy is that competition is about beating other runners and we intend to place an increased emphasis on competitive results.

To qualify for the end-of-year rankings, top priority will go to runners who qualify in two ranking periods. A preliminary sort, followed by a more involved analysis of competitive results, also forms these rankings. The preliminary sort is based on seasonal rankings and best times. The final ranking is again based on head-to-head competitive results, with time playing a secondary role, though at times a deciding role. One special race can at times put a runner over the top, though consistency is a valued asset.

Qualifying times are set in each age division for the 10K, and then adjusted for other distances. I believe in a constant time so that, while a runner may not make the top ten, he or she may consider himself or herself a ranked runner. My primary concern is that of believability. There should be few surprises. Competitiveness will always find a few disputes. Most runners know whom they can best and who remains unbeatable. The rankings should fairly reflect that. If you have comments and questions or would like to get a more complete explanation of individual rankings contact me at

The current qualifying standards for the 10K are:

Age Group  Men   Women
Open     34:20  41:15
19 & younger 38:20  48:45
35-39    36:40  44:10
40-44    38:20  46:05
45-49    39:45  48:45
50-54    42:00  51:45
55-59    43:55  54:30
60-64    49:45  62:05
65-69    52:50  75:00
70-74    56:20  1:29:40
75-79    1:32:30 1:39:00
80 & older  1:45:00 1:50:00

The ranking periods for the 2013 ranking year:

  • Best of 2012 (November 14, 2011 through November 12, 2012) - reported March/April 2013
  • Winter Runner Rankings, November 13, 2012 through March 3, 2013 - reported May-June 2013
  • Spring Runner Rankings, March 4, 2013 through May 12, 2013 - reported July-August 2013
  • Summer Runner Rankings, May 13, 2013 through September 2, 2013 - reported November-December 2013
  • Fall Runner Rankings, September 3, 2013 through November 10, 2013 - reported January-February 2014
  • Best of 2013 (November 13, 2012 through November 10, 2013) -reported March/April 2014

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